After a car accident on the road, Tadase, unscathed, was in shock. He couldn't speak. All he could do is think. Kukai had came over to see if Tadase was alright. Kukai knocked on his door quietly.
"Can I come in?"
Nobody answered. Realizing that Tadase must have been in shock, he barged into his room.
"Are you okay?"
Tadase nodded silently and gave a worried face.
"Man, Hotori. You got me really worried."
"I'm sorry about all of this." Tadase replied.
"Oh, come here."
Kukai hugged Tadase like the best friends they were. There was a long pause.
"I don't want to lose you...!" Kukai exclaimed.
"I am very sorry." Tadase replied.
Kukai started to drop a tear from his left eye and soon Tadase followed these steps.

"I can't lose you! I just can't lose you dammit!"
Kukai all of the sudden took off his shirt and dove onto Tadase with might. Tadase fell the same exact feelings. Kukai kissed Tadase passionately on the lips. Tadase starting crying even more and more. Kukai removed Tadase's shirt and they started kissing even longer. Kukai then fell behind Tadase and pressed against Tadase. Tadase felt a large bulge in Kukai's pants.
Kukai quickly removed his pants and boxers and ripped the same off of Tadase.
"If you die next time... I need to make the most of this!"
Tadase thought an thought of how he couldn't show his emotions before. Kukai injected into Tadase's rear end and kissed him on the neck. Tadase moaned and groaned.
Kukai moved into Tadase's crotch and licked and sucked around.
"Unh..."Tadase felt so good he couldn't help it.
Tadase kissed Kukai as if he was fading away by second.
"All these years I've been hiding this from you." Kukai said.
"And I've been waiting all these years. I've been faking loving Hinamori-san to make people think I wasn't gay." Tadase replied in a choked voice.
Kukai paused but then continued the sexual conduct.

"You know when Fujisaki put you in that skirt?"
"Yes, what about it?"
"I felt so jealous that Fujisaki got to you first. But now it seems that my meaning of life is fufilled."
"And I feel so bad that you fell for me... I missed you so much since you graduated to middle school..."

Kukai looked down and thought nothing bad or biased.
Kukai then continued again to the corressing and licking.
After a while they stopped and they put they're clothes on.

"How about we do this tommorrow?" asked Kukai.
"Sure. Everyday." Tadase replied.
Then when Kukai was out the door.
"Wait!" Tadase yelled.
He kissed Kukai on the lips and sent him off to home.