BKE: I told you to staAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHP....heh, thats what openoffice does sometimes. Anyway, heres the next set of "Little Stupidities."

Tsuruya: What's Caught in my Hair Now?

She is quite tall, and with this, her choice of having such lengthy hair has never been too beneficial. Its either being stepped on, or pulled on, or someone sticks something in it. Somedays its got a lolipop, some days its dog doo. Some days it gets caught in a door, or even around the tires of her bike.

That high up forehead is leading to her future: A wig.

Ryoko: Waxing my Brows


Normally she should only pluck her eyebrows, but being told by the boys and girls she was miss caterpillar brows was enough to push her to a desperate edge. Soon, there will be nothing left of

her "ol' blue brows."


She shouldn't let Nagato do this.

Imouto: Loli-in-a-bag

She lays within the bag, hoping she will not be noticed easily. He is an idiot, but of course he would notice how heavy his bag is.

Later, he tells her this, "How about if I had lost you somewhere? You could have ended up in some thiefs hands. Or some pedophile could have come and then what? What would you do?"

Her justification with beaming doe eyes, "Well, mom thought it was cute. Maybe I could beat them with my cuteness."

Oh no, that will keep them coming, and with that duffel, it will only be easier.

Taniguchi: Porn, porn, porn!

Like a kid in a candy store, this fool loves what he sees. Big ones, little ones, skinny and fat ones.

He carries them to his home and watches his adult adventures. In the morning, he awakens after his dreams of a harem to a cold bed in a lonely bedroom, filled with magazines, tapes and DVD's.

Ah, the treachery of images.

Kunikida: Background

"It was already said by someone else quite effectively. I could easily infiltrate into a nuclear facility and steal a warhead, or a bank and get money, or peep in the girls shower. I was once told my theme song was 'Invisible' by Clay Aiken. Someone else called me the 'Stealth Loser'. Well, all I have to say is I already made a special little mess into your bedroom before you woke up. I hope you can learn to appreciate me. See you later, wench."

Haruhi can smell a funny odor emanating from the sheets, and see both a flickering light in the trash, and these words written in blood on her wall.

She learned never to unappreciate him again.

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