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Chapter one

It was the Sorting Feast on Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Headmaster Albus Dumbledore sat by the Head Table overlooking his students. The Sorting of the new students had just ended and the first-years weren't looking as nervous as they were only minutes ago. The Headmaster stared sadly out over the Hall. He was still grieving the loss of a boy who should have been one of his students. Harry Potter. Son of James and Lily Potter, two of the brightest students he ever had the pleasure to meet.

The Headmaster stood up; ready to announce the name of the new sixth year student. He was very curious about whom this young man was, and a small part of him was hoping that this was the missing saviour.

Harry Potter was also called the Boy Who Lived among the Wizarding population, in fact. He was famous among European wizards and witches. Young Mr Potter was supposed to start Hogwarts six years ago. But the boy had been no-where to find. He was not with his Aunt and Uncle, were Dumbledore personally had placed him after his parents had died and young Harry had defeated a Dark Lord at the tender age of one.

A few seats next to the Headmaster sat the Potions Professor at Hogwarts, Severus Snape. He was scowling at the world in general and not really grieving the fact that Harry Potter was missing yet again. The Headmaster had never given up and still hoped that the boy would walk in the front doors someday. Professor Snape almost snorted at the thought. Except he did not, because Slytherins Do Not Snort. It was actually a written rule, in the Slytherin Handbook. Number 24, if Professor Snape remembered correctly. And he most likely did; being the Head of Slytherin made it prudent for him to know their rules correctly.

Deputy Headmistress Minerva McGonagall was glancing at Dumbledore. She was worried for the man. The rise of You-Know-Who a few years back had cast a damper on the mood in the Wizarding world, but Dumbledore took it more seriously than anybody. Of course, it was a reason to worry when He Who Must Not Be Named had stolen the Philosophers Stone from Hogwarts and right underneath the Headmaster's nose. People had been sending Dumbledore angry Howlers for months after that. The Headmaster had been forced to redirect his mail to his office, because it wouldn't do that the Headmaster got angry mails in front of the students.

Remus Lupin was sitting further down the table. He was happily humming for himself and silently celebrating that he had been able to break the curse on the Defence Against the Dark Arts position. He was now the teacher in the aforementioned subject for the second time. Professor Lupin thought he could afford to be a bit smug because of that. He was also almost grinning in anticipation because he knew that things would get fun very soon.

Ron Weasley was sitting with his friends Seamus Finnigan and Dean Thomas. They were discussing who would win the House Cup that year, and how annoying it was that Gryffindor hadn't won at all during their time.

"I mean; how hard can it be to beat Hufflepuff in a Quidditch game?!" Ron exclaimed. Dean and Seamus nodded their agreement. Further down the table, Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley (Ron's younger sister) scoffed at the boys.

"One could be led to believe that Quidditch is the most important thing in the world!" Hermione complained. "Your brother is a moron, Ginny." Ginny nodded and sighed.

On the end of the Ravenclaw Table sat Luna Lovegood. She was staring absentmindedly at a spot on the wall. Now and then she could be seen blinking slowly and looking at another spot for a while, but she would always return to the just above the Potion Professor's head. He, in turn, had long ago learned not to look in the direction of her seat at the Ravenclaw Table for the sake of his sanity.

By the Slytherin Table Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini were ignoring the Headmaster who had just risen, and were instead talking quietly about the missing Dark Lord. Their parents had decided that they should join the Death Eaters, but then the Dark Lord had gone missing. Not that Draco or Blaise was very sorry for the fact, mind you.

"I'm sure he's planning something and just decided not to tell his minions," Pansy Parkinson, who was the only other student let into the silencing bubble they had erected, leaned over to them and joined the conversation. "It's not like the man, if you could call him that, cares about informing the Death Eaters of his every little move. Besides, I'm sure there is a spy in his ranks. And he probably knows it as well."

"You're right, Pansy," Draco said. "We're probably not lucky enough to have lost him already. Damn." Blaise nodded his agreement.

"I don't think we're going to be let off that easily," Blaise sighed. "Damn father and his ideas! It annoys me that he wants me to bow to that – that- whatever he is! Muggleborns are not beneath us! Just look at Granger! She is top of all the classes and she's a Muggleborn!"

Before Draco even got the chance to answer, the doors to the Great Hall opened. Every face in the Hall was turned towards the person who had just entered. People didn't enter in the middle of the Sorting! The Headmaster was just about to stand up and take his customary speech, for Merlin's sake! Not that Draco thought the speech was something important to listen to every year

But then Draco noticed the young man standing in the door. He was a bit beneath average height, slender, but with obvious signs of being muscled. His hair was falling messily down to his shoulders, giving him a just-got-shagged-look. But the most stunning was his eyes. They shone an emerald colour most people wouldn't think possible in someone's eyes. The pale complexion of the man only making the eyes stand out more.

He was looking around in the room with a small smile on his lips, when Dumbledore addressed him.

"Welcome, young man," the Headmaster said happily. "I was just about to announce you." The young man grinned slightly, and tilted his head.

"Go ahead then, Headmaster," he said. His voice was soft, but still carried through the whole room.

"This young man will be joining our sixth years this year. He will hopefully finish his education here at Hogwarts," the Headmaster said, his voice curious. The newcomer nodded. The old man clapped his hands together enthusiastically, in typical Dumbledore-manner.

"Well, Minerva will call you up to the Hat to get Sorted then," Dumbledore smile jovially down at the young man. The man grinned again. Draco noted absently that the boy managed to grin without showing any teeth.

"Pierce, Raven," the stern Transfiguration Professor called. The newcomer grinned more.

"I am afraid I lied a bit about my name," he said calmly, but still with a wide grin. His eyes where glinting in an odd manner. "I must confess I just wanted to see your faces. I'm a bit too fond of the shock factor." The Headmaster looked slightly unnerved at that, but he quickly caught himself and looked just as happy as he usually did.

"And what is your real name, young man?" he asked jovially, albeit a bit cautiously.

"My name is Harry Potter," the young man said.

Dead silence spread through the Hall.


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