Argument From Silence

Spoilers:References In Name and Blood very generally


It took her a year to find him. It wasn't a proud moment for her and she didn't take it as an example of her eternal superiority over the keyboard because she was half sure that he knew she was looking and started to leave breadcrumbs.

Another month and he started calling. Not regularly, so she knew when to expect him, but often enough that she gave him his own ring tone so she'd know not to answer if she wasn't alone. That only happened once, when Reid was sitting in her extra chair, eating her candy and flipping one of her sparkle pens through the air, avidly watching the feather at the end.

"Aren't you going to answer that?" he asked, so rather than act suspicious, she put on her headset and answered with a short "Hold please."

When Reid didn't make any moves towards the door, she turned to him and said, "Do you really want to be here while Kevin and I engage in dirty hot phone sex? Because it's fine by me," which had him out of the room in record time, no questions asked.

"Tell JJ to contact the Missoula police department," he said, "They've got a psychotic in a break and they don't know what they're dealing with."

It turned out to be a bad one and he must have known because he called three days later to check in.

"He almost killed Emily," she told him, "She's in the hospital, hooked up to five million machines and she's almost dead. Why did you ask me to send them? Why didn't you stay and help them yourself?"

He didn't answer and she hung up on him.

She thought he might stop calling after that— half hoped that he would and half hoped that he wouldn't— but her phone rang again after three weeks.

"You need to tell them to look up," he said, "When we're on the case, we spend so much time looking down at the crime. We only look up if there's a body in a tree. Remind them to look up sometimes. The sky here is so blue." She could imagine him on the side of the road somewhere in central America, sitting on the hood of his car while the sun baked him through and the horizon went on forever on either side.

He never asked, but she would tell him anyway: that Emily was cleared for duty again, that yesterday Morgan beat Reid at cards, that JJ flew down to New Orleans every weekend and it looked to be the real thing. What she didn't tell him was equally important: that Reid didn't forgive easily and he certainly didn't forget and that a year ago when she told Morgan about her search, Morgan had said "If you do find him, don't tell Hotch."

The silence in her earpiece stretched, but she didn't break it and she didn't hang up. She didn't say where are you and he didn't say I'm sorry. She listened until the line disconnected.