Hello! Fans of Our Secret Mission I wanted to let you know that at Deviant Art there is an awesome piece of art called OSM-Patience which amphigouri created based on this story. It's an awesome work in it's own right, but it's especially cool to those of us who know the significance of Whaler's Cove to our fav Ace Attorney and spirit medium! So for those of you who enjoyed the story check out the art complete with the ugly whale/dolphin statue and a map of Whaler's Cove. It's too incredible for me to make up! You can access it by following the link on my profile page.

Also, my story "So Much Left Unsaid" is essentially a prequel to "Our Secret Mission" but I didn't exactly label it as such so that a few yaoi fans would get a bit of a surprise. Ha, ha. I'm evil! Anyways, Nick's POV will be starting soon with it so you may want to check it out if you haven't already.

Love ya!