Ch.1 "The Tame Beast and Wild Beast"

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'I guess I will never truly be normal...' Uzumaki Naruto let out a sigh. He has had a nine tail fox sealed inside his stomach, been through his life being hated and denied his right to exist, and even barely managed to make some friends before dieing at age thirteen by a mob for failing to save his best friend Uchiha Sasuke from defecting to Orochimaru... Too bad, the blond hair Jinchuriki didn't really "die"...

'At least I found out which is better... Animals or humans... And animals win...' Nineteen year old Naruto sighed contently, sitting next to her family... of white, black, and yellowish color Servals. Naruto was abandoned as an infant somehow in the ocean and she ended up on an isolated island... Not a single human had ever step a foot on the island. She got adopted by a pride of Servals. Servals were a type of median-size wild cat with a strong, but slender body, very long legs for its size, somewhat short tail as well as small head, and long, oval shaped ears. They had black spots with some stripes on the back of their necks and back.

Usually, Servals were solitary animals, but oddly, the isolated island cause new sub-species with different traits appear, like white fur Servals as they usually had tabby yellowish color of fur. They took in Naruto thanks to unique hair color of blond with black hairs and her large, although more pointed, ears. For around six years, she lived in the wild.. Till a strange human came onto the island and hit her with what she now knew as a jutsu when he tried to kill one of her pride for its fur. It pushed her soul out of her body and forced her body to rely on just instinct while she got to live the life as a human. Yet, now most of the stuff humans did and the faces of those she cared about where blurry and pushed back over the wild instinct and nature Naruto developed as a child... It also explained why the blond never did well in the human social apartment....

'And I got thirteen years of good sight...' Naruto smirked, watching the blurry images of her "sisters" playing. All the Servals in the pride where female as the males were loners, though they kept territories close to the female prides. Her eyesight was random. One day she could see everything clear and well and the next she was blind as in pitch black darkness or really blurry. It didn't bother Naruto one bit as she learned how to use her other senses to make up for the poor sight.

-"Naru-nee-chan!"- Naruto was snapped out of her thoughts by a tug on the white Serval skin she wore around her neck, covering her chest and most of her stomach, as well as a yellow one around her waist. They were mad male Servals that she killed to protect her family. Naruto looked down to see one of the younger Servals was sitting by her.

-"What is it..."- Naruto snorted. She really didn't want to be bothered at the moment. She was annoyed since it was about that time of season when Serval males began coming by to find a female to "pair" up with. She had all the "recorded" memories from having her body in auto-pilot which went over most of her human memories, except the really important ones, and she really hated the fact there was no other humans that she could at least mate with and so she could have a litter. She was now an old lady to all the other Servals at age nineteen, though only the trouble makers try to point it out.

-"Some others and I have seen some strange things at the sandy land that meets with the strange tasting lake."- The Serval meowed.

-"Really...."- Naruto sighed. A lot of strange things washed onto the beaches of the large island which the Servals and Naruto had collected and put around their cave they slept in as decorations and toys. It at least kept the kittens from attacking the adults when they are trying to rest. However, the strangest thing, at best, was a large shark body... Which none of them went near as sharks were the only enemy of the Serval on this island.

-"Yeah! A bunch of creatures that made funny noises and kind of look like you are doing funny things similar to what you do, except not as good!"- Naruto's eyes widen. It couldn't be... No way... How could?

'I best check this out since they could be after furs!' Naruto stood up. She had long legs, much like the cats she grew up, a slender athletic build, and a small, slender face, though the more like a mane hair she had covered most of her face. Her nails were long and sharp like claws while her canines were like fangs and pretty long for a human. 'I have to protect my pride!' Naruto thought as she left the cave area. Her pride knew Naruto could handle herself, though they were quite glad she was back to normal.


Eighteen year old Uchiha Itachi was seen as perfection. He was a successful ANBU captain. Itachi was smart, strong, and was wealthy. However, the young man was always mainly quiet and well-mannered... Till at this one small moment.

