I am back, baby! I've done the childhood years of Cody Maverick. And now, you'll read the preteen years of our awesome penguin before he was a surfer. This one is for Cody the Maverick and I hope you like it! Enjoy!

Tears of a Maverick: The Preteen Years

by: Terrell James

Chapter 1: First Time Surfing

Young Cody Maverick has come a long way since his childhood in Shiverpool, even though he's still different from everyone else and he's learned how to deal with it, even though it's kinda like everyone has doubts about his future and how he will ever grow, which is impossible for them.

Looking back on the past ten years, Cody has endured some hardships; growing up without a father (even though, it's partly his fault and that he died from a horrifying whale), getting picked on and such, it doesn't change the fact that he has something in store for his future; surfing.

His memories revert back at seven years of age, that he saw Big Z in person for the first time in Shiverpool and he gave him one of his Big Z necklaces and told him, 'Never give up. Find a way, cause that's what winners do.' That was the philosophy that he carried and Cody kept it for a very long time that whenever something goes wrong, he will always carry that saying and let him do what he wants.

Even though the saying is still in his noggin, it's not replaced by the original saying, 'Cody's me, let me be me' that his father taught him to say. Even though some people might not accept the fact that he's different, it taught Cody not to care what other people think, even though it's complicated for him.

Cody's thoughts were similar after he met Z and thinks, 'Someday, I will just be like him.'

Now, Young Cody is eleven years old, growing a little taller and his rockhopper hair is growing a little bit beneath the eybrows. One morning, he sits down near the house somewhere near the water, just thinking that he's up for the chance of surfing the waves. It took him a year and a half to learn how to surf, but he's up for testing out his skills.

He grabbed his icy board, looks at the water and waits for that one wave to come forth. He got up, walked near the waters, sits down, puts the board through his lap and waited. And he waited for several minutes until he sees a wave pass through. By that point, he gets up, grabs his board and runs through the water, just breaking in the skills he's been practicing.

"Let's see if these practicing pays off." Cody said.

He swims through the water, floats with his board and then, gets on it. Then, he started paddling his board around and when the wave started to go up, he turns around, continues paddling, and when it came time to stand up, he started breathing heavily, hoping that he gets his shot to make it a right move. He stands up on the board, and feels a little bit of air coming in.

As soon as he stood up, he feels the board carrying him through and he's feeling a lot confident about this. He rides through some icebergs and zig-zags through it and goes up in the air with his board and then lands back to the water, almost losing his balance.

It's like he's starting to fall off, but he tries to keep his balance steady as he could. He breathed heavily and said, "Okay, I can do this."

Soon, he keeps riding the waves and tries to come up with several tricks on his own. He makes some jumps, flips and leaps in the air, but somehow, some of them ends up with losing balances, falling in water several times and falling off the board all at the same time.

Then, he tries to make some big air by getting off the board, flying in mid-air, screaming, "I'm king of the world!!!"

And then, for a minute, he was on top of the world, but then he fell down to the water. He swam across the ocean and made it back up to the top. He was breathing a little bit and he looks around for his board. He turns left and right and asked himself, "Where's my board?"

There was no sign of the board anywhere. He started panicking a little for two reasons; he's on the water and the board's missing. Pretty soon, he was freaking out and screamed, "DUDE, WHERE'S MY BOARD?!!"

The scream was echoed a mile away and all of a sudden, in pops his board. He looks at it and chuckled nervously. He chuckled in complete embarassment and said, "Here it is."

He got on the board and then, all of a sudden, this wave starts coming in and as quick as he got up, the wave picks the board up and starts surfing the waves for the first time. He feels as if he was on top of the world again, until...


He lands himself back to the water with his board. He holds on to the board, pops out of the top of the water and pants heavily. He's on the edge of the water and said, "This is not easy. Big Z never had it this hard before."

All he could think about is how he could ever be like Big Z and that his ability to surf will ever get the chance he needed to get out of Shiverpool and into Pen Gu Island and excel in an actual surfing competition may be a little difficult than he thought.

He sighs heavily with half of his fur soaking wet and he holds on to his Big Z necklace, looks at it and thinks about what he said. No matter what, he still has to everything he could to make his dream a reality, even though some people will question his future. It seems as though he will do whatever it takes to get himself out of Shiverpool.

"I will find a way....somehow."

What'd I tell ya? Told you it was gonna be awesome! Stay tuned for more!