Author's Note: Written for the E/O challenge, the word was "soft", and for KKBelvis. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She requested some limp Sam, fevered, drunk, bleeding, unable to breath, with tender, caring, brutally handsome hero Dean, and outdoor hurts. How did I do?

Disclaimer: Good thing I'm not aiming for originality, since nothing in here is my idea.

Word count: 100 (I really wanted to expand the brutally handsome hero part, but alas...)

Warning: None, missing hunt.


Dean calmly aimed his crossbow at the Jersey Devil, judging distance and angle without a hint of hesitation. It screeched defiance with furiously flapping wings, determinedly clasping its prey - a groggy, bleeding Sam - to its bosom. Dean focused and watched the heavy bolt bury itself in the devil's forehead, making them both plunge in a chaotic mess of limbs. Dean dropped the crossbow and ran forwards as fear flooded back in with the thud of impact. Kneeling, he carefully untangled his brother's terrifyingly pliant form, and exhaled a soft Thank God as Sam drew a pained, ragged breath.