"I'm going to kill you, Shisui! Obito! Kakashi!" Itachi roared, chasing the three men across the beach.

"Come on, Itachi! Sure, we tricked you on taking this mission, but it was supposed to be a vacation, not getting stuck on an isolated island!" Uchiha Shisui, the Uchiha clan's most talented ninja and Konoha's Mirage Ninja, cried out, really wanting his mother.

"If you have someone to be mad at!" Uchiha Obito panted.

"Than it should be Hokage-sensei because he planned out this whole thing except for the ship we were on sinking in a storm and all of us getting stuck on an island!" Hatake Kakashi shouted the finishing part of the sentence.

-Wham! Pop! Whack!-

"Heh... Wow, Itachi, you are really mad..." Shisui sighed as Kakashi, Obito, and he were nursing the bruises the youngest of the group had given them.

"Hn..." Itachi growled as they sat around a fire they made.

"What are we going to do for shelter..." Kakashi blinked as Itachi got up. "Where are you going, Itachi?" Kakashi asked while Itachi picked up his bag.

"Away from you three.... I rather take my chances in the jungle than with you three..." Itachi snorted before walking into the bushes.

".....Bet?" Shisui asked, getting the two other Sharingan users attention. "I bet Itachi will be back here in one to two days."

"I bet six hours." Obito chimed.

"I bet a day and a half." Kakashi chimed. "If Itachi goes pass four, we all have to somehow get Jiraiya caught peeping without getting ourselves caught as well."

"Deal!" The two true blood Uchiha agreed as all three chuckled.

'Those three are such morons...' Itachi sighed. He couldn't believe this so-called "mission that was a vacation" turned out so badly. He was going to make the Hokage pay when he got back to Konoha... Once he built a raft to get off the island as they were too far from land to water walk. And even before that, they had to wait a few days to make sure what kind of craft they would have to make to survive the harsh elements of the sea.

'Man... This couldn't get any worse.' Itachi then realized he had been aimlessly walking for around an hour in this thoughts through the jungle and was now lost. "I had to curse myself." Itachi sighed, which he seemed to been doing a lot. He decided to keep walking when his stepped in a spot that caved in. "ACK!!!" Itachi fell down and landed hard at the bottom of some kind of cave and hitting his head hard against the ground.

"Oh..." Itachi groaned, his body aching as his vision faded. He saw a blurry figure before losing consciousness and everything became black.


"Obito, looks like your bet is down." Shisui sighed as the three had finished making shelter. Obito cried at the fact it was night now meant it has been over six hours.

"I wonder if Itachi is alright..." Kakashi said, watching the fish they caught to eat.

"Itachi should be fine." Obito sighed.

"Unless this island as giant creatures like in the movies." Shisui sheepishly chuckled before they became silent.

"....." Everyone became pale.

"...W-We'll look for him once the sun comes up." Kakashi whimpered.

"Yeah.... Fugaku and Mikoto would kill me if Itachi got eaten by a giant snake... Ack! Fish on fire!" All three scrambled to save their meals from becoming charcoal.

"Achoo!" Itachi flinched as he felt something wet against his face. He wiped it, not even opening his eyes and groaned at the fact it was spit.

'If Shisui sneezed on me, I will kill him.' Itachi's eyes fluttered opened only for them to become the size of plates. 'I-Is that a human!?' Itachi thought as he looked at the blond with some black spots mob of hair on what appeared to be a human who was rubbing its nose.

'...It must be one of those modern cavemen in some of the novels I read.' Itachi slowly got up carefully eying the blond who was busy with looking through his book bag.

"Agh..." Itachi grunted as he found his left lower leg happened to been wrapped up and had some sticks braced against it for support on it. 'Did it do that.... I really hope I didn't break my leg'

"Purr Purr..." Itachi paled as he looked at where the purring was coming from.

