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Chapter 14 – Where the Twins Get Even

Harry had come back to the dorm to the sight of Pansy, Blaise, Draco and Theo in a serious conversation. Pansy was even suspiciously damp in the eyes. He tried steering towards the bathroom where he intended to take a long shower and fill his eyes with soap, but Blaise hailed him and sat him down in a new chair.

"Are you sure your family home can help?" Blaise asked intensively. Harry blinked dumbly and nodded.

"Yeah, I'm sure," he mumbled. "It's old and has been hidden for centuries. People have been looking for it, but no one has found it. I also know for certain that father wouldn't mind helping. Can I go take a shower now? I have a strong urge to scour my eyes." He left before they gathered enough wits to answer.

In the next few days, Harry avoided looking at his uncles. It became difficult when Wednesday rolled around and they had Defence with said uncles. Why Sirius was still hanging around was a mystery to most of the students, as the only thing he did was disturb the class.

Remus didn't seem to mind overly much.

Which only awoke nasty images in Harry's already scarred brain.

Oh, he had always known that they were mates, and he had heard them from time to time. But seeing them like that? He was scarred. Probably his more human side acting up.

Draco and Blaise were sending Harry looks, apparently trying to figure out why he shuddered and grimaced every time he looked up.

Remus was still forced to teach all the classes about different ways to protect themselves from vampires. Harry was still ignoring the lectures.

Today, Remus was talking about sunlight, the effects it had on vampires and how to create it with spells. He had warned Harry beforehand, so Harry had taken precautions and increased his usual dose of sun-block potion.

He didn't think his classmates were so oblivious that they wouldn't notice if he got burned from the spell.

The only saving grace in this Wednesday's lecture was when Daphne raised her hands to ask a question.

"Yes, Miss Greenrass?" Remus said.

"How is the relationship between vampires and werewolves, Professor?" she asked, with such an innocently curious look on her face that Harry started suspecting that she had ulterior motives. Remus looked taken-aback by her question.

"Well, I have no problem with vampires," he started, and Harry immediately noticed the atmosphere in the room becoming strained. "Werewolves and vampires have no issues with each other on account of species, contrary to popular beliefs. I actually have several close friends who are vampires." Several of Harry's classmates turned towards him to stare, before they turned back to the teacher.

"But professor, you're a close friend of the Boy Who Lived!" Tracey Davies said, apparently trying to understand the connections.

"Yes, I am," he said, his face turning stern. Harry suddenly realized, quite gleefully too, that Remus was about to tell the class the truth about most vampires. This should be entertaining. "So are many vampires."

The class went silent. Harry could practically hear the cogs turning in some of his classmates' heads.

"A select few vampires joined Voldemort," Remus said, completely ignoring the violent reaction the name earned him. "Most of the British vampires want no part of this war, and a few of them will only get involved if they feel they have to. A few coven-less vampires, called rouges, joined Voldemort, and of course the Ministry believes that they're all evil. It is the same prejudice werewolves are met with everywhere."

"So most vampires aren't following the Dark Lord?" Daphne timidly asked.

"Exactly," Remus answered with a smile.

Then they went back to practicing the spell.

After Defence they trudged down to dinner together. Harry was frowning and trying to forget the gleeful look on Bulstrode's face when she mastered the spell. Theo had also been wearing a look of satisfaction when he had mastered it. He knew that of all his Slytherin year mates, those two were the most against vampires.

Hopefully, Theo would get to know him a little better before he found out of Harry's vampirism.

Of course, Remus' impromptu speech had helped their cause, and several of the sixth year Slytherins were looking very thoughtful when they exited the class.

The moment Harry entered the Great Hall, he knew something was amiss. He felt the tingling of a charm when he passed the doors, and he noticed something in his peripheral vision. He frowned, stopped and grabbed a lock of hair to study.

He grimaced.

It was fiery red.

Really, really red.

Weasley red.

Apparently the twins had decided to retaliate. Harry's only worry was that this was decidedly tamer than what he had done to them.

He let go of his hair and zeroed in on the Weasley twins. They grinned at him and raised their glassed simultaneously. He grimaced again and sat down at the Slytherin table. The entire table was staring at him.

"Please tell me you're going to fix that?" Draco asked in a pained voice. Harry looked at him. The blonde was eyeing Harry's new hair colour with obvious distaste.

"No, I was thinking of keeping it," Harry answered, his voice so thick with sarcasm you could practically taste it. Blaise was sniggering uncontrollably next to him. Harry spared him a glare.

"Of course I'm going to change it, but there's no way in Hell I'm going to try it here," Harry snorted. "I bet the twins have done something more to the charm. I don't want to try fixing it when it may end up lurid pink or something." Cue more grimacing from every Slytherin within hearing distance.

Harry's hair stayed bright red for two whole days. He was ready to hex the twins by the end of Friday. It didn't help matter that Snape spent the entire Potion lesson avoiding Harry and looking pained whenever he noticed him.

