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Monday morning, Ziva walked into the office, and she could feel everybody looking at her because of the picture Abby emailed to them. But no one had the guts to say anything to her, I mean, no one except for Tony DiNozzo, of course.

"Oooh, you're not wearing your cute PJs? I'm disappointed!" He mocked her with his best grin. She shot him a death glare and his smile grew even bigger, he loved to tease her. "Someone didn't sleep well at the sleepover? Actually, I bet you didn't sleep at all, right?"

Ziva stopped a bit and realized he was talking about the prank call; a devilish smile appeared on her lips, she could play this game too. "Maybe yes… Or maybe no, Tony. Wouldn't you like to know that?" She raised her brows at him and looked back at her computer, while Gibbs walked inside the room.

Tony immediately shut up and started to do his job; McGee walked in and greeted everyone. When he sat at his desk he looked at his coworkers.

"Is this sweater new? It looks really good on you." He said to Ziva.

"Thank you McGee. And yes, it is." She smiled; she was wearing the sweater she bought when she and Abby were at the mall.

They were all working when Gibbs rose from his chair. "I'm going to get Abby some Caf-Pow! that doesn't mean you can stop working!" He barked, while walking away.

XxX Abby's Lab

He walked in with the big plastic cup on his hands, the music was loud, and the Goth was dancing around, while probably waiting for some results. He smiled and walked to her. She squealed when she saw him and grabbed the cup.

After she finished taking the first huge sip, she turned the volume down, and placed the cup on the table.

"So, I heard you and Ziva had a lot of fun in this sleepover…" He said, raising a brow at her.

"Tony told you that; didn't he?" She asked and he nodded. "Let's just say that Ziva and I made a little prank call, but it was just that; seriously!" She said, laughing a little.

"Good," he said with a smile. "because I don't like competition." He said and pulled her for a kiss.

They kissed for about two minutes, until the need for oxygen was too strong. "I'm happy you and Ziva are having fun together." He smiled at her and walked to the elevator.

"God… So am I." She said breathless.

XxX Bullpen

When Gibbs walked back into the office he herd Tony making a comment about the prank call and rolled his eyes; he sat at his desk and made a paper ball, and when his agent looked down, he threw it square on his head, causing him to look up.

"I pay you to get the work done, not to chat around DiNozzo!" He said casually, and started filling his reports.

Ziva snorted a little while Tony mumbled a 'yes, Boss' and McGee just smiled at the familiar situation, when all of the agents were again focused on the work, Gibbs allowed himself to a small smile.

The day was now over; everybody had gone home, except for Tony and Ziva, who were finishing their paperwork. They were in silence, until Ziva sighed and started to put her stuff inside her bag; Tony started to do the same thing. When they were both done, Tony walked to her.

"Will I ever know what happened in this sleepover of yours?" He asked grinning.

"Do you really want to know that, Tony?" Ziva answered with a question, something she did when she was trying to trick someone.

"Yes, Zee-vah, I want to know!" Tony said.

She got closer to him; her eyes traveled from his eyes, to his lips, to his body, and back to his eyes. She licked her lips. "Nothing you will ever need to be jealous of." She said; then, she gave him a fast peck on the lips and walked away swaying her hips, leaving a very confused Tony DiNozzo behind her.

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