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In the Milky Way galaxy, the stargate was used by the United States Air Force during the latter years of the 20th and the 21st Century onwards. There was a catalog of events that shaped that particular history. When Lt. Colonel John Sheppard traveled 48,000 years in the future on Atlantis and with the aid of the holographic Dr. Rodney McKay, Colonel Sheppard managed to return to the present. His interference with the time-line changed the past in several drastic ways.

Like many races that lack understanding of time, each alteration causes ripple effects. Saving Teyla Emmagan's life brought prosperity to the Pegasus galaxy and to most of the life forms therein, instead of chaos. Unfortunately, the ripple effect from saving her life were rather severe, as chroniton particles cascaded against Earth many years later affecting some of the inhabitants – in short, Earth became a war zone.

In 2015 with the population growing and overcrowding and global warming and pollution becoming a distinct issue, many retired members of the Stargate Program wanted to migrate to another planet. To some, going to the Pegasus galaxy was not to their liking, because it was just to far from Earth.

The Joint Chiefs were persuaded by General O'Neill and Colonel Mitchell to allow migration to another uninhabited world in the Milky Way galaxy. The new colony world would be able to dial not just Earth, but Atlantis – purely as a safety measure.

When the Joint Chiefs presented their proposal to the President, he ordered them to research a planet that would be best suited for colonization. Colonel Mitchell and his SG1 team were ordered to ensure that any planet they chose would be uninhabited and safe for colonization. A month later, Colonel Mitchell chose the planet that Colonel O'Neill went to with Harry Maybourne all those years ago.

Aerial and ground reconnaissance proved it had plenty of animals, fish, flowers, trees, plant life and three very large oceans and it was beautiful. It also had plenty of beautiful small islands. They used the key for the transportation arch and traveled to its moon where they found more of the same. A bonus was that it no longer contained the paranoia substance that the Goa'uld induced into the plant life that had killed the population on the moon many years ago. An added extra was the presence of unknown advanced technology which they took to be of Furling origin found in a lone building high upon the precipice.

After a little debate, the planet and moon were chosen, primarily to keep other races from getting hold of the advanced technology, acting as guardians in a sense, a role which had fallen upon them years earlier when the Asgards had placed all their technology and knowledge in the hands of the human race. The planet was named Furl in honor of the Furlings because of the information that was found on the planet. Another old and powerful great race humans would very much like to meet – if they haven't done so already, without knowing it.

To ensure the safety of the colony, the Sun Tzu was sent to measure the distance between Earth and Furl. Upon arrival, they discovered it to be over thirty thousand light years. While there, they were to establish safety protocols, orbital satellites, early warning systems, etc.

During this time, Colonel Samantha Carter was the skipper of the star ship the George Hammond.

Colonel Carter was promoted to Brigadier General by General O'Neill to be head of Research and Development on Furl. She and her team were to study the technology, to combine it with currently existing technology, both Ancient and Asgard. As a result of mankind finally, officially leaving their home world, the President ordered the Joint Chiefs to relocate all files and computers relating to the Stargate Program, Antarctica, Area's 51 and 52 to Furl.

Six months later, General John Tanner, his staff, along with many active and former SGC Team members walked through the stargate to their new life on Furl. The newly appointed Governor, Patricia Ryder welcomed General Tanner, his staff, active and former SG members personally, introducing them to her staff. In many ways they sought to establish a new Earth, better than the original; and all their family members walked through the stargate the following week.

Many Army, Air Force, Marine and Navy engineers built a new gate room taking ideas and improvements from the Atlantis base in the Pegasus galaxy, backed up with additional safeties that had been required through the years. As would be expected with any new colony world, all the skills of the migrants came in handy, doctors, teachers, builders, Project Managers, even those who possessed administration skills, who either utilized them quite quickly or just helped anyway they could – even doing manual labor. There was a real sense of camaraderie, one for all and all for one.

