Never Piss Off A Magical Duck

Chapter One

Authors Note: So, this story has been planned out for over a year now, and I finally got around to starting it. I will let everyone know that this is going to be an MPreg story. You have been justly warned, so please, I know that this does not appeal to everyone, so please, no flames.

"Riku! Hurry up! They are going to be here any minute now!" the laughter filled voice of the exuberant brunet cried, as its owner raced across the beach, a bag slung over his shoulder. He was constantly looking backwards over his shoulder at his two best friends, making sure that they were keeping up.

"It's not like they won't wait for us, Sora." A tall man of long silver hair called after the other teen, not picking up his pace at all. "Kairi, tell me again why I agreed to spend three days alone with him while he is this excited?" Looking over at the willowy redhead walking next to him, Riku smiled a little when he saw her laugh.

"Simple. You're insane." She giggled, reaching one hand up to push some of the long auburn hair that fell down to her mid back behind her ear. Receiving an agreeing chuckle from him, they both turned to watch Sora come to the door that lead to the beach's racing course. That was the best place for gummiship travelers to dock without raising too much suspicion for those who still did not realize the existence of other worlds. And that was currently their destination. Hearing Sora call out their names once more, Kairi lifted one arm up above her head and waved to the shorter teen, before turning to the male next to her. "Aw, let's humor him a little." She giggled before running towards the brunet, not an easy feat when one is running on sand, in flip flops, trying not to pop out of one's bikini top and trying not to let the wrap around her hips to fall off.

Shaking his head at his two younger friends, Riku could only laugh at their actions before finally giving in and running after them. So little about these islands had changed in the two and a half years since he and Sora had returned from the darkness, all that really had were the people, and that was just due to the fact that everyone was getting older. But as much as they were glad to be home again, Sora and Riku had to make trips to other worlds, doing scouting missions and to take care of heartless out breaks. Not that they minded, as it gave them a chance to see old friends and travel to ensure they never grew restless. Even in times of peace, a keyblade master's work was never done. Finally catching up with the other two, the older teen was surprised to see them waiting for him and that they hadn't gone on ahead without him.

Sora looked over at the taller youth, giving him a goofy grin before throwing open the door and rushing through, no longer waiting for his friends. Used to this kind of behavior and excitement from the brunet on a pickup day, the other two just laughed before following him. And as usually, when they stepped through the door, they both saw Sora sitting on the sand, his bag next to him and his head hung in disappointment. "They aren't here yet," he pouted, the slightest whine heard in his words.

"Of course they aren't. When have they ever been on time?" smirked the silver haired teen as he dropped his bag next to the brunet's before he ruffled the thick cinnamon spikes before sitting down beside his best friend. Over the past several years, the young keyblade master had changed very little. No matter how hard he had wished it, Sora had never grown that tall, still barely reaching Riku's shoulders. He still styled his hair in the familiar fashion, and had lost absolutely none of the energy that made Sora who he was.

Kairi grinned at the action, happy that they were all still so close. She was also grateful for her friendship with the two of them, but besides the fact that they were keyblade masters, they shared a bond that no one else could come close to. "So, do you know anything about where you are off to this time? Or did you get any details from the king's letter." Sitting down in front of them in the warm sand, the auburn haired teen knew she would miss them tremendously for the few days that they would be gone for. After all, they were the only other inhabitants of this world that had travelled to other worlds and they were the only ones she could talk about things like this too.

"Just that it's scouting this time. A new corridor opened to this new world and we're just going to check to make sure that the heart of the world is still locked and there is no major heartless activity," Sora told her with a wide smile.

"And that's going to take a whole three days?" There was a slight sadness in her voice, and both males knew that it was both because she would miss them, and because Kairi was jealous. Unfortunately after a huge outbreak of heartless recently on several worlds, the king had put a stop to any Princess of Heart from travelling unless absolutely necessary.

"Aw, Kai, it's not going to be that long. We'll be back before you know it!" Sora exclaimed, trying to make her feel better.

"Still…" she pouted.

