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"Oh, come on Ziva!! It's going to be fun!!" Abby said, clasping her hands together.

"I am not really sure…" Ziva said, frowning a little at her Goth friend. "And I thought sleepovers were something that teenager girls do."

"Well, they kinda are; but I saw some sleepover pictures on my friend's Facebook… And I miss it!!" Abby whined.

"How old is this friend of yours?" The brunette asked, raising her brows; Abby took a little long to answer.

"She's fourteen… But that's not the point, okay?" she answered, and the brunette raised her brows even more. "Zee, it's going to be fun! Just us, the girls… Pleeease?" She insisted

"Abby… I don't know." She answered.

The truth is that Ziva had never been to a sleepover before, she didn't have time for that when she was a teen; she was always being trained. Running, fighting, climbing, swimming… She got home so exhausted that all she wanted to do was take a shower and go to bed. But she had to confess that a sleepover sounded really fun, and deep inside she wanted to go.

"Pretty please with sugar all over it?" The Goth asked, giving Ziva her best puppy eyes.

"Okay, you can stop the puppy eyes thing; you won. I'm going…" Ziva said, giving up.

"Yay, yay, yay, yay, yaaaaaay!! This is going to be aaaaaawesome!!!" Abby squealed, giving her friend a bone-crusher hug.

"Just a second Abby, when is this sleepover going to be? And what do I have to bring?" Ziva asked.

"Uuuhm, today s Friday, right?" Abby asked; Ziva just nodded. "Okay then, you can come tomorrow at 7 p.m., about what you have to bring… I'll send you an e-mail, so you won't have to write it down."

"Alright… I'll go back to work now. See you tomorrow Abby." Ziva said, and walked to the elevator.

XxX Bullpen

When Ziva walked into the office, the desks were empty. She sat at her own desk; McGee was probably getting a snack from the vending machine, while Gibbs was probably out for a coffee and Tony was probably in the bathroom. She turned on her computer and started typing. She worked for about two minutes, when the computer made a little noise; she had a new email.

From: Abby S.

To: Ziva D.

Subject: Sleepover

Hey Zee! Here's the list of what you're going to need to our sleepover (relax; it's not a lot of stuff, okay?).

You'll need:

Your PJs, the cutest the better.

Your toothbrush, obviously.

A change of clothes, unless you want to go out in your PJs.

Slippers, if you have.

By the way, could you buy us some chocolate? It would be really nice!! :)

Kisses, Abs.

Ziva smiled, maybe Abby was right…This could be nice. She was still lost in her mind when she heard a familiar voice.

"Sooo, you and Abby are having a sleepover, Zee-vah?" Tony said, amused by the fact that the tough former Mossad was going to do something so teen-like.

"What about it, Tony?" she answered, closing the email.

"Nothing… I'm just amazed, I mean… You, doing something so teen-ish." He laughed a little.

She just gave him a death glare; and he put on his best smile, he wouldn't miss the chance to do the teasing, he wouldn't be himself if he did, would he?

"So, how's that going to work? One bed or two?" He asked her.

"Ooh, wouldn't you like to know that?" The brunette said, smiling sweetly at him.

He was just about to say something when Gibbs walked in.

"DiNozzo, I don't pay you to talk! Get back to work, NOW!" He barked.

"On it, Boss." He said, looking at his computer, while Ziva snorted slightly.

And for the rest of the day, every time their yes met, she'd give him a sweet and yet suggestive smile, and look back at her monitor, with the most innocent look she could ever fake.

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