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"AW! It's closed for…" L peered at the smaller print on the sign. "What the hell? We don't celebrate Boxing Day in Japan!"

"Well, we can't help that. If these people want to be Canadians, we have no say in it," Light answered with a shrug.

"… Well that was pessimistic."

"It was, wasn't it? I've been noticing that a lot lately…Hey, look! I've been wondering what those things were about. They're really popular at the moment," Light pointed towards a Build-A-Bear store.

L glared at the store.

"Um…Ryuzaki? What's wrong? You're kind of freaking me out…."

"There is something possessed and positively evil about that children's store. I can sense it," L said solemnly.

"… Are you alright? I'm really starting to worry. It's a teddy bear shop."


"Right then. Let's just go in," Light said, heading towards the overly-yellow, sewing-circle-themed doominess that is called Build-A-Bear Workshop.

"And see? What did I tell you about this place being possessed and/or positively evil place." L pulled a roll of duct tape off of a shelf.

"Ryuzaki…. Wait, why the hell do they sell duct tape?"

"Light, duct tape is an essential and effective murder tool. Yet it apparently also has other uses. They have figured that out here. Look at the label."

Light glanced over at the tags on the tape. " "Fix-It-Yourself bear patching kit for parents. Band-aid stickers sold separately"," he read aloud. "What the fuck?"

A child standing by them glanced at him with an astonished expression. "Mommy! That man said a bad word!"

Light resisted the urge to face palm. "Let's get out of here," he put the tape down and they left the demented little cavern, exiting the mall because there was no other reason for them to keep the chauffer waiting.

"Next stop is the super market," L said briskly. "I need sundae supplies because Watari asked me to pick them up because if I'm already out he doesn't want to go shopping again."

Light shook his head in mock disappointment. "Dessert is all you ever think about."

"Yes. Yes it is. Now come along," L dragged Light off to the limousine.

In about twenty minutes, they found themselves in the parking lot in front of the grocery store,

"Ah, a commoner's supermarket!" L said, getting a cart from the long line of wheeled handcarts outside of the store.

Light sighed. "You've been reading too much manga again, haven't you?"

"It is good for your soul!"

"No it's not."

"Says you. I am L, and I say that manga is amazing. So you can just shut up because you cannot argue L's words so you can't argue with me because L's word is law."

"What kind of screwed up logic are you using now? You sound like a narcissist with multiple personality disorder on crack or something," Light insulted, rolling his eyes in frustration before he was locked in a staring contest with L.

"Light is standing very still in the middle of a parking lot. I suggest he move before he is run over by an oncoming Sedan," L noted.

Light just continued to glare daggers at L who was now wisely keeping his distance from the auburn-haired teen/ deranged serial-killer-mass-murderer-who-was-innocent-at-the-moment-but-still-probably-had-a-laugh-like-a-demented-birthday-party-clown-weasle-thing-on-helium-and-crack.

They entered the store that seemed to be air conditioned to zero degrees Celsius for shopper's 'comfort'. Light shivered in his t-shirt, and L seemed entirely indifferent to the temperature, picking out a shopping cart from the rack and pushing it into the main entrance. "You know, your logic is just really messed up," he said, still unhappy.

"Easy for you to say, Kira."

"I am NOT Kira!" Light screamed at him, and then noticed the multiple heads turned their way. "I mean…."

Everyone was silent for a moment, until all hell broke loose. People started running in circles, shoving each other around, hitting and kicking and pushing all trying to get out or at least away from 'Kira'… or, rather, Kira. One person came up to them in all of the commotion.

"Hey, do either of you guys know of a good remote hiding place, preferably in a deserted location such as a ally, or something of the sort?" the man asked. He looked exactly like L, except for the fact that he looked slightly deranged and the front of his shirt was drenched in a suspicious red liquid.

Light looked at the man's shirt. "Um… what happened to you?" he thought of his words carefully, as to not seem like he was accusing the man of murder. Because he had no room to talk.

"It's… jam. Yeah. Anyway, do you know a place or not?" he answered quickly.

"Uh, not really…" Light trailed off. The other shrugged and quickly sprinted in the opposite direction. Light looked around, trying to find L who had gotten bored and wandered off. He found said raven-haired detective with a cart full of 'food', meaning a bottle of chocolate syrup, a can of whipped cream, a gallon of ice-cream, maraschino cherries, hot fudge, chopped almonds, caramel, mini marshmallows, and rainbow sprinkles.

"Well, Ryuzaki, if you're done here. we should get back to the car," Light said, inconspicuously prompting L into the checkout line and out of the market for the simple reason of not wishing to become a popsicle/icicle/anything ice related.

"Alright," L answered simply, pushing the cart full of dessert supplies to the rows of conveyer belts in the front of the store. And he still didn't seem cold!

"How are you not cold in here?" Light asked, still shivering.

"Because I am not to be affected by diminutive and superfluous things such as temperature. I have more important things to do, such as catch Kira.

"Okay, then. Whatever." They paid and left.


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