Hey! It's EminemChick15 and Bee Winchester David, and this is our new co-written story!

We have based it around 'The End' but we have made some changes:

1.) These are Zombies, not Croatoans. They are more violent, gorier, and they actually eat people. Also, cos we're both terrified of Zombies =D

2.) Sam does not say YES to Lucifer. He is still with Dean.

We also need to make it clear; Dean and Sam don't actually appear for a bit. The first few chapters are getting to know Zoey and Daniel, but the brothers do appear later and are obviously a major part of the story.

It is rated M for gore, swearing and mention of rape.

Hope you enjoy it!

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The Falling Begins

"Aww c'mon Zoey! One more game! Please?" 5 year old Daniel Bennet pleaded to his older sister.

"Hmm, what?" Zoey Bennet pulled back the curtains in her apartment and was watching several police cars and ambulances speed down the road. Activity had increased rapidly down the normally quiet street, making Zoey wonder what was going on.

"Danny, if I play anymore Snakes and Ladders, I'm gonna go insane!" Zoey moaned at her brother as she tore herself away from the window. "Plus, Mom and Dad will kill me if they find out I let you stay up past 11. They'll never let you stay here again."

"Please?" Daniel looked at her with his hazel eyes, and gave her the puppy dog look. Any one with a younger sibling knows the look. The one that makes your heart break because you're denying them something. Zoey sighed as she pushed her sandy blonde hair out of her face.

"Fine!" She huffed. "One more game though, then it's bedtime for you kiddo." She smiled at Daniel as she ruffled his hair, electing a huge beam from his tiny face.

"Yay!" He cheered as he put the counters at the start and rolled his dice, cheering again when he saw that he had rolled a 6, earning himself another turn. Zoey smiled to herself as she leaned back and watched him eagerly move his counter round the board. At 23, she was more like an aunty to him then a sister, but she still adored him, and to be completely honest, he worshipped the ground she walked on. Even as a baby, he wouldn't settle for anyone but her, and he always begged to stay round hers on Friday nights.

"OK! Your go!" He called out proudly as he zoomed his counter up a ladder.

"Fine, bossy boots." She rolled her eyes as they played the game, Daniel winning suspiciously for the third time in a row.

"Right, it really IS bed time now." Zoey announced as she packed the board. Daniel grumbled his way to his bedroom in Zoey's two bed roomed apartment, and he stormed to his drawer where he yanked his pyjamas out, and pulled them on, moaning the entire time.

"If you keep on like that, I won't sing to you." Zoey warned as she leaned against the door post.

"I'm sorry!" Daniel called out. "Please sing to me!" He beamed as he sat up in bed.

"OK." Zoey smiled and she sat down on the edge of the bed, and tucked him in. "What one do you want tonight?"

"Danny Boy." He grinned, and Zoey shook her head. She should've known; Danny Boy was Daniel's favourite.

Zoey opened her mouth, and very quietly sang the opening line to the song, taking Daniel's breath away as it always did. Her voice was so pure and beautiful, that it always made him feel so easy and relaxed, peaceful even. He closed his eyes as she continued and before the song was over, he had fallen asleep, his slight snuffles the only sound apart from Zoey's soft singing.

She finished the song, and leaned down to gently kiss his forehead.

"Night, Danny boy." She whispered quietly, as she wrapped the duvet around him, and turned the light out.

The next morning, Zoey pulled on her grey Mickey Mouse t-shirt, and her jeans, before pulling her straight hair back into a ponytail. She walked barefoot through her apartment, to her kitchen, where the first thing she did was put the radio on, before mixing up batter to make Daniel's pancakes. She danced about, swaying her hips to Black-Eyed Peas, 'Meet Me Halfway' and singing along, a thing she often did when she was happy and content, or scared or nervous.

