Chapter 3 –

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PS-this chapter is written in third person

"Okay are we all ready", Aphrodite said

The demigods responded with moans and groans

"Great let's play"

"This first dare comes form Graysky, they dare Percy to kiss Annabeth or the alternative of screaming I'm Gay to the entire world", finished Aphrodite

"Okay", Percy said, "Aphrodite's gay that's right folks that's the god of beauty".

"Percy Jackson", Aphrodite screamed.

"Hey you deserved that one for dragging us all her to play a silly little game." Percy concluded "Oh and next time word the dare better.

"Okay lets let bygones be bygones this next one is a truth for Nico also submitted by Graysky, What is your comment on all the slash fics involving you." Aphrodite questioned

"What do you mean I'm confused"Nico said

"Well Nico" said a voice coming out of the sky from my- the authors- mouth. "Right now you are part of this little game because I called you here. I am right now writing a fan fiction in which you guys star. Now there are other fanfic's out there that crash your reputation. How do you feel about that?"

"How could anyone do that to me I try to be nice nooooo….My whole family except for dad is dead noooo lets all make fun of Nico." He said "YOU DON'T KNOW ME"

And with that Nico went into the corner and started crying in a fetal position.

"Okay", Aphrodite muttered "Moving on the next dare is from- the son of percy and annabeth-they dare an Aphrodite girl to not wear makeup for a week. Oh no how could you do that to one of my daughters. MONSTER."


"When did we have a son" Annabeth said

"I don't know I don't remember. Well I guess this means we have to buy Christmas presents this year

-------------------------------------Now back to the story-----------------

"Well the Aphrodite girl said I think I'll chicken so that my mom doesn't have a heart attack.

"Well" Poseidon said I believe that is enough for today you may leave."

And so it the first day of truth or dare ended. Nico crying Aphrodite screaming how everything was going wrong. And percy and Annabeth talking about what to buy their new son.

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