Doctor Daniel Jackson was teaching Anthropology at the Air Force Academy and writing papers when he learned about Furl. He requested permission from General O'Neill to go through the stargate once more to study the Furling culture. General O'Neill grinned at him, approved his request and informed him it would be a one way trip. Doctor Jackson nodded his head in understanding and his request was approved.

Doctor Jackson was now firmly back in the limelight of the official archeology world on Furl, where he was once an outcast, now he stood proud that his theories were proven as fact.

During the years that followed, the Stargate Program was discreetly revealed to the other heads of governments because of the dire situation on Earth. The other governments around the world, along with the United States' allies sent their elite, scientists, soldiers and all their families through the stargate first. Then they quietly informed others about the stargate and many people around the world either through wonder lust, because they were stuck in a rut or they wanted to see space, went through the stargate. In many cases, they prospered on Furl or in the Pegasus galaxy. Others greeted the news with fear and trepidation.

More than thirty million people migrated through the stargate over the next twenty-five years.

In 2020 a War College was established on Furl and in the Pegasus galaxy with active and retired members of the military teaching the students. Tensions had gradually escalated over the last twenty-five years under various movements and terrorist factions and one was known as the Optimum Movement. The pressure finally erupted into violence and World War III had begun and was in fact still raging under the auspices of Colonel Phillip Green's actions which lead to the deaths of millions of people around the world.

During the early years of the war and on the President's order, Stargate Command Headquarters was transferred to Atlantis with Furl and Earth as backups. In the Pegasus galaxy the Atlantis Expedition found detailed star maps, hyperspace coordinates to the Milky Way, Pegasus, Ida, Andromeda and Triangulum galaxies in the Ancient database with also detailed hitherto completely unknown regions of the universe. Along with other stargate coordinates to the other galaxies.

At the start of the Third World War the IOA was officially disbanded.


Lieutenant General Cameron Mitchell sat at his desk musing on past battles against the Goa'uld, Replicators and the Ori, "to have the world come to this," he thought. His staff had just finished shredding and burning all files, deleting and removing all hard drives which would be taken with them when they depart. The staff had also removed all the furniture placing them in storage, except his desk and chair; and the General knew the IOA had been

They helped the Russians destroy and dismantle any and everything to do with their Stargate Program. Any military, scientists and civilians who wanted to leave, that had not already left, were allowed to take their families through the Stargate to either Atlantis or Furl. Some went to the new Alpha site and a few went to the Beta and Gamma sites. "The last group of people had walked through the Stargate two days ago he sighed with relief, it was almost done."

General Mitchell knew the IOA was was also

Yesterday he'd spoken to Samantha (who's now a Lieutenant General) and Daniel on Furl – who were teaching at the War College and Furl University, respectively. Sam married after arriving on Furl two years later, but unfortunately never had any children and refusing to change her last name is now known as Carter-Richardson; although her husband, Edward, was a widower with a daughter and two grandsons when they met.

Daniel Jackson married his new wife, Karen, a year later. Within three years, they had a boy and a girl. His daughter became an anthropologist, like her father, and his son an engineer. Major General Paul Davis took early retirement on Furl while Major General Evan Lorne was due to retire in three months. General Lorne has been in charge of the Furl gate room for the past twelve years.

They talked about day-to-day things for a while "reminiscing about old times for a good hour" before disconnecting the link. Both passed on their wishes for a safe journey to Furl. During his next call, he found it difficult to look the Jaffa in the eye, "at the shame" he felt over what was happening on Earth, although Teal'c seemed to understand. Teal'c probably understood on some level what the General was feeling and going through. Nothing was said per se, but it was looks and gestures and more of "what was not said" that tipped Mitchell off to the fact. Unfortunately Teal'c had to cut the conversation short as being on the Ruling Council of Dakara meant he had a heavy schedule.

In the past twenty-five years, Dakara and Chulak had been rebuilt, with the help of the Tau'ri, and the Jaffa have proven to be stout allies. General Mitchell couldn't resist a smile having been with Teal'c at each of his three grandson's rites of passage into adulthood.

