BKE: This is a fic idea of Superstarultra's that I took to develop. Basically, he wanted to contribute to R Controversy for his Little Melancholies, but got rebuffed with some of these. Of course, you would rebuff them if you heard Cave Cricket: I KNOW YOUR FEAR. Enjoy these "Little Stupidities."

Haruhi: Is My Butt too big?

Her hands stretched across the voluptuous fanny that moved with her as she walked through the hallways toward the clubroom. She has grown far more self concious of the fact that the boys have noticed it more and more.

An open air sill lets in the breeze to reveal all those cheeks glory.

Kyon: *Facepalm*

No matter how much he says anything about it, she will not yield, not when she jams Mikuru into another little outfit and orders the rest of them into some impossible set of tasks.

Why the hell is he complaining? At least life's never boring.

Itsuki: There's Never Such a Thing as too Much Hair-gel

He awakes in the morning with his superpointy hair, shaped like a jet aircraft or rubble. If not for the large amounts of Pantene and Vidal Sasoon, followed by treatments such as mousse, gel and spray, he would be powerless.

Cause it takes a tidal wave of petrochemicals to hide his secret Cloud Strife doo.

Mikuru: A Bra That Offers Support and Protection

It aches so much.

If it isn't her upper back, its her lower part. If she runs, they bounce to and fro, only causing her discomfort on par with the hands of the lecherous she-devil in ribbons. If only she could have taken the advanced designs available in her era back in time, she would not have to be turned away from Victoria's Secret cause they're too big.

Yuki: Bunny-ear Headphones

The particular situation on screen is quite reminiscent of all those sequences she had whilst playing Lightning Warrior Raidy. Lesbo rape, fight, talk, rape, talk, fight, walk around, fight, tentacle rape.

It is good she can be able to hear all the screams of pleasure without anyone noticing all thats playing in her adorable earware.

Now they have to look at the screen to be shocked and appalled.

You may see more soon. Stick around.