But Riku could only smirk. "And I heard that you're going to go camping with Tidus while we're gone. And from what I've been hearing lately, he's probably going to be pitching a tent, and I'm not talking about your shelter." The comment caused the redhead to blush so deeply, it ran right down her neck and onto her upper chest, but due to the fact that they were laughing so hard, neither male noticed.

"Hey! If either of you two had just grown a pair and sucked it up and asked me out first, you wouldn't have to be jealous of Tidus." Kairi's voice held laughter as well, and she was glad that they were all able to laugh about it. When the three of them had returned from their adventures, she had gotten a starry eyed notion that both Riku and Sora would come to her professing their undying love for her. She thought that she would have to make the hardest decision of her life and choose between them, and hopefully not destroy their friendship in the process. Days went by, then weeks and finally months without a confession from either of them. It shouldn't have taken nearly that long, right? It took her nearly a year before she was able to believe that it wasn't going to happen, and despite the fact that she had been holding out for either of them for nearly a year, she wasn't upset when she finally gave up. The fact that Tidus asked her out only a week later didn't hurt either. Now after a year and a half, Kairi was so content in her relationship with Tidus and wouldn't change anything about it.

"What do we have to be jealous about that water sucking bleached blond freak for?" Riku laughed, throwing some sand onto Kairi's legs, not meaning any of the words about Tidus.

"For starters, he doesn't go gallivanting off to other worlds and leave me behind." Sticking her tongue out at her friends, the redhead enjoyed these days, sitting on the beach with her two best friends, talking about anything and everything.

"I dare say that she may have moved on from us, Ku." Sora pouted in an over dramatic manner, wrapping his arms around the taller man's shoulders. The two of them mock mourning over their loss. Each of them lost the slight hold they had on their emotions after that, all of them erupting into laughing fits so intense that it brought tears to their eyes and pains to their sides. Every time that they thought that they had calmed down, someone would meet someone else's eyes and burst into renewed laughter, bringing the third friend down with them as well.

It wasn't until the air was broken by a loud 'POP' followed by a gentle hum that anyone was able to contain their amusement. As soon as those noises had appeared, Sora jumped off of the ground with a cry of "They're here!" running off across the beach towards the designated gummiship drop off point.

Laughing, though not as heartily as earlier, the two remaining teens then stood up, brushing the sand off of their bodies before each grabbing a bag and following the direction which the brunet had shot off in at a much more subdued pace. Let Sora get it all out of his system now, and not when they were hyperspace. Chatting about what this new world could hold and what the inhabitants might be like, Riku and Kairi rounded the corner into the cove, the sight of a large, blocky, blue flying ship not even phasing them. Not even the sight of Sora spinning around with an oversized duck in his arms before being tackled by a large dog did nothing to raise alarm. The only question that Riku had was 'when had they painted the ship blue from the normal red?'

"Oh, you know you would be just as excited if the King had been able to come with them." Kairi smiled that knowing smile, bumping the taller teen's arm with her own.

"Ugh, who gave you permission to snoop around in my thoughts?" Riku asked, laughter still lacing his words. "Nah, I know Morty and Ferdie are coming to visit them, so Mickey is going to have his hands full with them for a while. Those two are almost as bad as Huey, Dewey and Louie once they have some sugar."

The redhead just giggled at the thought as they finally made it to the landing spot, everyone hugging and giving out general greetings.

"Gwarsh. I'm sorry you can't come with us, Kairi," Goofy apologized, scratching the top of his head, his long ears swaying back and forth with the action.

Donald just nodded, crossing his arm over his chest. "Yeah. But his majesty said to tell you that he is hoping to get Sora and Riku to stop the outbreak soon," he quacked, and it was only through years of being around the duck that the others were able to understand him at all.

"It's alright, Donald, Goofy. I'm going to be fine. I know that I will be able to travel again soon. I'm going camping while they are gone anyway." Kairi smiled, not wanting the two of them to feel sorry for her.

Sora snorted with laughter. "And she's going to help Tidus pitch his tent too." Riku burst out laughing at Sora's comment and the redhead only hoped that the others would be convinced that the reddening of her skin was a sunburn and not from embarrassment.

