" PSHT!"

Ashley stopped as she was walking down the street, coffee in hand.

" PST...... you. Yeah you.... hey blondie!"

Me? Thought Ashley. A very ragged man huddled at the open of an alley was pointing at her. Maybe he's a hobo in desperate need of my help. Maybe he's a mugger/ pedophile who wants my money/me. Eh, I can take him. She walked up to him.


He grabbed her and whirled her around into the alley, surprisingly fast for a hobo. Crap, he was a mugger. She reached for her gun in her pocket...... Great. The only time she gets mugged she doesn't have her gun.

" Gimme yur money!" ( A/N, Not bad spelling, it's the way the mugger is pronouncing the words.)

And of course it's the time she has her Starbucks gift card in her wallet. If he dares nab that, she doesn't care if he's a hobo, he's going down.

" I don't think so." Ashley said, readying her coffee cup. If necessary, she was ready to dump the hot coffee on him. Sorry coffee, but it's for the greater good.

The mugger was about to lunge at her, gun drawn. Crap. Then he stopped, dropping his gun and turning white. Ashley took another sip of her coffee, glad that the hobo might leave her alone. Then she almost spat it out, what if this was a bigger badder hobo who wanted to rob her instead? Fuuuuuun.

" I suggest you leave this young lady alone, before you get the peculiar feeling of a knife going through your back, piercing your innards, and coming out your chest. The hobo began to run away, screaming like a girl. Bigger badder hobo time ...... coffee at the ready.... oh wasn't another hobo, it was Jack the fuckin' Ripper, more formally known as her dad. Buuuuut he did save her from hobo dude. If that hobo had made her spill coffee on her new jacket, he would be very dead, very fast. At least he was spared a violent, painful death by running. Oh yeah, wait, manners-

" Ummmm, thanks for saving me. The one time I get mugged is the one time I don't have a gun on me. Ironic, huh?"

The bald man gave her a funny look as he slipped the knife back in his pocket. Awkwaaaaaaard.

" Coffee?" She offered, trying to alleviate the tension.

" No thank you" The crisp British accent finally said " I prefer tea to mud. Are you capable of going home without running into more trouble, or shall I escort you?"

Don't worry coffee, he didn't mean it. She stroked the foam cup fondly.

" No, I'm fine. Unless you wanted to say hi to Ma."

He blanched. To be fair, she had said that on purpose, to scare him off. She really didn't want to teleport.

" But can I see you around?" She didn't want to teleport, but that didn't mean she didn't want to spend time with him. He was her dad after all.

The man wavered, before giving a curt nod, and disappearing in a flash of red.

She shrugged, to another sip off coffee, and headed out of the alley.

A/N Snaps to DZR for the fantastic idea. I mearly got copyrights rights and turned it into a story. She also came up with the idea for ' Jail Bird Blues', but I completely forgot to give her the credit. Sorry! Swearing and speech is Ashley's, not mine. And the coffee is mine but she won't share. Meh. Should I mebbe do a sequel to this? Where John comes back and they have a walk together? What do ya'll think?