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Ember woke up with a pounding headache. Her eyes were closed and she feel the sun beating down on her as she lay on the hard surface she was on. She also noticed that it wasn't just her head that hurt, it was everywhere but it wasn't real pain it was a zinging kind of feeling. Like the feeling you get when your leg or arm falls asleep, but more electric.

"What the?" She thought.

"It's been hours, Hero. Maybe we should go to the Stone Table anyway. To tell the King," Ember heard Talon's voice sound. She didn't want to open her eyes it hurt pretty bad to even barely breathe. That electrical feeling had disappeared and had been replaced with a thin sheet of pain.

"No," Hero said from above her, she felt his soft nose nudge her right arm slightly, "She isn't dead and I will not leave my mistress alone undefended," he finished with a snort.

Ember finally gained enough feeling where she could tell she was laying on the ground, on grass and leaves. Something hot was trickling down her left thigh and on her right arm.

Suddenly she felt the tiny hairs of Talon's tail hit her left arm, "You and you horses with your indescribable honor," Talon bit out.

"Quit fighting," Ember said as she finally found her voice. The two animals looked at her with surprise.

Talon sniffed her as she opened her eyes and lifted herself a little but stopped when a wave of dizziness hit her, "You're alive! We thought for sure you'd never wake up," Talon exclaimed.

Ember smiled at him slightly then winced, "I wish I was still asleep. What happened? Where are those shadow things?" she questioned.

Hero shook is mane and nudged her cheek, "You fell, My Princess. You sent those things away when they began to attack. it was you who vanquished them."

"Me?" Ember blinked as she petted his nose.

"You were brilliant! But you fell after you sent that light from your crown," Talon said as he did a back flip of excitement.

Hero gently pushed Ember into a sitting with his head. Ember touched her head and felt the cool gold and the stone of her crown. She had completely forgotten about the crown when she had fled the castle a few days before. Her mind flooded with the memories of the fires that sprang up from her home. she shook her head to clear away the memories.

"How long have I been out?" she asked softly.

"Almost five hours," Hero answered her.

Ember nodded then stood. She looked around and found that they were still in the small clearing from before but noticed that they were away in the trees the infringed the clearing. They must have moved her from where she fell. She looked and the middle and saw piles of ash covering the green grass.

"Is that?" she asked.

Hero nodded his head, "It is."

Ember shook her head in disbelief, "But how could I do that? I've never done that before."

Talon bounded over to her and jumped up, laying his front paws on her shoulders, "What does it matter? You defeated them! Hurray!" he licked her cheek and Ember laughed.

Ember sighed, "I guess it still bothers me, though, but oh well. How far are we from the Stone Table?"

Talon jumped down then sat on the ground. His eyes closed and his ears twitched for a moment then his eyes flew open again.

"We must move quickly! The White Witch's army has already begun to move! They're headed for the Stone Table! They're halfway there!" Talon exclaimed.

Ember's eyes widened, "We ride now!"

Peter laid in his hammock staring at the ceiling of the tent. In his hand he clung to a golden bracelet. He sighed and looked down at the metal trinket in his had. He ran his thumb over the gold and felt the sting of how cold it was. This was no mere bracelet, this was Ember's bracelet. After they had buried Xander next to his parents Peter had walked into Ember's room one last time, just so he could feel her presence.

When he had walked into everything looked cold and it had been ransacked. Her canopy bed had been slashed and her clothes had been thrown everywhere. Her floor length mirror had been thrown to the floor and shards of mirror littered the ground. The window seat where she always sat was ripped by what seemed like swords and the feathers that filled it were everywhere around the room. He walked to the window that had been shattered as well.

As he walked through, his foot hit something metal and sent it skidding across the floor. He looked down and saw the gold shining in the dim light. Slowly, he bent down and picked up the bracelet and held it in his hands. On the front of bracelet, there was an inscription that read "Love is Forever ," and on the inside was another inscription that read, "For Our Beloved Daughter, Ember. May Love Shine Through Your Heart For Many Years To Come. You will Always Be Our Shinning Gem. ~ Love Mother and Father,"

Peter shook his head and brought himself back into the present. He clutched the small bracelet in his hand, feeling it heat up again with his warmth.

