Genau zwischen die Augen

Right Between the Eyes

"Go ahead. Shoot me," Schuldig taunted from his place on the ground as he stared down the barrel of a 45mm. "Just make sure it's right between the eyes. And don't make a huge mess out of my face. I made a lot of money with it, you know. I want to look pretty in my casket."

Schuldig's calm demeanor unnerved the would-be assassin. That smirk, that assuredness. That cocky attitude. Who would act like that when someone had you cornered and the threat of a bullet to your head was ever-present?

"Los, erschieß mich!"¹

The gun fired and the bullet missed, instead hitting the already cracked brick of the wall behind him. Schuldig rolled his eyes as he unholstered his own gun. It was obvious his would-be assassin was nothing but a chicken shit who had no business anywhere near a gun, never mind actually killing someone.

"Here, let me show you how it's done."

I promise this won't hurt. Much, he said in the young man's mind. He stood and before the boy had any chance of running away or shooting him down, Schuldig squeezed the trigger. A single shot rang out and the young man crumpled to the ground. Schuldig blew the smoke from the barrel and re-holstered the gun, that ever-present smirk widening just a bit.

"That is how you kill a man between the eyes. Point blank and with no second thoughts."


¹ = "Shoot me already!"