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3. Black Magic

"It is weird. You should talk to him."

"Me? I'm sure I'm the last person he wants to talk to."

"Please. It seems to be bothering him that he saw you dying in his dream."

Nami and Robin were standing in the kitchen and looked out the window. They were looking at Zoro who was standing by the railing and watching the sea. He had been standing there for about an hour. Luffy had talked to him but Zoro said he was fine and needed some fresh air. The two women didn't believe him.

"If he is still there this evening, I will talk to him."

"Robin, that's cruel."

"Fine, in an hour."

It had been almost 2 hours now. He didn't even know why he was here. Maybe he just needed time to think. Although during the time here he hadn't thought over a single thing. For the first time in his life he didn't know what to do. He had trained in the morning. Actually it was now time for his nap. But was that a good idea?

Tch…I won't let anybody or anything direct my life.

He sat on the floor and closed his eyes. The dreams should stop someday…

But not today.

"…until the death separates you?"

"Zoro. Open your eyes!" a sweet chuckle, "Answer him that you want to marry me."

Zoro felt someone stroke his cheek. He opened his eyes and saw Robin. She was dressed all in white.

"Marry? You?".

"I knew he would screw it up! Please Robin, marry me and not that idiot. I will make you happy."

Robin smiled at Sanji. She wanted to reply to him, but she was stopped by her future husband.

"Go to hell. Get to used to the fact that she chose me."

Wait…So this is a dream. AGAIN. I can think normally, but I wasn't going to say it. Is the dream now controlling my actions?

"Then just say yes." Robin broke the awkward silence.

"Yeah Zoro. Tell her how much you love her!"

"Don't worry. I'll keep him quiet." Nami hit Luffy and now he was whining on the floor.

The priest coughed. It was time to continue. Robin smiled to Zoro and grabbed his hands. It was awkward…Zoro's mind said no, but he was sure that he would say yes. At that moment he didn't know that only saying "yes" wasn't the worst.

"Robin." He wondered how he could stop himself. "Do you know when before you turn the page of a book you hold the page with your middle finger and thumb? And you hold the breath before you read the next page. Every time you finish a book you sigh and smile. You probably haven't noticed it, but those small things make you so special."

"Darling, please stop observing me."

"And even if you tend to command me, I still love you. So yes."

"Who do you love?"

Zoro opened his eyes calmly. He was already used to it. He had a crazy dream, probably mumbled something weird and of course someone had to hear it. He looked to his side and saw Robin sitting next him. She was holding two cups of coffee.

"Why is it so impossible to be alone on this ship?"

"It's not my fault that you were loudly talking in your sleep."

She handed him one of the two coffee cups. He took it, but wasn't amused to see her after their wedding. It was really annoying. She was everywhere. He wanted to yell her, get rid of her. But he knew that if he did do that, he would get trouble with Sanji or even worse with Nami.

"What do you want?"

"Nami is worried about you."

"Tch. That bitch."

"She told me about your dream."

"That's not your's or her business."

"If I tell you something weird about me, will you tell me about your dreams?"

"Firstly no, secondly no and thirdly I don't think that you have something weird to tell."

"I do."

It made him curious, but not curious enough. He knew that Robin had a complicated past and it would be probably hard for her to talk about it. Would be it worth it to tell her that he saw her dying? Furthermore tell the other dreams.

"I read a book."

"That's not weird."

"Let me talk."

"But I didn't agree with you."

"It was about black magic."

"You don't listen to me, do you?"

"I don't believe in such things. But somehow I wanted to experiment one thing."

"Nope, she doesn't listen to me."

"I read about a spell that makes a person confess their love. I've known for a long time now that Nami is in love with Luffy. But she didn't want to tell him that. I decided to help her and tried that spell on her."

"Why? That's not like you."

"I wanted to help."

"With black magic?! Maybe talking would have been better?"

"We live in a world where almost everything is possible. Like devil fruits are normal. Why not magic then?" She chuckled, "I know it is dumb. Am I not allowed to play? But it worked in the end. Nami started to see dreams about him and it started to annoy her. I told her if that if she confesses to him then the dreams will stop."

She was making fun of him, right? She wouldn't do such thing and it won't work. Nami had weird dreams, so what, he had too. Wait, I have also. She wouldn't…why would she…

"Did you try it only on Nami?"


"You tried on me too, didn't you?"

"And you saw me."

It was always hard to tell if Robin was telling the truth or not. But now it was even harder.

"That doesn't mean anything."

"If you say so." Robin leaned on Zoro's shoulder. She closed her eyes and remained silent.

How should he react now? She was breathing steadily and didn't move. Neither did Zoro. He never liked when Robin was near to him. But now he didn't mind that Robin was relaxing on his shoulder. He even enjoyed it, because he could smell her scent. He would never admit it, but he liked that flower scent.

Confess their love…Did it apply to me also?

He thought about his dreams. His first dream was about Robin's sexiness. Of course it was true. She was beautiful, no doubt. But he kept it to himself that he found her attractive. Yelling it out everyday like Sanji did wouldn't work for him.

But the dream about her dying reminded him of Ennies Lobby and how it could have ended. They had gotten lucky. They did rescue her. But seeing her dying almost broke his heart. It didn't matter that it wasn't reality. Ennies Lobby could have ended like that. She was a crewmate and was important to everyone, including him.

And what he said at their wedding was also true. He had noticed such things about her. He was observing her, but he hadn't admitted it to himself.

So she was beautiful, smart, strong and she had her weird sides. And the dreams reflected his feelings. And they won't stop until…

"Okay. I " A pause " like you. Will the dreams stop now?"


"Hey. Dinner is re…" Sanji came from the kitchen. He paused at the door as he saw the two sitting so close to each other. "WHAT are you doing with my Robin, marimo?!"

"We are coming."

Robin smiled sweetly and got up. Sanji relaxed a little, mumbled something and went to the kitchen. Robin turned to Zoro and offered him a hand. She helped him up and pulled him close to her. Their faces were inches away from each other. She moved closer and their lips almost touched.

"The dreams will stop because they'll become reality."

For first Zoro was a little shocked. She was too dominating. He hadn't thought she would be so. He grinned; it wasn't like he didn't like it.

"At least they will stop."

He leaned into her and kissed her. She got what she wanted. He had admitted.

"It was a joke." Robin broke the kiss, "I lied about the spell. I would never do such thing."

Zoro could slap himself. She played with him and won.

"But next time I promise I won't lose."

He grinned and kissed her again. They leaned against the door although they knew that Sanji would soon come and look for them. They didn't care.

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