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Normality Restored?

Harry released Ruth as Zaf returned briefly. He smiled at the couple as he approached.

"Adam and Ros are questioning Dowey at the local police station; they should be able to move him to Thames House in the next hour or so. Bomb Squad are at the house so hopefully we'll have some answers on that score soon" he noticed how tense both still looked.

"Thank you Zaf" Harry looked down the corridor as Ruth sat on the plastic chair where Harry had been moments before.

"Look I'm going to go back to the Grid." Ruth nodded as Harry looked at Zaf. "I want to see what I missed. Can you two get yourselves back in one piece?" he raised his eyebrows as Harry nodded.

"Yes Zafar I think we can manage that" Zaf smiled his charm smile at Ruth before turning on his heal and walking out the hospital. Harry sat next to Ruth as she finally met his eyes. She glanced over the bruises and marks that adorned his face.

"Harry" it seemed she was only capable of saying his name.

"Not the start to married life we were planning on is it?" he linked his fingers with hers as she briefly closed her eyes.

"I thought you were dead" she barely whispered "I thought we'd left things too late, that we'd wasted too much time" she stared at her feet.

"Oh Ruth" he released her hand before pulling her to him and kissing her hair.

"We did waste too much time. But we've still got a lot of time left." she smiled as she heard the young doctor approach them… Harry stood and turned towards the young man that stood in front of him.

"Hi, are you Graham Pearce's parents?" the young doctor asked. Harry nodded and squeezed Ruth's hand as she opened her mouth to correct him, Harry briefly looked to her and she remained silent.

"How is he?" Harry dreaded the answer

"He's stable. He had been beaten quite badly, the drugs in his system meant he was unable to fight back I'm afraid. We have sedated him and he is on a ventilator to help with his breathing. But that's just to rest his body at the moment. We hope to get him off the sedation and ventilator tomorrow. Would you like to see him?" Harry nodded as he felt the colour drain from his face.

"You go Harry. I'll wait here." Ruth stepped back as Harry shook his head.

"Please Ruth" he met her eyes "I need you" Ruth nodded once as they walked towards the Intensive Care Unit where Graham was being nursed.


Ros sat at the table in the interview room of the police station. She was not happy. Adam sat next to her and sighed wearily. The interview was not going well. Ros continued to stare at Dowey as a police officer entered the room. Adam turned and took a small piece of paper from her hand as Ros spoke.

"For the benefit of the tape PC Sharon Skelton entered the room and gave Adam Cater a note" she looked at Adam as she raised her eyebrows.

Adam passed the note to Ros as he suddenly felt much brighter. "Ok Mr Dowey" he leant forward in his chair. "I think we can now add the charge of attempted murder to the list we have. You better start talking. It's up to you but you either answer our questions here or at Thames House. I know which I'd prefer"

Ros stood abruptly and walked to the door, turning she looked at Dowey and then at Adam.

"No. He doesn't get to choose. We are going to continue this at Thames House. I'm through with the niceties. If he isn't going to talk here then that's fine by me." she glared at Dowey, arms folded her voice became monotone. She was bored of his self imposed superiority.

"You heard the lady" Adam pushed his chair back "Interview terminated at 6pm." The pair left the room as Dowey began to wonder exactly how wise he had been to wind up Ros Meyers.



Two weeks later and things on the Grid were beginning to pass for normal. Ros and Harry had gone to Whitehall to see Andrew Lawrence as Ruth remained at her desk analysing intelligence that had been sent by Special Branch. There were various recordings that needed analysing, which would take hours. Ruth sighed as she picked up yet another file. She was exhausted but these things had to be done. She knew it was important to keep Special Branch off her back.

Adam and Zaf had gone out to speak to an asset while Malcolm and Tariq were working on yet another piece of surveillance equipment that would no doubt prove to be essential in the field. Tariq really did have some amazing gadgets. Only Zoë remained on the main Grid with Ruth.

"You ok Ruth?" she asked as Ruth looked up and nodded

"Yes thanks" she had a feeling Zoë was up to something

"You coming for a drink tonight? I think Zaf is arranging something. Says we need to have some fun" Zoë propped her head on her hand as she saw Ruth nod.

"I might. I'll see." she stood and made her way to the Registry.


Catherine was sat at her dad's computer at home. She had just received an email from Zoë telling her to get her father to the pub after work. Zoë would deal with Ruth. She shook her head as she emailed her reply. Things had been more settled since she'd returned from France. She had gone back to Paris briefly while Graham was in hospital, resigned from her job dumped her cheating boyfriend and was currently staying with Harry and Ruth while she looked for a flat and a job. She was enjoying being at home but didn't intend to stay long. She smiled as she read Zoë's reply. It looked like the couple would finally get their wedding reception, even if it was almost a month late.