It was bugging him.

"You need to get rid of that hair colour, Harry," Pansy told him matter-of-factly when the four of them was once again gathered around the conjured table in the boys' dorm. Harry slumped in his seat.

"I've tried several charms, and I can't seem to change it," he whined. "I think the twins put a time limit on it."

"I can try," Pansy said and took out her wand.

"NO!" the three boys yelled at the same time. Pansy blinked.

"...Okay, that one deserves an explanation," she said with her eyebrows so high they nearly touched her hairline.

"We tried that the first day," Blaise shuddered. "It backfired."

"Big time, I might add," Harry said. Draco sighed.

"His hair spent the night glowing," he explained to a confused Pansy, and cast a glare at Harry as if the whole thing was his fault. "The whole dorm was red. It was so very bright!" Pansy's lips were twitching suspiciously.

"Oh, go ahead and laugh of me," Harry mumbled. She did just that.

Theo entered the room and cautiously approached them. He had been hanging out with them again, much to everyone's pleasure. Especially Pansy's, Harry was surprised to notice. Blaise had told him that Pansy and Theo had been an item before the fall-out. They were carefully testing the waters again.

Draco casually pushed out a chair so Theo could sit, and the conversation started up again. Harry fell out of it after a while and sent discreet looks at Draco. The blonde was still acting as if nothing had happened between him and Harry, and it was going on Harry's nerves. He had come to the conclusion that he actually wanted a relationship with Draco. An actual monogamous relationship.

He'd never had one of those before, but he wanted one with Draco. Draco, on the other hand, looked to be determined not to think of the obvious attraction between them. It was vexing.

Draco hadn't said anything about not being a donor anymore, so Harry assumed he was going to be one. He wasn't sure if he looked forwards to Saturday or not. The last Saturday had been awkward for them both, but Draco had donated blood for Harry as if it was a given.

Harry was grateful, and immensely frustrated. Draco was slowly driving him insane.

He was disturbed from his thoughts when Theo asked a question.

"What are we going to do about your hair, Harry?"

"More importantly, what are they planning on doing now? Surely this can't be their revenge for feeding them to the giant squid?" Harry mused. Draco looked vaguely horrified.

"You mean you think there's more?" Blaise asked. Harry looked around his friends and realized that they all thought the hair was all.

"If this-"he gestured toward his flaming hair"- is the only bay-back they do, then you have seriously over-estimated them," he said. "Remus can do better than this without planning anything. Of course, Remus is a blood-thirsty bugger when the mood hits him." Theo raised both eyebrows in surprise.

"Professor Lupin? A prankster?" he asked disbelievingly. "I have trouble seeing that."

"Then you haven't seen him around the full moon if someone takes his chocolate," Harry continued, dead-serious. He turned to Pansy. "No offense in any way, but how would you react if someone stole your chocolate when you're having your period?" Pansy's eyes widened.

"I would hurt them with a blunt object," she answered immediately. "Repeatedly." The three other guys shuddered.

"Yes, exactly, Remus is like that around the full moon," Harry said. "Father jokingly calls it 'his time of the month', which Remus takes great offense to, and it all escalates into a war. Spiffy have had a few fits about it when the living room has become a warzone."

"Your home life sounds eventful," Draco sniggered. Harry nodded empathically.

"It is," he said with conviction. "Very interesting indeed."

Harry was not a happy camper.

It was Saturday, and lunch time. Once again he was walking after Blaise, Draco and Pansy heading for lunch. He grumbled not so politely about Dumbledore while he trudged along at the pace of a snail. Draco would, with a suffering sigh, grab the other two when he noticed Harry lagging behind. This had become their Saturday routine.

Harry didn't notice as he dragged his feet and imagined the painful things he could do to Dumbledore for forcing him up at this ungodly time on a Saturday.

It was unnatural!

His musings were stopped short when he encountered a problem just when he entered the Great Hall.

Someone threw a rubber ball at him.

Harry caught it by reflex, and before he could even be shocked, there was a puff of purple smoke and Harry wasn't Harry anymore. The ball rolled of, looking as harmless and innocent as can be.

Harry looked down on himself. He had fur. And four legs. And, he discovered by looking behind himself, a tail.

He mewed.

He was a cat.

A bright red cat.

Saturdays officially sucked.

And the Weasley twins were roaring with laughter. So did Remus and Sirius, the traitors. He hissed at the three of them, ignored the giggling/laughing/sniggering coming from his fellow students and tried to figure out how to walk on four legs.

He still needed his coffee, damnit.

Draco and Blaise were wearing odd expressions, caught between the urge to laugh and to help him undo it. Pansy had huge eyes and looked at him with a scary look on her face. Then Harry remembered her unhealthy obsession with cats. Oh, damn, this day was just getting worse.