Putting it off until last, "not because he didn't want to talk to him" but because "he knew it was finally the end for the Stargate Program on Earth," watching the face of Lieutenant General John Sheppard on the monitor staring back at him from the Pegasus galaxy. Like all the other conversations, they discussed "the old times," although he would hesitate to call them the good times for all the death and bloodshed involved. After talking about their families, Cameron dropped a bombshell, of his intent to retire upon reaching Furl.

He mourned those who died or gone missing over the years feeling years slip readily from his eyes, not even bothering to hide them – of Vala disappearing during on one of her adventures twenty five years ago, General Hammond dying of a heart attack. General Landry dying of old age and General O'Neill passing away over eighteen years ago after a severe stroke and never regained consciousness.

Cameron Mitchell let a few tears run down his cheeks remembering old friends and fallen comrades. He felt sadness as all that had been accomplished has been washed away by the Third World War. He knew General O'Neill would never rest until he found Colonel Green, and Cam knew he would bring Colonel Green to justice.

A knock on General Mitchell's door startled him out of his musings.

"Enter," he said.

"Sir," Captain Samuelson said when she entered his office with six other soldiers.

"Captain," he replied.

"We're here to take your desk and chair sir," she said to him.

"Of course," he replied as he got up from his chair.

Five soldiers took General Mitchell's desk out of his office and one soldier took his chair.

"We're ready to bury the stargate and pour more concrete over this level," she told the General.

"What a damn shame." "Let's go Captain," he said, looking around his office one last time, walking out and shutting the door. Seeing the concrete almost brought more tears to his eyes, but he quickly quashed them.

Once the Stargate was buried, he watched concrete being poured onto subsequent levels until the mountain, known as NORAD, became solid once again. Tired of it all, Mitchell contacted the Prometheus which was cloaked in a high geostationary Earth orbit, beamed him, and the others, upon completion of their task; setting a course for Furl. Jumping into hyperspace and never looked back.

The IOA was disbanded when


Pegasus Galaxy - Atlantis - February 2378

The Wraith have been fairly quiet after their Civil War which, as rumor had it, ended in 2016. The Lantians still believe a few are still out there, but not in the numbers they once were. They believe they're in hibernation, since they can hibernate for centuries.

What the Wraith don't know, was that the one Ancient put a weapon in each star system that had planets. If any of their vessels enters that system, that weapon would automatically destroy their vessel or vessels and would also destroy any Wraith that walk through most stargates.


It's been over three-hundred-fifty years since Atlantis was designated Stargate Command Headquarters. Atlantis is now home and headquarters to the Atlantis Galactic Federation (AGF) which has members in the Ida, Pegasus, Andromeda, Triangulum and Milky Way galaxies. The planet is called Lantis and the Capital is Lantis City and humans now call themselves Lantians. Furl is the satellite headquarters of the Atlantis Galactic Federation and they also call themselves Lantians and each galaxy has an alpha, beta and gamma site.

Over the years, the a few Ancients have guided and protected the AGF. They did this because the humans from Earth destroyed their enemies; the Wraith and the Ori. They also know a good number of Lantians are now officially their second coming because the Ancient gene has been passed on to their children and grandchildren.

During the years of exploration in the Pegasus galaxy and after going through some of the Ancient's database on Atlantis, the Lantian's discovered more stargates to the Andromeda and Triangulum galaxies. They already knew some of the gate addresses to the Ida galaxy, where the Asgards once lived, and they found more in the Ancient database. The Andromeda and Ida galaxies coordinates have eight chevrons and the Triangulum galaxy coordinates have nine chevrons or a ninth gate, the same as the Destiny.

In the Ancient database, the Lantians also found where they could find more Ancient drone weapons, ZPM's, the Ancient beam weapons, stargates, DHD's and other ancient technology – and they'll not have to worry about ZPM's and weapons ever again. The AGF found over a thousand stargates and DHD's in the Pegasus galaxy, along with 508 space gates and more stargates in the Milky Way galaxy. They also found where the Ancient databases were on each planet in the Pegasus and Milky Way galaxies and destroyed them so no one could get their hands on that technology.

