AN. Another GhVi week? I may have to do a friendship week sometime in the year...just to show 'em. Anyways, here it is! The first day of our latest 7 day hommage to Gohan and Videl, this time focusing on elements. Day 1 = fire (as you may or may not have gathered). Where possible I'm going to use both the element and the starting sentence, coz I'm cool like that. Enjoy!


She burned with embarrassment as she was gently lowered to her feet, her cheeks bright red and her clothes in disarray.

"Are you alright, Videl-san?"

That infuriatingly concerned voice. She lifted her brilliantly blue eyes and glared at him, her mouth twisting downwards.

"No, I'm not," she spat. This didn't have the effect she wanted, as Saiyaman's mouth dropped open and he started to inspect her closely, his mouth open a little.

"Where does it hurt? I'll take you to a hospital..."

"Shut up," she snapped, and slapped his arm. The muscle there was as hard as rock, very hot with its recent exertions, his suit damp from sweat. "I was doing fine before you showed up; why'd you grab me??"

He looked honestly shocked.

"Be...because the building was on fire, Videl-san..." His voice was soft and uncertain, something that enraged her even more.

"I know it was on fire, stupid!" she snapped. Her hands lifted, wiped soot from her face and displayed the blackened fingertips to him. "What, you think I didn't realise the smouldering furniture and thick smoke?? Do you think I'm as stupid as you!?"

He flinched, his mouth turning down sharply, and she felt a thread of guilt that only made her angrier.

"Kami damn it, Saiyaman, leave me alone when I'm in the middle of a rescue!"

He was silent for a moment, then said softly, "The roof was about to collapse, Videl-san. You would have been killed."

"I would have been fine! I was trying to save..."

"There was no one in there," he said, averting his face. "The people outside thought there was; that's why they kept screaming, but they were wrong..."

Videl was stunned speechless. She had been sent in to save a civilian trapped deep in the flames, someone the onlookers insisted they had seen and heard screaming. But Saiyaman had an uncanny ability to tell where people were, and if he said there had been no one in there then...

She lowered her head, then said quietly, reluctantly, "Thank you, Saiyaman... I guess you saved my life..."

There was silence, then his arms enfolded her and she was pressed to his chest. The muscles were hard, but very comfortable (a thought that concerned and confused her), and hot both from exertion and the heat of the fire.

"Please, don't do stuff like that, Videl," he said quietly, and she was shocked into silence again by the badly repressed passion in his voice. "I can't live without you. Please...don't..."

Then he was gone, leaving her with red cheeks and a confused look on her sooty face. By Kami, she would never understand that boy...

AN. And there you have it. It's just a drabble, as I think they all will be. It's hard to tell, I haven't written any more yet XD See you tomorrow with Earth!!!