"But it is really hard to pitch a tent by yourself. Trust me," Goofy stated, completely missing the joke as usual, and causing the three humans to crack up once more. "What's so funny? I couldn't get my pole to stay straight. When I tried to do it, it always bent on me, Ahyuck!" he said, looking at his avian companion, confused as usual.

The brunet leaned heavily on his taller, silver haired friend as he laughed, while Riku steadied himself using one of the nearby coconut trees for support. Kairi held herself up using the side of the gummiship, each of the teens struggling to breathe through their laughing fits, tears leaving long trails of tears down their cheeks.

"Wak! Quiet, you big palooka!" squawked Donald, flailing his arms around. "They are obviously thinking of stupid things and you're just making things worse."

"Sorry, Donald. Ahyuck."

After several minutes of the duck tapping his webbed foot against the warm sand in irritation, the three friends finally calmed down enough to throw their bags into the ship and start saying their farewells.

Sora was the first to embrace Kairi, a hold that she eagerly returned. "Don't forget, if you need us, just remember our connection and we'll hear you. If you heart call us, we'll be back before you know it," he whispered, giving her a tight squeeze.

"I know. You guys have fun without me. But don't get into too much trouble, okay?" she whispered, telling herself not to cry. After all, they left every couple of weeks, and it's not like either of them had no experience with the gummiships, their keyblades or travelling to other worlds. They would be fine. It was just that after losing them both once before, she was always just a little bit paranoid about something like that ever happening again.

"Don't worry. I'll make sure that he stays out of trouble," smirked Riku, wrapping his arms around both of his shorter friends.

"And who the hell will keep you out of trouble?" Sora laughed.

The laughter that followed wasn't nearly as intense as it had been before, as this time it was tinted with a little bit of sadness.

"Aww, hurry up guys. Remember, no sad faces." Donald's unmistakeable voice broke through the moment, causing the three friends to break apart. Kairi quickly wiped away the few tears that were gathering in the corners of her eyes.

With a final round of hugs and farewells, Sora and Riku both followed Donald and Goofy up the ramp that led into the gummiship, stopping to wave and watch as the grinning redhead turned and ran over to the ground that would be safer during the take off. The ramp closed as soon as Sora stepped off it behind Riku, effectively knocking into Sora's rear end and knocking the brunet squarely into Riku, his arms reflexively wrapping around the muscular chest for support. But despite the awkwardness of that particular position was for both of them, neither man made the motions to move.

"Sora?" Riku whispered, the only other sound in the ship that could be heard was that of one set of webbed feet and one pair of over sized shoes walking up to the cockpit.

Rubbing his cheek of the soft yellow material of the taller teen's shirt, the brunet only took a deep breath as the natural scent of the elder teen and the scent of the beach invaded his senses. "Please. Just a little longer."

Unable to resist the adorable voice, the silver haired teen gave a gentle smile before reaching up and wrapping his own arms around the tanned ones against his chest. The petit body was so warm up against his own, and he just wanted to listen to Sora and stay like that for a little bit longer.

Suddenly the two of them were thrown across the bay, sprawling on the floor from the sudden jerking motion of the ship.

"Ahh. Sorry about that, fellers. Donald just decided to take off without letting us know. I hope you guys are okay." Goofy's voice came over the intercom system, and there was the distinct sound of Donald's laughing in the background.

"Man, he totally did that on purpose," Sora whined, rubbing his backside from where he had been thrown onto it so suddenly.

Riku just chuckled, being the first one up, reaching his hand down to help his friend up off the floor. "Probably. He always does." As soon as he pulled the brunet up, he used the momentum to pull Sora to his chest, wrapping his arms around him, a move that the younger teen reciprocated.

"Do you think that we'll ever get the nerve to tell Kairi?" The question was one that Riku heard often, especially on a travel day, and when Sora's face was buried into his chest like this.

"Of course. We'll tell her soon, love." The silver haired teen felt the arms around him tighten at the term of endearment. Placing a kiss onto the thick cinnamon spikes, they both felt the slight pang of guilt from hiding their relationship from Kairi, their best friend, but each of them knew that she had been holding out for one of them for so long, to discover that she never really had even the slightest chance with either of them from the very beginning might be hard for her. But since she had gotten together with Tidus, the two of them had been closer and closer to telling her, but the time just never seemed to be right and they just kept putting it off, no matter how rotten it made them feel.