"Oh..... I am so dead....." Itachi squeaked as he saw he was in the back of a cave filled with wild cats the size of dogs looking at him.

"Hn... Hn..." Itachi looked at the human to see it grunting while playing with one of the rags he had in his pack. He watched as the person stood on all fours, whacking it with its hand and biting it. Two of the cats came up and began to do the same thing till one grabbed it in its mouth and took it away, but dropped it when it found out it wasn't edible. Itachi grabbed the rag and tied it in a ball, a theory coming into his head.

"Want it?" Itachi wagged the rag ball in front of the blond, instantly getting its, and the cats around it, attention.

"Chirp... Chirp..." Itachi blinked at the fact the blond and cats were chirping, begging for the new toy he was holding. He threw it to watch the blond and a few younger of the cats pounce on it. The blond managed to get it and walked on all fours to Itachi, like a cat... Though it was pretty easy for it since its arms was pretty long and it had a longer than average spine... But Itachi had a longer than average spine as well... Maybe that was one of the factors that make him attract girls like a magnet...

"...." Itachi blinked as the blond dropped the ball in his lap and lightly headbutted him before purring on him which the some of the other cats also did on him.

'....Great.... I am suck in the middle of a pack of dog-size cats with a wild cat raised human as their leader!' Itachi let out a sigh when he noticed some new cats come in and was carrying a deer kill along with some other kills and brought them to their leader. Itachi watched as the cat-human, as Itachi dubbed the being, pull some branches together and stuck two stones together to get sparks. The sparks lit the branches and began a fire. Itachi then watched as the blond pulled out a bone knife and began to skin and gut the kills, which the cats put the hides to the side to clean and make into beds as he saw some and others carried the nasty guts in a smaller hide rag and ran off to discard them. The blond would cut off some pieces and give it to the cats and even eating some raw, but put most on sticks to cook. Once finished, the blond pulled out a small hide bag and sprinkled some dried herbs and spices, well that was what Itachi hoped it was, onto the meat and feed a good portion to the cats.

Itachi paled as the blond offered him some meat. "Er.... No thanks..." Itachi crossed his arms, making the blond cock its head. 'Thank you...' Itachi sighed in relief when the blond put the meat in its mouth. "What...." Itachi flinched as the cat human got close to him. "What are you-" Itachi's eyes widen as the cat human kissed him and forced the meat it put into its mouth seconds earlier into Itachi's mouth before pulling away when Itachi swallowed the already chewed meat.

"N-N-N-NANI!?!" Itachi scrambled back as the blond cocked its head again. 'I just got kissed by a human who thinks he is an animal!! I am straight! Yet, a guy, a guy, took my first kiss!... Agh!!! I need to escape these cats!' Itachi thought when he noticed the cat-human offering him meat again. This time Itachi took it, not wanting to be kissed again and ate it... And he felt like he gone to heaven because of how good it tasted. 'He's a better cook than me, who can't cook except if it's from a bonfire, and he is a wild man!'

Naruto just looked at Itachi, wondering why he was crying though she didn't know she was currently next to the counter-part of her best-friend's brother. Thanks to the lovely fact she forgot almost all of the Akatsuki, Naruto decided to ignore it. This was the first time in her real life to be next to a human, yet not be attacked. That made her happy enough to enjoy the time she had with the human male till he had to leave.


Meanwhile, on the beach, the other three Sharingan users were sticking close to the fire, wide awake as they kept hearing sounds from the jungle. It was like the jungle came to life when the sun set.

"I really hope Itachi is alright." Obito shivered. He never knew it was colder on the beach than inland.

"Yeah.... Who knows what is in that jungle..." Kakashi sighed.

"Right... Remember the giant tigers in the Forest of Death." Shisui maintained, causing all of them to shiver. "But, Itachi can handle himself.... I think..." Shisui was worried about Itachi. Now that he thought about it, Itachi rarely had to use his survival skills and he was beginning to pray Itachi was alright.

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