Wanda was relentless, practically blocking her locker first thing Monday morning.

"I'm not moving until I get details," she insisted.

Dorothy Ann rolled her eyes and easily reached above Wanda's head for her AP Calculus textbook. "Then you won't be moving for some time, I guess."

"Come on, DA. I know you did it. Carlos has that 'I've-been-laid' grin on his face."

"And Wanda would know exactly what that grin looks like, given the times she's been the one responsible for it," Keesha put in as she strolled up to Dorothy Ann's locker. She had her backpack slung across one shoulder, ready to head to class.

"Well, I don't leave any unsatisfied customers," Wanda shot back.

Keesha just rolled her eyes and shook her head. "If DA doesn't want to talk about it…"

It was Wanda's turn to roll her eyes. "Come on, Franklin, you know you are dying for the details just as much as I am."

"So what if I am? I'm trying to respect DA and Carlos' privacy, ok?"

"Not okay! I want details and could use some backup here."

Next to them another locker door slammed. Phoebe stuck her head around. "Guys, leave DA alone. If she wanted to talk to you, she'd talk to you."

"Thanks, Phoebe," Dorothy Ann said. "Now, Wanda, can you move so I can close my locker?"

Wanda sighed. "Fine. Go ahead and keep a secret like tight-lips Phoebe over there. But I will find out."

"Find out what?" Dorothy Ann replied. "That Carlos and I had sex? Well, that much, I can tell you, did happen."

Wanda and Keesha both perked up. "And?" they asked simultaneously. Wanda stepped out of the path of Dorothy Ann's locker.

"And…" Dorothy Ann slammed the locker door closed. "It was nice. End of story. I have AP Calc to get to."

And with that, Dorothy Ann turned and headed down the hall. As she walked away, she could hear the cry of frustration from Wanda. She got less then fifty feet away, before she saw Phoebe catch up to her, her own Calc book in hand.

"Don't let them bug you," she said. "It's your business." She paused for a second. "But, DA?"


"I meant when I said the next time was much better. I hope that you and Carlos will-"

"Practice?" she finished with a smile. "Oh, Phoebe, that's the one thing I know we'll be doing. But no details-"

"Yet," the two girls finished with a laugh.

The end. For now. Sorry for taking so long!