"I hate hiding from her," whispered Sora, nuzzling into the warm chest. The two of them just stood there, lost in each others arms, never wanting the moment to end.

"Would you two get up here already!" Donald squawked over the intercom.

Sora just groaned, while Riku just laughed at the normal reactions from both keyblade master and master magician. "Do you think that I could throw him out of the gummiship window about now?" the brunet asked, breaking their embrace, but not before leaning up and placing a single small peck against his boyfriend's lips.

"Well, he IS a duck. I'm sure that he would figure out how to fly sooner or later." Riku shrugged with a grin, placing a hand on Sora's back and guiding him through the gummiship up to the cockpit where their two friends were.

"Took you long enough," huffed Donald, thankfully not taking his eyes off of the control and such in front of him, at least this time.

"Gwarsh, Donald. They are allowed to have a little bit of alone time sometimes." Goofy laughed from his position in the co-pilot's chair, making sure to use his hands to over exaggerate everything. The duck said nothing, but just grumbled under his breath, no one able to make out exactly what he said.

Riku and Sora had been unable to keep their relationship hidden from Donald, Goofy or the king. And thankfully, much to both teen's relief, everyone had been completely supportive of them. Mickey had known exactly how Riku really felt about his best friend from the moment that the elder teen had first found out about Sora's pod-induced slumber, and had constantly encouraged the young man to go for it. As for Sora, it had been all too obvious to Donald and Goofy about the brunet's feelings for Riku from the unshakable determination Sora showed at wanting to find his best friend and rescue him from the darkness. And with the way that Sora had reacted when he was reunited with the silver haired teen, it had just solidified how strongly the two felt about one another.

Now, along with both Sora and Riku's families, Donald, Goofy, Mickey and their partners were the only ones who were aware of the real deepness of the relations between the two teens, and truly, no one could be happier for them. And one way that they showed their support was by organizing these missions. Sure, it needed to be done anyway, but the King was always able to come up with excuse as to why they could be gone for several days when the mission would only take a couple of hours, and regularly he came up with reasons as to why Kairi couldn't travel with them. After all, with all that Sora and Riku had been through to get together, it really was the least that they could do. And for that, the two teens were eternally grateful and indebted to their friends for the occasional alone time they got. It really did mean a lot to them.

Riku and Sora made their way through the cockpit, ignoring the whirling gizmos and gadgets that lined each of the walls, gauges beeping and needles moving at rapid paces. They sat down on the single bench seat in the cabin, quickly fastening their safety harnesses, each of them all too familiar with Donald's flying tendencies.

"How soon before we enter hyper drive, Donald?" Riku questioned, smiling as he felt Sora curl up against his side, trying to get comfortable enough for the flight.

"Probably another couple of minutes until Donald gets us clear of Destiny Island's atmosphere and then it will be soon," answered Sora, leaning his head on Riku's shoulder, content in the sensations of being held like this by Riku. As soon he said that, the entire ship jerked again making the two human's crash into the wall. Hard. "But if SOMEONE would let me pilot the ship and it would be faster!" he exclaimed.

"And smoother, too!" Chuckled Goofy.

"Wak!" Donald squawked, pounding on the controls, causing the gummiship to spin quickly in a loop-de-loop, everyone thankful that they were strapped tightly into their seats.

It took a few minutes for everyone to become reoriented with gravity, groaning in unison as each of them rubbed the body parts that had gotten knocked around in the move.

"That's it! Donald, shove over! I'm taking the wheel," Sora growled in irritation, trying his hardest to get the safety harness off of his body.

"Sora, settle down," Riku said, placing a single hand on his boyfriend's shoulder, not wanting this trip to end up like so many others with them crash landing on some world.

Pausing in his movements, Sora looked up at the silver haired teen, smiling when he saw the care and compassion that filled those endless orbs. "Okay, Riku." He smiled before leaning back onto Riku's shoulder.

