Yaya held my black phone in front of my eyes and said teasingly, "You still want your phone, Rima-tan?"

Psh, you thought when I said "everything went black"(back in the last chapter, of course) it meant I fainted? Please, I'm not that big of an idiot.

I angrily shoved the phone out of my face and starred at the two men intensely. They look like they're... looking for someone?

The men started walking away to the parking lot, and so being the SMART GIRL THAT I AM... I got up and quickly followed them. Yep.

Amu called after me to come back, but I continued to run. Her voice seemed miles away now.

Not sure why I was following them even after knowing who they were... but I know I felt like was having a heart-attack as I ran, like one of those big heart-attacks you feel are really when you're really scared. Not as nice as the ones I get when I'm around Na-


Anyway. Back to fearing for my sanity and following the creepy kidnappers.

Now I'm in the parking lot and those guys still look suspicious. I peeked my head out from behind a car and watched them approach a limo. A black one.

A woman rolled down the window and handed them a lot of cash. She had the blackest hair I've ever seen, and she's wearing all black and shades over her eyes. And her skin is completely white. Creeepyyyy...

"Dang, what kind of job did they pull to get all of that?" I whispered to myself, only thinking about the cash those guys are probably getting paid. And what about that lady? She must be RICH!

...Well, maybe not too rich considering the fact that a lot of rich people get tanned. At least all the models I've seen have.

Don't ask. It's his fault.

The woman spoke to them in a very cold yet composed manner, "Good work. As long as that hypnotism continues to work on that blond kid he will get us closer to the other one that we didn't get last time. If you fail me again.. the consequences will be harsh."

"Blond kid?... Other one?... Last time?" I whispered to myself again, swallowing nervously, my voice trembling. I knew just what they were talking about.

"Let me guess, blond kid meaning Tadase, other one meaning you, and 'last time' means the last time they tried to kidnap you a few years ago." said Mr. Smarty-pants in a whisper behind me. He obviously hit the mark.

I turned my head to the right and saw Nagihiko standing right next to me. A little too close for my heart to handle, as usual. Amu must have gotten worried and had him follow me.

I stared at him, quite stunned, but when he looked at me... he looked a bit annoyed. Then he suddenly grabbed my arm and began towing me back to the others.

What's gotten into him all of a sudden? And how does he know about me almost being kidnapped a few years ago?

"Nagihiko, how did you know about... that?" I asked nervously, trying to stop, but he's strong and keeps pulling me along.

"What does 'that' mean?" he questioned in reply. The idiot wants me to come out and say it.

"When I almost got kidnapped a few years ago! How did you know? I never told you..." I replied angrily, waiting for an answer.

I always had a feeling he knew too much...

"Someone explained to me awhile ago..." was his vague reply.

"Who?" I continued to asked curiously, totally clueless.

"Tsukasa-san." he finally admitted.

"Why did he tell you? Why you? Everytime it's just YOU!" I yelled. My face red as a tomato, my heart racing again.

Wait... What did I mean by that exactly? Does that last part have a double meaning?

No. Duh.

Cough. Anyways. Luckily for me, Nagihiko made no reply to what I had said. Not even looking at me.

Ignoring me, are you?

Knowing this might not work, I started to use my fake tears act to try and get a bit of his attention since he was being a brat. I know, I know, it doesn't work on him, but maybe if he's not looking and hears me crying he'll-

"Those are fake."


Not even a flinch!

"Idiot..." I said quietly and pouted.

He looked at me, looking slightly pissed off, and said, "Excuse me?"


"IDIOT! IDIOT! IDIOT!" I yelled right in his face. He glared and I glared right back.

Why is he being so difficult?

"Rima!" called Amu. I looked directly in front of us and Amu was running towards me with that mahou shoujo smile of hers. Que to sparkles!

"Amuuu..." I growled angrily as I glared at her. Nagihiko then casually released my arm.

"Sorry... Heheh.." she replied like a scared little kitten and stopped coming any closer to hug me.

"Did you send HIM?" I asked as calmly as possible and pointed to the IDIOT next to me.

Amu nodded slowly. "WHY?" I asked furiously and gripped her shoulders.

"I was worried-"

"If you were so worried why didn't you come yourself?" I interrupted. Not that I wanted her to come, but I just knew she would say that. It's practically her catchphrase!

"Nagihiko is faster than me so I knew I could count on him to bring you back." she explained like there was no problem.

If you gotta run somewhere like across the beach and to the parking lot to get your best friend... send the jock instead, I guess.

Sounds like something I would do...

I sighed angrily, and shook my head in disapproval. After releasing Amu I glanced over at Nagihiko, who had walked over to Tsukasa-san. What's he doing now?

~Nagihiko's P.O.V.~

Idiot? Who's the IDIOT that ran off after the goons that tried to KIDNAP her?

Ugh, I swear...

Well, time to report back to Tsukasa-san...

"I knew Tadase was acting different recently, but I wasn't sure what had happened. Now it all makes sence, right?" I said to Tsukasa after explaining to him what I had heard and seen with Rima-chan. He nodded in agreement.

"I noticed aswell. Tadase-kun hasn't been himself lately and I've been worried... but what do you think they are planning to do?" he said and starred off into nowhere land. Deep in thought as usual...

"What do you mean? They're going to use him to get Rima-chan is my guess... do you think otherwise?" I questioned. He was silent and seemed like he was waiting for me to figure it out.

"Wait... What do they want with Rima-chan?" I wondered out loud.

"Exactly!" he spoke suddenly. "They failed once so what is so important about trying to get her again? She's not rich, nor is she of any royal blood or of any of that sort so she's not really an expensive target." he paused for a moment, then put on a silly face and added with a chuckle, "Of course, I understand none of those reasons would matter to you if you were to ever kidnap her!~"

I rolled my eyes and sighed angrily at his comment.

Ignoring him for the moment, and back on subject. "...Why use Tadase to get Rima-chan anyways?"

"That!" he paused for a short moment before finishing hopelessly, "Is a very good question..."

A good question is right. I sighed tiredly and tried to think of answers.

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