Graham wandered into the living room with Muggles hot on his heals. "What you up to Sis?" He sat on the sofa as Catherine logged off. She stared at her younger brother as she decided what she could say - he was useless at keeping secrets.

"You ok to go out tonight?" he nodded as he scooped the cat up in his arms. Muggles loved the attention whereas Fidget would only go to Harry or Ruth. He was more selective when it came to humans.

"Party at the George. Dad and Ruth never had a proper wedding reception.. It's a surprise so keep your mouth shut." she glared as Graham had the grace to look contrite. He'd been home from hospital a week and was also staying with his Dad.

"Oh right. Ok" he half heard as Muggles purred happily.

"Gray! It's a secret. You do understand the concept?" she narrowed her eyes as the cat jumped off his lap in search of more interesting pastimes.

"Now you just sound like Dad" Graham whined as Catherine laughed.


Harry returned from Whitehall in a foul mood. Andrew Lawrence was infuriating. He walked through the Pods as he saw Zoe perched on the edge of Ruth's desk. The pair deep in conversation about something. He couldn't hear what. For a moment he half expected to see Danny and Tom playing with some gadget Colin had invented. He closed his eyes briefly as he pushed the ghosts of section D to the back of his mind. Instead he saw Ros and Lucas talking with Adam about the latest set of interviews they had held with Dowey and Morrison.

Getting old Harry thought to himself as he walked across to his office. Ruth looked up briefly and smiled as he caught her eyes. Ros ran her hands over her face, she was exhausted but at least the nausea had abated. Looking at the two men in front of her she sighed.

"Right, well it seems we have enough to prosecute on. Round up the others and meet me in the Briefing Room in five minutes" she turned on her heel as the others set about getting the rest of the team to the Briefing Room.


Harry was sat in his familiar place at the head of the table as Ruth and the others took their seats. Tariq was the first to speak.

"The Intel from the house is practically useless. It was destroyed in the explosion" he looked at Ruth rather than Ros. Ruth nodded.

"What we have on Returning Dawn is enough to link them to the bomb factory we found in the flat. The chatter from GCHQ suggests that our bomb maker wasn't actually working for anyone. There was no cause as such, not like with Shining Dawn as this time they had specific targets rather than going for mass casualities" Ruth looked around the table.

"Namely us" Zaf interjected as Adam nodded

"No, just those of us that arrested them last time. Lucas and Zoe were just a bonus" Adam's eyes rested on Zoe

"Thanks" she muttered as she ran a hand through her hair.

"Dowey and Morrison are aware that we have enough on them to put them away for a very long time. I know they wont get bail and I think that they can expect a fairly lengthy prison sentence" Ros smiled slightly as she felt Lucas look at her. Her blood still ran cold when she thought of the video where Morrison had faked Lucas' death. Her eyes met his as she smiled slightly.

"So, do we think there was anyone else involved? Were these two men acting alone? Hardly seems likely given the extent of their actions" Harry had a feeling they hadn't heard the last of this nightmare.

"Well, no there doesn't seem to be a great deal of financial backing for the group. There has to be other people involved but I think we have the ring leaders" Lucas interjected. Ruth nodded.

"Returning Dawn was built on revenge for us stopping them last time. With the ring leaders in prison I think any others will be picked up by the local police soon enough" Ruth sighed.

"Hopefully" Lucas smiled "Unless we've turned these idiots into some sort of icons for their followers"

Harry apraised his team. "Lets hope not. We cannot be complacent. Reports as soon as possible please everyone. As soon as I have a Court date from the CPS I will let you all know. Thankyou"

The team knew they were dismissed and set about leaving the Briefing Room. Harry noticed that Ruth hung back from the others. She looked tired and was avoiding his eyes as she shoved her papers back into the file in front of her.

"You know they are organising a wedding reception for us tonight?" he leant against the desk as watched her.

"Um, thought as much" she glanced up.

"We should go. They think we have no idea what they are up to" Harry chuckled as Ruth smiled.

"Catherine really should stop emailing from the computer at home." he shook his head.

"I'm not staying long. How about we pop in, pretend to be surprised then go home?" her eyes were almost pleading as he brushed a lock of her hair out of her face. She stood, inches from him. He was so close to her that he could smell her perfume.

"It has been a while since we had the place to ourselves" Ruth felt herself shiver as he ran his eyes over her.

"Yes it has." she held his gaze as he smiled

"We did miss another traditional part of the wedding too" she frowned as she tried to think what he meant.

"The wedding night Ruth" he whispered in her ear before he kissed below her ear.

"Impossible man!" Ruth blushed as she stood and left a hot and bothered Harry leaning against the Briefing Room table. Turning in the doorway she smiled.

"7 pm The George. I'll see you there" she closed the door behind her.

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