"Wak! At least we know who wears the pants in that relationship." Donald roared with laughter, causing the brunet to glare at him, while Goofy and Riku both tried to suppress their laughter.

Suddenly, Sora's glare morphed into a sly grin of his own. "At least I admit that I'm the submissive one. You on the other hand, you've been with the same girl for how long? And you still don't have the guts to ask her to marry you, you won't have kids with her, and you are totally afraid of her when she gets upset. I don't think that I'm the only submissive one in this ship."

The duck's bill dropped as Goofy was over come with laughter. "Ya know, Donald, Sora has a point there."

"You're not helping!" the duck quacked loudly over in the dog's direction, causing the lanky animal to quickly snap his arms up to cover his mouth to stifle his laughter, though he failed miserably. With a single incomprehensible squawk, Donald whipped out his magus staff, and after delivering a single hard blow to Goofy's head, he turned it and pointed in Sora's direction. "See if you two can enjoy your romantic trip if Sora is a frog!" Shouting out a single word that no one quite understood, he waved his staff around three times before thrusting it out in Sora's direction.

Letting out a single yelp, Sora reached up and covered his head with his hands as if that would help repel the multicoloured stars that began raining down on him. Riku's breath caught in his throat as he watched the blue haze surround Sora, knowing that there was nothing he could do now that the spell had been set. Though, he knew that roasted duck would be a nice dish to serve at his next family dinner and that a great way to kill said duck was with a freshly sharpened keyblade. The older teen could only watch on, completely helpless as his boyfriend disappeared in the smoke.

With a sudden 'Pop!' the haze disappeared instantly, leaving a grinning Sora there, obviously still in his natural form and not a frog. "Ribbit." He said smugly with a laugh, drowning out the sound of Riku's sigh of relief. "You should know better than anyone that your shape shifting spells don't work on me unless we are in an influential atmosphere."

"Aw, Phooey," grumbled Donald before turning around and muttering something to Goofy which caused the canine to bolt up straight and salute.

Laughing and rolling his eyes, Sora turned back to Riku before wrapping his arms around the taller teen's chest, snuggling in just as they felt the ship jerk, though not with as much force as before as it entered hyper drive. "That might have put a damper on our plans." The brunet laughed, letting his eyes slide closed as he felt Riku's arms wrap around him as well, pulling him close.

"With our luck though, this new world that we're going to is going to be one that Donald will have to change our forms for anyway. That would suck." Riku let out a puff of laughter, taking in the deep smell of Sora, a heady mixture of sand, saltwater and something distinctly sweet.

Sora laughed lightly at the statement. "Nah, I looked over the information that the king sent us. It's definitely a humanoid world. And scouting should be easy. It will be so great to just get to spend some time alone together."

Lifting one hand up, Riku laid it over Sora's small, gloved hand, manipulating the fingers so that their digits intertwined. "Yeah, we'll have to thank Mickey for all this. Maybe we can offer to take Morty and Ferdie for a day. You know how much those two love you." Bringing their clasped hands upwards, Riku pressed a single kiss against the back of his boyfriend's hand, effectively causing the younger teen to blush.

"You mean love to crawl all over me." Sora chuckled, leaning up to place his lips against Riku's.

"Hey! No kissy face on the gummiship!" Donald cried, completely ruining the moment as they broke apart with groans.

"I know one thing though," chuckled Sora. "I'll be glad to be dropped off and away from him. It doesn't take long for me to stop missing him."

So it starts off sweat and cute, hehe. But don't let the introduction fool you, there is a reason why this is posted in the M section. It will include a lemon in the next chapter. This story will be about 5 chapters long, and it had been planned out in my head for like ever. And its all because of my lovely Pahoyhoy. I had been debating on writing an Mpreg for a while, and when she started hers and told me everything, and it gave me this wonderful idea and now, after a year I finally got around to writing it. Hope everyone enjoyed it! Thanks again to Tifa-san for betaing this for me, and to my Pahoyhoy, I love you so much, thank you always for being such an inspiration to me, you are my muse, and I can't wait until I get to spend more wonderful time with you.

Thanks to everyone for reading this, don't forget to review! Hint hint, hehehe! Until next time!