"Peter?" Lucy's voice sounded. Peter jumped up and stared at his youngest sister. They young girl stared at him with fear in her eyes and her hands were trembling slightly.

"Lucy? What's happened?" he asked in a concerned tone, jumping out of his bed and going to her.

Lucy stared at him for a moment before she spoke, "It's the Witch. She's here."

Peter's eyes narrowed and moved around her and pushed his way out of the tent. The White Witch was traveling up the path through their camp like the last time they had done battle, but this time she wore a smug smirk on her face.

Peter drew his sword and took his defensive stance in front of his family. Edmund moved away from his sisters and took the same stance as his brother.

"Peace, Dear ones. She can do us no harm here," he spoke to them gently but firmly. Peter and Edmund relaxed out of their stances but still held their swords at the ready.

Jadis final came close enough and then stepped out of her transportable throne that four Ogres carried. She stepped onto the grass and smiled up at the Pevensie family and Aslan.

"Such lovely weather don't you think?" she stated.

"What do you want, Witch?" Peter bit out.

Jadis looked up at Peter and batted her eyelashes at him, "Just to check up on things, Little King," she answered.

Peter narrowed his eyes at her, "Where is Ember?" he demanded,

Jadis looked at him for a long moment then a wicked grin spread on her face, "You didn't hear? She's dead."

Behind Peter Lucy gasped and Aslan growled.

Peter dropped his sword slightly, "What?"

Jadis stepped forward again, "It's over Peter, dear. She may have killed my wraiths but she fell after she did it. Isn't that right, Maragon?" Jadis asked turning her head slightly to a large Minotaur.

The Minotaur stepped forward, "That is what the report said, Your Majesty. The girl fell after her attack destroyed the wraiths except one," he confirmed then stepped back.

Jadis smiled softly again, "You see? Her power is mine and soon all of Narnia will be mine as well."

"She's lying!" a voice cried out.

Everyone turned to look where the voice had come from and all the saw was a flash of red hair on a horse that stopped in front of Jadis.

"As you can see, Jadis, I'm not dead yet," Ember said smirking. Peter stared at Ember but then looked to Jadis.

"How did you escape? The wraith said you fell! That fall should have killed you from that height!" Jadis screamed in outrage.

Ember stared her down then slid of Hero's back. She stepped toward Jadis with Talon at her side, "You must have forgotten how unpredictable I can be."

Jadis glared at Ember for a moment before she spoke again, "No matter. All will fall into place in do time," she said as she turned but then she stopped with her back to Ember, "Before I forget."

She snapped and a gargoyle came forward with a dark cherry wood box and placed it in Ember's hands then moved away quickly.

"A gift," Jadis said and left without another word.

Ember looked to Aslan and he nodded to her silent question. Slowly, Ember lifted the lid of the box and gasped. Her body began to tremble as she stared at the contents of the box.

Peter came up behind Ember and held her steady as Lucy took the box from her.

"What is it?" Edmund asked.

Lucy peered inside the wooden box. She gasped then opened the lid farther and turned the box where everyone could see the contents, "The other princess' crowns," she whispered.

Ember turned and buried her head in Peter's chest while Peter wrapped his arms around her.

"Then that means," Susan started.

"That they're dead," Ember whispered.

Peter looked down at her then tilted her chin up gently so she would look up at him, "We don't know that," he told her but Ember shook her head.

"Yes, Peter, they are. No one can take our crowns with our permission. They won't work for anyone else. Not unless we're dead." she replied turning her face away.

Aslan stepped up to Ember and Peter, "Then that means you gain their power," he said gently.

Sighing, Ember placed her head in her hands, "I never wanted it. And I could never imagine getting them this way," She raised her head then looked around and her eyes landed on Peter, "Where's Xander?"

Peter shook his head then hugged her tighter, "I'm sorry. I was too late."

Ember was still for a moment until she wrapped her arms around Peter's waist, "No," she murmured, "I was."

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