Readers, Please note I made Jo talk this way on purpose because she's a six- year old country girl.

I never knew that would happen. That my dad would be swished away.

Me and mama and papa were eating some Ice-cream. Then a siren went off. I didn't know what it was. My mama grabbed me and our dog, Ted. Dad came along . I saw a huge twirlin thing. Our car strangely flinged toward our house.

We went underground. I could hear a loud noises. I could her glass shatter. The door to our underground was trying to swing open. But my papa used all his strength to keep the door shut. My mom said if he opened the door we would be sucked in.

The strength from the door was pullin my papa in. He said he loved us and SWISH! He was gone. I screamed and tried to go after him but my mom was crying and screaming and told me to stay. I came toward my mom and she held me in her arms. Ted kept barkin'.

Soon the bad thing was over. I climbed out of shelter and ran lookin for papa.

"Papa!" I shouted. "You can come out now."

"Jo, dad's gone." Mama said.

"When will he be back?" I asked.

"Never, Jo. He's dead. That tornado killed him." Mama said while crying.

"Did you hear that Ted?" I cried. "That tornado got papa. I must find that tornado and get my papa back."

Ted barked and I knew I wouldn't rest until papa was back.