~Chapter 01: A lieing Queen~

One morning while entering school, some boys came up to me and started shouting about how thet had perfected their Bala-balance.

I rolled my eyes and told them to show me, and so they did. It failed more then last time.

Kusukusu quickly chara-changed me and I shouted "THAT'S NOT IT AT ALL!". They all jumped back but were soon on their faces begging for forgivness.

"Very well. But make sure to keep practising." I said, glaring.

"Rima-sama, could you give us lessons? pleeeease!" they beged.

I nodded and said while un-chara changing "In the Gym after school. I'll give you all lessons." I paused then looked at them with one of my pretty smiles "That sound good?" I said sweetly.

They all went crazy repeating "yes" over and over, and so I went into the school.

Saaya and her small group were putting up posters saying "support Saaya-sama". I rolled my eyes and continued walking towards my friends that were standing only a little ways away, when suddenly I heard Saaya shout "THAT'S HER JIN!! GET HER!!".

I looked over at her quickly to see who she was talking about, though I had a hunch it was me since I currenty had this biggest male fan group in the school.(Tadase has the record for female fan group, go figure.)

The second I blinked at her pointing a finger at me was the same second that I got shoved into the wall by something--or someone very strong. but I am kind of tiny so I guess anyone could punch me into a wall if they wanted to...

Anyway, I was clinging to the wall as soon as I realized it was there. I quickly looked over and saw this huuuugggggeeee fatty that was giving me evil grins. Tadase quickly ran over to me asking me if I was OK while Nagihiko stood in-front demanding to know what was going on. Amu and Yaya were in too much of a shock to even move.

Saaya walked over by Jin and said "Well don't princesses have their knights fight to see who's better?" she explained trying to sound sweet.
Nagihiko crossed his arms and asked "Our school doesn't allow fights. You know that don't you?". Tadase helped me get over to Amu and Yaya. "Rima-tan! your head is bleeding!!" Yaya gasped while Amu started kinda freaking out, still trying to look under contol with that cool & spicy act of hers. None the less she was still worrying. Saaya started panicking and ran out of excuses so she sent Jin away.

Amu and Yaya were helping me by keeping close to me while I walked to the nurse's office but before I got to far I fell over to the ground and after that the rest is blank except a few voices:


"Rima! oh my gosh! Nagihiko, Tadase-kun, anyone help!!"

Thanks for caring Amu...JEEZ, DON'T ASK NAGIHIKO FOR HELP!! or Tadase for that matter. DO IT YOURSELF PLEASE.

Amu and Yaya are the only ones I feel trusted with at this moment...well mostly Amu I guess. hehehe.

I woke up with a bandage around my head and I was laying on a blank white bed. I looked out the near by window and saw school had already started. I looked to my side hoping for nurse or Amu, but no. it was Nagihikoreading a book.

"Shouldn't you be in class?" I asked in an angry tone.

He looked over at me shocked. "How long have you been awake, Rima-chan? are you OK?" he asked sounding really worried.

He was ignoring what I said of course. "I just woke up, and I'm fine. Go to class, idiot." I grumbled.

He sighed. "Well okay. if you need anything there's a nurse bell right here." he said pointing to a bell by my bed. I grinned evilly reaching for it, but Nagihiko grabbed my hand and put his face very close to mine. "Don't use it unless you NEED it, okay?" he said firmly.

I sighed while starting to blush and look away. "Fine..."

He smirked. "Why are your cheeks red, Rima-chan?"

"Your breath is warm. that's all." I said without even thinking. now blushing even more at what I had just said.

He chuckled. "Okay then." he said softly and started walking away from the bed. "The others and I will be back later to check on you okay, Rima-chan?" he said opening the door.

"Okay I got it. hurry and get to class." I grumbled more.

"Do you want me to get to class because you want me to leave or are you just worried I'll get in trouble?" he said slyly.

"Leeeeaveeee..." I said glaring at him. he chuckled again then left.

I sighed as my heart finally started slowing down.

I looked over to the chair he was sitting and saw the book he was reading. it was something about history of some war in America.

"He really studies everything doesn't he?" I muttered, picking the book up.

