Epilogue: Dreams

Imagination can be a wondrous thing; a fascinating creation of the human mind. But, who could've predicted to undergo an adventrous journey into the unknowns of the one's own fantasy? And to debate whether the experience may have been just a curious reverie, or a life-changing event.

To understand reasons to create a land of wonder was somewhat baffling to her. Yet now that she had returned, maybe this entire odyssey was just a way to breathe life back into her soul - and ressurect her dying dreams. Since she was aging, so was the world. Colour had been banished from her life, and now she has finally returned it.

To wake up in her bed, surrounded by her 'real-life' environment, she suddenly contemplated: maybe this was just another dream; another way to remember, and save not only her own dreams, but herself also. And no doubt, did she feel disappointed that she just had a concusion from falling down the hole, and dreamt the entire expierience:

The decaying world, the uncontrolable creatures, the wondrous friends, an undying love - it was all too real to fall back into the same doubt she had those many years ago. And now, as deeply upset she was to acknowledge this was all just another surreal trip, she began to loose the colour again.

There was not another place like that in the world, and there never will be...

. . .

She hopped out from under the covers, her head still spinning from the fall. It took her a while to regain her sense of balance. She gradually stumbled over to the balcony doors, and opened them. She stepped out into the sunset; the soft vary of reds and yellows illuminating the gardens. She rested her arms and head upon the banisters, and gazed into the setting sun. A soft breeze passed her by; it arose the hairs on her arms. She sighed. Another dream, she thought... just another dream.

Before she let her brewing tears escape her eyes, she felt something upon her chest. She reached to it, and pulled out a wondrous charm. A smile befell her; a warm, happy, excited smile.

'The Hatter's charm,' she whispered. If it was all just a dream, why did this remain in the real world? This instantly baffled her. She debated it... Was it a dream?

Maybe it wasn't... maybe it was all real.

To lay her eyes upon this token was a blessing. She clasped it into her hands, never letting it go. She peered back to the sun, and smiled lovingly. 'It was real,' she whispered, 'Everything was real.'

She remembered what she had been through; the horror of finding herself in a dying land, the wondrous reunion with the others, the friendships she made. She did all she could to cast out any intrution of Leo; to remember him was a horrid memory. But to memorize the Hatter, she couldn't help but smile.

How she missed him, and the other companions she befriended. Maybe she made a mistake to return to this world. Maybe, as mad as it sounded, she really belonged in Wonderland. That's why it was there; a world just for her. How she did not see it before...

Nevertheless, she would hopefully oneday return to that world, and that time, she'll stay forever... just as she said.

. . .

She went over to grab a piece of plain paper and a pencil. She rapidly rushed to sit upon her bed. She lay down and began to doodle on it, just like she did before. This time, she didn't rush to show her images - she drew them with grace, to try and sketch them perfectly. She even began to colour them in. She smiled as she did.

Upon the piece of paper, she drew the beautiful land as she remembered it, with all the residents gathered around - the Cheshire Cat grinning, the March Hare dancing with joy, the Dormouse joining in, the White Rabbit peering at his pocket watch, and the Blue Caterpillar smoking his hookah. She also drew others along with them. And in the middle, smiling right up at her, was the Mad Hatter. There was a blank space beside him, where no colour was shown. She began to draw in the space - drawing a picture of herself beside him.

As she finished with sketching, she grabbed an ink pen, and began to write underneath the sketch. After she finished, she put the pens and pencils away. She arose the paper, and walked back outside with it in hand. She glanced once again at the setting sun, and glanced back down at the paper.

Alice smiled. It was a wondrous feeling. A madly wonderful feeling...

. . .

And underneath, written in bold black ink, were the words that lit up her heart:

'Optimism is always better than pesimism; at least then, you know you'll find happiness.'


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