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Nico POV

It was a slow day at Camp Half Blood. Ever since the war was over life was starting to get boring. I was depressed. I didn't know what to do. I could go talk to Bianca I guess but I mean she had to be getting tired of me I mean she was in the after life and I kept bugging her. How lame.

I guess I could try to find Percy, but he was probably off making out with Annabeth in the bottom of a lake somewhere and I hate getting wet. I finally decided just to go to the sword fighting area. I was on my way back to my cabin to collect my things. When I heard a voice comes out of the sky.


Well I really wasn't in the mood to be blasted to shreds by twelve angry gods today so I summoned all my energy and shadow traveled to the Empire State Building. I then made my way into the elevator. The guy at the front desk gave me some problems but when he realized who I was he let me through and pleaded with me not to mention this to my father. I guess being a son of Hades has some perks.

I slowly walked along the paths and bridges that led to the throne room. Annabeth is doing a nice job with the remodeling but gods I can't tell her that. Upon arriving in the throne room I found a god sized piece of paper that said

"In the arena meet us there"

I had to now back track to get to my destination. Sometimes gods can be so annoying but don't tell them that they might vaporize me. I slowly walked into the arena not knowing what I would find. I looked around and said,

"What in the gods' names is going on?"