Chapter 3



Junie B. woke with a start.

"Wheredafireat?" she asked confused. She looked up.

"Welcome back to Earth Ms. Jones" Said Mr. Brown sarcastically.

Junie B yawned in response as the class laughed. Mr. Brown frowned.

"Since you obviously understand mitosis so well as to allow yourself to fall asleep during my lesson, I'm sure it won't be a problem for you to explain it to the class?" He smirked and motioned to the rest of the classroom.

She raised her eyebrows.

"Actually, I do have a problem with that. I'm terrible at explaining things, I'm afraid everyone would end up more confused. Especially myself, since contrary to your belief, I don't at all know May-Toe-Sis."

The class ohhhh-ed. Mr. Brown looked furious.

"Detention, after school, with me Ms. Jones! And it's MITOSIS!" he slammed his book on his desk as the bell rang. "CLASS DISMISSED!"

Everyone got up to leave.

"Not you Ms. Jones, I need to talk to you!"

A girl named Tiffany McAlister, who was in May's clique, smirked snootily at Junie B. as she passed her. Junie B. grinned merrily and waved at her. Tiffany stuck her nose in the air and walked out of the classroom. As soon as she turned around, Junie B frowned like a little kid stuck her tongue out at her.

"Ms. Jones, please. Be mature!" Said Mr. Brown, who had his head in his hands.

Junie B. stopped and looked at her teacher, this time around with remorse. He looked up at her.

"Junie B, this is the fifth time this month I've caught you sleeping in my class. You don't pay attention and you sass me in class. I don't get it! You were one of my top students at the beginning of the year, but this past month, you've dropped two letter grades!"

"I know, I know." Said Junie B, looking down.

"I never thought I'd be giving YOU detention! What's going on? I thought you like biology!"

"I do!" She said looking up.

"Then what happened?"

Junie B bit her lip and looked down again, to hide the tears forming in her eyes.


She took a deep breath.

"I've…. Had a lot of stuff going on at home lately."

Mr. Brown sighed and looked down at his grade book. Junie B's C+ popped out at him. He sighed again.

"Look. Here's what we'll do. Instead of a regular detention, I will review the lesson with you" Junie B looked up shocked "BUT! No more sleeping and NO MORE SASSING. Are we clear?"

Junie B shot straight up and saluted.

"YES SIR!" Then she ran and hugged Mr. Brown. "THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!"

A shocked Mr. Brown separated himself from the mood-swingy teen. He cleared his throat.

"Yes well, be here IMMEDIATELY after school not a moment later! Otherwise, you're filing papers!"

She saluted again.


"Now, go off to lunch!"

Junie B grabbed her stuff and skipped out the door singing "Ole McDonald".

Mr. Brown chuckled.

"Same old Junie B. Jones"

Sassy, carefree, random, mood-swingy. Sounds Like JBJ to me! Note on this, Its going to be a very innocent story. Meaning, while it might get sad/dramatic at points, I am not going for teen soap opera. Its Junie B. Jones! The next parts should get interesting. But I have a tendency to get writers block! So send me ideas via REVIEW or if you ALREADY REVIEWED (which you should have) Private Message! I wanna hear it! If I like it, I may pull it out on a blanking day!

On And I wanted to set the record straight. Junie B. Jones IS pretty. She, however, doesn't see herself that way and Herbert has never gotten around to telling her. Jose and Lenny are MALES who aren't her BEST friend. So, they're oblivious to this. Shirley has told her. But Junie never listened.

And there you go. A lil glimpse at Junie B's insecurities. At least in this story :)