Hey YOU. No not you, YOU. Yea you, this is an authors note.

Okay, so I know most of you think this is a waste of time. BUT, IT'S NOT!

I a very dedicated reader that has been reviewing my stories since the beginning with "Help My Heart." Right now, I'm recognizing that person. Why? Well, this person has used clips from the movie and created a trailer for my story! I was so excited when I found this out because it made me realize how much some of you guys truly do like this story. So this goes out to Percabeth32. You have been an amazing fan and I'm going to attempt directing everyone to the trailer.

http:/ www. youtube .com/ user/ johnson 11406

That's the address. You'll have to delete the spaces. This will take you to Percabeth32's page. It should be the video that pops up. I hope you guys watch it. I think it's pretty cool.

Now, don't hate me for a an author's not because I know you thought it was over. Love you all.

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Thank you guys sooooooo much. You were all the reviewers of my story and seeing the reviews makes my day. The one I can pick out of the crowd are: The Real Annabeth Chase, Annabeth03, iamasuperhero, adamsblinker, Athena'sWorstNightmare, Anni-Potter, FailureTOridden, and Catherine P. You all especially have caught my eye with your reviews. Thank you once again for your dedication.

I hope y'all check out the trailer. THANK YOU!