Sam stood alone in the conference room, his gaze floating across the snowy city beyond the window that reflected his grey uniform back at him making him smile lightly. Thoughts raced through his mind as he fiddled with the data stick in his pocket. Kate hadn't recognized it and none of his SRU team mates has asked about it; he thanked whatever deity that was listening for the fact and relief welled inside of him as the coroner wouldn't find it either on Hamir's dead body. So now his problem lay in one question.

Where could he put the drive now?

He couldn't keep it on his persons at all time, and his apartment could be broken into… the idea of sending it to a bank in Switzerland made him chuckle darkly under his breath but Sam shook his head. It needed to be close at hand, but not obvious, not easily accessible…

The snipers hand met his forehead. He had just the place. Idly he wondered if Spike had gone home yet.

Sneaking into the Techies little office had been a cinch, the lock standard and easy to pick. The SRU had allotted Spike his own broom-cupboard sized space to use as an office and the Italian has managed to squeeze in every ounce of mechanical devices and computers available to him. He saw a spare part for Babycakes out of the corner of his eye as he made his way behind Spikes computer desk.

Smirking at the Tetris screensaver, the blonde pulled open each drawer until he found what he was looking for. Computer cables, flash drives, remotes, CD-ROMS, screw drivers… Sam was pretty sure he just saw a game cartridge for a Commodore 64 in there somewhere but honestly didn't want to risk losing his hand to whatever might be living in the mess of a drawer to find out.

With a heavy sigh Sam took the small thumb drive out of his own pocket and paused. Silence reigned for a moment before the ex-army brat let the small piece of plastic fall from his palm and into the abysmal mess.


He had hidden it.

He had just hidden several billion dollars worth of government secrets in the top drawer of Spikes desk.

The End