I booked marked where Nagihiko had stopped and then I flipped the pages to the beginning and started reading. I yawned several times then I finally fell asleep.

Later I woke up to see the sun was lower then before I had fallen asleep, and Yaya poking me. Plus I didn't have Nagihiko's book anymore.

I glared at Yaya. "Stop it.." I growled and she quickly stopped, looking at me shocked just like Nagihiko had before.

"Rima-tan you're ok! thank heaven!!" Yaya rejoiced, hugging me. "I told you she said she was fine.." Nagihiko said, reading his book.

"Darn they were about to attack too..." I muttered and Nagihiko looked at me like he wanted to know something. I quickly looked away.

"Well Nagi also said that Rima-tan was probably lieing..." Yaya said. "True.." Nagihiko smirked at me. I glared at him again.

"By the way, Rima...we found Nagihiko's book with you. Why did you have it?" Amu asked. "There was nothing else to do...other then ring the nurse bell over and over." I glared at Nagihiko and continued, "Which SOMEONE said I couldn't do unless I really needed it." I growled.

Nagihiko just kept looking at me like he was enjoying this. Yaya looked over at him and smiled evilly. "Does this "someone" have a crush on you, Rima-tan?" Yaya asked looking back at me. "Why ask her? she won't say the truth." Nagihiko said looking back at him book to read more.

"No. this "someone" doesn't like me at all. In-fact, he hates me." I said. "Eee? I thought he liked you..." Yaya pouted. Amu looked over at Nagihiko, who was still reading his book, but he kind of looked angry now. "I think Nagihiko likes Rima. Rima just doesn't know." Amu said.

"Why do you always pick HER, side Amu?" I sniffed, starting to fake tear. Nagihiko looked at me stunned as Amu went over to me freaking out, trying to think of how to make me stop "crying".

After that, Amu and Yaya went home. Tadase said he could only stay a little bit longer, so Nagihiko would have to walk me to my ride home.

"Why did you say "her", Mashiro-san?" Tadase asked. "Well I knew Amu and Yaya wouldn't notice." I said calmly, laying back in my bed.

"That's still risky.." Tadase muttered. "Is it?" I asked, still completely calm, "they didn't say anything, so it's totally fine.".

Tadase sighed, seeing he had lost. "Well, at least don't lie about how Fujisaki-kun feels about yo--" Tadase began, getting interrupted.

"HOTORI-KUN." yelled Nagihiko. Tadase looked at Nagihiko confused. Nagihiko then did some kind of sign language that I couldn't read.

Tadase made an "Ooooh! oops.." face and looked back at me. "Never mind, Mashiro-san.." Tadase said with a worried tone in his voice.

I rolled my eyes. "I didn't lie." I said. "Are you sure? Did Fujisaki-kun say he hates you?" Tadase asked. I nodded and Nagihiko glared.

"Then explain why he stopped that bully from killing you earlier." Tadase said, giving me a "I got you this time" look.

"He wanted to look like a hero in-front of everyone of course." I lied again. Tadase sighed and gave up. "Well I have to go home now. Want me to walk you to your ride home, Mashiro-san?" Tadase asked. I looked at him confused. "Why?" I asked.

"Well if you and Fujisaki-kun hate eachother then it wouldn't be a good idea to let you be alone together, would it?" Tadase explained.

"Oh..." I muttered. Then Nagihiko got up and picked up his stuff. "Bye then." he said blankly and walked out the door.

Tadase and I blinked then we walked to the school gate.

I could see my mom was waiting in the car as me and Tadase got closer to it.

We got to the car and Tadase opened the door for me. "Thanks Tadase." I smiled. He smiled back as I got in the car and he closed the door behind me.

Mom drove out of the parking spot and we went on home. On the way, I saw Tadase had caught up with Nagihiko and was talking with him, though I didn't know what...Nagihiko looked really annoyed though..

Once we got home Mom started blabling on about how cute Tadase was and how good I look with him. I rolled my eyes and went upstairs.

I laid on my bed as I heard Dad had come home and they started fighting. They fought longer each day...it's getting worse...

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