Harry managed, after much stumbling and one incident where he fell flat on his face, to reach the Slytherin table. Here he was met with a new problem. How on earth was he going to reach the bench, much less the table?

He mewed pitifully and looked up on Draco with his much-practiced help-me-please-look-how-cute-and-innocent-I-am look. Yes, he had it nailed when he was a kid.

It helped as a cat too, and Draco picked him up. That was an altogether weird experience, but there was a cup of coffee already made for him, so Harry was willing to forget.

Luckily for Harry, and for the twins, the coffee tasted just as good when he was a cat.

Harry tried not to think what he would do if the charm didn't wear up, since he was thirsty and needed to feed soon. He was lounging in the Slytherin common room along with his friends. He had discovered that he could talk English in this form if he concentrated; it was a lot like talking Parseltounge in his normal form.

He had just escaped from Pansy, who cooed and apparently thought he made an adorable cat, despite the colour, and was now occupying a seat next to Draco. Draco, used to having various cats begging for petting, had automatically started to scratch him behind his ears, which Harry thought was a truly wonderful sensation. That was when he learned that this form could even purr.

He was impressed against his will. The Weasley twins were good.

A bright flash of light temporarily blinded him and made Draco pause in his ministrations. Harry blinked repeatedly at Pansy who was holding a camera, looking far too pleased with herself. Harry decided to deal with that later and nudged Draco to continue petting him. Draco took the hint.

Harry hoped his animagus form would be a cat, he could get used to this.

Harry sauntered over to the dorm room before anyone would be going to bed, hoping that Draco took the hint. He did, as the clever boy that he was, and followed shortly after. It didn't hurt that 9 in the evening on Saturdays was the time Harry fed.

Harry was sitting on his bed, having jumped up with a few mishaps he was happy no one saw, and waiting for Draco when the blonde entered.

"How in Merlin's name are we going to do this, Harry?" he asked when he sat down on his own bed, facing Harry. Harry tried to shrug. It didn't work quite as good with a cat's shoulders as it did with human ones, but he got his point across.

"I have no idea," he added. "I don't have my fangs in this form, and I think biting would hurt. So I have to change back. Now, how are going to accomplish that?" Draco looked just as clueless as Harry felt.

"I don't think charms are the way to go," Harry eventually said. Draco grimaced and nodded.

"Agreed," he said.

Harry frowned as best as he could in his furry form and thought hard. How was he going to do this? He really needed to be himself right now.

He felt funny for a while. He frowned deeper and concentrated. He really, really needed to be himself right now. The funny feeling came back, and suddenly he was surrounded by purple smoke.

The sudden change startled him so much he fell down from his bed. Draco snorted.

"How did you do it?" he asked, while he watched Harry scramble up and sit on his bed again. He shrugged. It worked much better this time.

"I thought about how I really needed to be myself," he answered truthfully. "I'm actually quite impressed with that piece of magic. I need to discuss is with the twins. After I have taken my revenge, of course." He grinned rather evilly. Draco smirked back.

"Of course," he drawled.

"Now, let's do this before anyone comes in," Harry said and happily jumped onto Draco's bed. He could hear Draco's heartbeat quickening slightly and had to hold in a victorious smirk. Harry wasn't a very patient person. He didn't do slow seduction. But he would seduce the trousers of Draco (literally) if it was the last thing he did.

An evil plan formed in his head.

"Let's do this more comfortable, yes?" he said. "I don't understand why you've been insisting we stand; it must be uncomfortable for you." Draco's face was carefully blanked. It still impressed Harry that Draco could hide his emotions so thoroughly. Of course, he could smell him and hear his heartbeats, so Harry wasn't totally in the dark.

He pushed Draco down on the bed and straddled his hips. Draco quickly got an alarmed look on his face, while Harry grinned widely, fangs extended. He quickly spelled the curtains of both their beds shut.

"I promise you, you're going to be much more comfortable like this," he purred. Draco's eyes widened and Harry could smell the beginnings of arousal coming from the blonde.

He leaned down to nuzzle his neck, his hands on either side of the blonde's body. He licked Draco's neck quickly and had to hold in a laugh at the undignified squeak that followed.

When he bit down on Draco's neck he didn't try to lessen the amount of aphrodisiac he sent out, and relished in the breathless moan Draco gave out. Harry swallowed and ground against the other boy. He could feel an erection pressing against his own and it felt pretty damn good.

He swallowed again and Draco ground back up against him, arching his back and making the most delicious sounds.

Draco came with a moan just as Harry finished feeding. The slight change in taste of the blood, combined with the smell of Draco pushed Harry over the edge and he groaned as he too came. He healed Draco's neck and rolled off the blonde. A quick cleaning charm later removed the evidence of their activities.

Draco was staring at him, panting slightly and a question in his eyes.

"We can talk about it in the morning," Harry said, way too comfortable to take that serious conversation. Tomorrow was Sunday. They had the entire day to talk. And he had a feeling it would be a very serious talk.

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