E/O Challenge: Soft - 100 words exactly

Limp, unable to breath Sam/heroic (always brutally handsome) Dean (okay I'm bias).

Happy Birthday KKBelvis



"You gotta leave me," Sam gasped as water lapped against his chin.

"Not a chance," his brother replied before diving beneath the surface.

Moments later he reappeared, desperate eyes seeking out his still trapped brother.

"Just go," Sam spluttered, water now filling his mouth.

"NO!" Dean bellowed, disappearing into the abyss.

Sam took one final breath as the rising water covered his mouth and nose. Deprived of oxygen he tried to remain conscious as Dean fought to free him.


He awoke on dry land, his brother lying spent beside him.

"Thanks for sticking around," Sam murmured.

"Always," Dean whispered softly.