The Lantian's also found a diagram of a Security Net in the Ancient database, that was even better than Ancient shields, to protect Atlantis, AGF planets, ships and installations. The Ancients made sure that no one could ever reverse engineer that technology, not even the AGF or their Allies, or any one else for that, in the universe. They use the Ancient shields on their ships, planets and installations and if they went down, the Security Net would be activated.

One Ancient guided the AGF who should join their Alliance and suggested a race in the Andromeda galaxy who were experts in robotics, engineering, computer sciences and diplomacy. They were called the Aldans. They found the stargate address and paid the Aldans a visit. The Aldans had two habitual planets in their star system, both with stargates, three moons and 2 gas giants and the name of their home planet is called Aldania.

The Aldans tended to have a lot of children and needed to spread out and had already colonized the other planet in their home galaxy. The Lantian's suggested they colonize a world in their home galaxy since there were numerous habitable planets in the Pegasus galaxy. The Aldans did so and now have five colony worlds in the Pegasus galaxy. That was over three-hundred years ago.

Unbeknownst to the Aldans, the Ancients kept an eye on them like they did the Asgards. They were just a smart and surpassed both races in some respects and can be ruthless soldiers when the need arises. They're a humanoid race with black spots on their foreheads similar to small boxes that go from the center of their foreheads to their hair lines; much like a head band and their coloring resembles a permanent tan and they have black hair and brown eyes.

The founding members of the AGF are the Lantians (humans), Jaffa, Galarans and Aldans. A few other members are the Shims, Idens, Vella's, Travelers, Athosians and many other races from other worlds in the five galaxies.

The Aldan's suggested that all AGF personnel and citizen's DNA be queued to all ships, installations, businesses, both public and private and homes, and that policy was implemented. They also had a metal on their world that prevented anyone from transporting through AGF ships and installations, and they also taught the Lantians how to read the Ancient language.

The Galarans had been friends with the Tau'ri since 2006 and continued that friendship when they moved to Furl. They now have two colony worlds, along with their home world, in the Milky Way galaxy and over three billion people.

The Atlantis Galactic Federation has over 738 billion citizens in the five galaxies.

"We've come a long way," thought General Daniel Michael Gabriel, as he looked out of his office window on Atlantis and could see the lights of homes and offices twinkling on the mountain side.

General Gabriel was born and grew up on Furl and graduated from Furl University, and at the age of 21, joined the Army on Furl. He was assigned to the Special Forces and Black-Ops Division after he complected his training and was promoted to full Colonel at the age of 32. When he turned 37 he received his first star and in the ensuing fourteen years, received three more stars. He's the youngest four star general in the history of the AGF and most of his file is classified.

When he was promoted to Lieutenant General, he was transferred to the Pegasus galaxy as second-in-command of the AGF Flagship Fleet. Four years later, General Marsha Carson retired and he was promoted to General at the end of 2377 and he's only 51 years old.


Ori Home Galaxy – 2378

Before Adria sent her fleet to the Milky Way galaxy in the year 2008, she placed the crew of 75 vessels in stasis in another star system in the Ori Home galaxy. They were to the return to the Milky Way galaxy to see if her original orders had been carried out. Fortunately for the inhabitants of the Milky Way galaxy, the stasis pods were sabotaged by beings residing in a Higher Dimension. Instead of waking after one year, they awoke in 2378.

Stored within the ship's computers were coordinates containing all the worlds with stargates with strict instructions to destroy every planet holding one, including Earth, that had already not be destroyed or converted.

The orders were clear though, to devastate the Milky Way galaxy not in the name of the Ori, but in the name of Adria. Her vengeance against Ancients, humans and any others who resided within it and her last dying poisonous thought had been to "kill them all!"

Like many beings possessing cosmic power, her will was law and so mote it be.