I ran across the floor of our new mansion chasing Derek, my older brother. It was December 20th, 2012. It was also my eight birthday. My parents bought a new mansion for my birthday. It was huge. My room was gold and it had pink carpeting and a huge bed.

After having some ice cream, Derek and I settled on the couch. We turned on the TV and the news was on. It said that tomorrow was when it was the end of the world.

Derek and I turned to our father. He laughed and said "It's just a prank, children."

"I hope he's right." I whispered into Derek's ear.

"I'm sure dad is." Derek replied.

"You're scared of nothing" I said.

"No. I get scared of things too." He said while hugging me.

Derek was only ten. He was about two years older then me. For my birthday, I and Derek jumped on my jump house which was one of my birthday presents from mom and dad. It was pink but Derek didn't care. Derek didn't care about really anything. I mean he cared about people but he doesn't care for what he did or where he goes. If someone said "Want to go skateboarding with me?" Derek will say "I don't care."

Soon it was time to go to bed. Derek kissed me and went to his room. Then my parents came in my room too. They noticed that I was scared about what the news said. They told me that I had nothing to worry about. Then they kissed me and turned off the lights and turned on my castle night light. I was sure that my parents were right but they were wrong.