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With the planet in jeopardy once again, it was time for emergency precautions. Gohan and Videl mapped out the area, scouting overhead, getting a gist of the land. They communicated occasionally via walkie talkie (Videl's idea; Gohan had been surprisingly clueless about the whole situation), letting each other know what they had seen.

"Nothing from my end, over."

Gohan blinked, then fished the controller from his pocket, holding it to his mouth, and pressing the button.

"You haven't found her yet?"

He had never been able to grasp the lingo. With Videl, however, it was second nature and she said it without even realising it.

"That's what that means, Gohan, over."

Gohan let out a soft, concerned sigh. His hands curled into fists, not out of anger but because he didn't want to comment back to Videl, to snap at her. It wasn't fair to take his worry out on her.

He lowered his head, almost closed his eyes for a second, then saw a small dot on the ground. He knew every single inch of this place, always had done, and this was new. He swooped down, and relief burst through him when he saw the small girl sitting on the ground, her arms crossed and her lower lip pouched out.

"Pan!" he shouted, landing and running to her, scooping her up. She was covered in mud, and had obviously sensed his approach because the tiny mud hut she had made still sat happily on the ground, the leaf stuck in the top fluttering in the breeze. "Oh, Pan, thank Kami I found you! Your mother and I have been so worried..."

He fumbled the walkie talkie from his belt and held it to his mouth, depressing the button and saying, "Videl-san, quickly." And flared his ki so she could find him quickly.

He then turned back to his two year old daughter, holding her close, not minding the mud that smeared on his good work shirt.

"Oh, Pan," he said softly, his concern making his voice harsh. "Why did you leave like that? We were so worried!"

"Mumma's bein' mean," Pan said, and stuck out her tongue. Videl landed just then and ran to Gohan. The baby was snatched from his arms, but that was alright. Videl had been blaming herself for Pan's disappearance, as the girl had wanted to go out but Videl had been busy and postponed their promised trip a couple of hours. Next time she'd turned the baby had been gone, and thanks to Gohan's training her ki was at absolute zero.

"Pan, what the hell were you thinking!?" Videl snapped, then broke down and clutched the baby to her chest, pressing her face into that dirty black hair. "I was so scared, please don't ever do that again, please..."

She continued to murmur softly, but Gohan could no longer understand. Pan was blinking up at her mother, her eyes wide and concerned, and then her mouth started to tremble and she broke into tears as well. Gohan walked over and gently put his arms around the two women he loved, holding them close, smiling.

"Wanna go home," Pan hiccupped, her hands gripping Videl's shirt tight. "I'm sorry, Mumma."

"It's okay, sweetie," Videl said softly, and kissed the tip of her small nose. "Just never again, okay?"

They flew home, pleased that they had averted yet another tragedy in their world.

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