"We interrupt this radio broadcast to bring breaking news." A male voice interrupted the song, causing Zoey to crumple her face up in confusion and frustration. She really liked that song. "The MOD has issued a health warning, and is telling people to not leave their homes, under any circumstances. I repeat people are not to leave their homes."

The radio then crackled and fizzed before losing connection. Zoey frowned and banged it repeatedly before realising it was a lost cause and giving up, resigning herself to the T.V. All of the channels were breaking news reports.

"Early reports are coming in of people attacking and actually eating victims this morning. The situation has gotten so serious that the MOD has issued a statement warning people to stay in their homes." The grave newsreader announced, looking directly at the screen, his piercing blue eyes unnerving Zoey, so much that she turned the channel.

"People have been told to not make any contact with the attackers. Scientists have suggested that it could be a virus affecting people, but the CDC has refused to either confirm or deny anything." The T.V screen then flashed to clips of wild people running around in the street, their eyes cold, and empty, and their clothes bloodstained and torn. Zoey shivered and wrapped her arms around her, as she clutched the remote, too scared to turn it off, but too scared to watch it.

She jumped up and grabbed the phone, quickly dialling her parent's house number with her shaking fingers. However, when she placed the phone to her ear, there was no dialling tone, just a sinister silence. She threw the phone down in a hurry, and ran into Daniel's room.

"C'mon Danny get up." She demanded as she grabbed clothes out of his drawer, and threw a red top, jeans and a dark blue jumper with a picture of Garfield at him.

"Wha?" He mumbled, his voice thick with sleep. "Zoey, what's going on?" He sat bolt upright, and seeing his sister's terrified, serious face, he pulled his clothes on.

"We have to go and see Mom and Dad, now." She rushed around the apartment, grabbing food, a first aid kit, and spare clothes before throwing them in a duffel bag. She had no idea what was going on, and therefore no idea what to pack, but she chucked in anything she thought might be of use.

"Zoey, I'm scared." Daniel whimpered at the doorway to his room as he watched his sister franticly running around.

"I know, buster." She comforted as she knelt down to his level after seeing his petrified face. "But everything's gonna be OK, as long as you do what I say, when I say it. Am I clear?" Daniel nodded slowly. "I mean it Danny. If I tell you to run and hide, you run and hide. Even if I'm not behind you."

"But..." Daniel started.

"No buts." Zoey interrupted as she shook her head. "Promise me." She held out her little finger, and he connected his to hers, a tradition they had for when they had to promise the other something.

"I promise." He said in a quiet voice.

"Good boy." She ruffled his hair and gave him his coat. "Put your shoes on, and I want you to put your coat over your head. I'll carry you to the car, but you can't peek." Daniel nodded again, his brown eyes more sincere than any 5 year olds should be. Zoey pulled on her fitted brown leather jacket, quickly pulled on her black converses and grabbed her keys to her red VW Polo that were hanging on the side. She then scooped up Daniel, making sure his eyes were completely covered.

"You OK? Can you see anything?" She asked, before she opened her front door.

"Nope." Daniel said, trying to sound brave, but the tremble in his voice giving his fear away.

"It's OK, kiddo. I've got you and there's no way I'm gonna let you go." She gripped him tight and opened the door.

Her car was parked quite close to the apartment block, making Zoey thank every God that had ever been created for their luck as she looked around. The place seemed relatively unharmed, but the sirens in the distance reminded Zoey of the panic around them and she placed Daniel into the car, before running round to her side and jumping in. She locked the doors and put the key in the ignition.

"Don't look, Danny." She reminded him as she started the car up, and pulled out onto the road, and eventually turning onto the main road that went from the suburbs, all the way to Kansas City.

There was nothing on earth that could've prepared her for the sight that met her eyes. Cars had been overturned in what had obviously been a major pile up where in their desperation, people had attempted to escape from the city. But that wasn't what shocked her, Zoey had seen crashes before, and had even been in a few. It wasn't even the bodies that lay by the side of the road that affected her. No, it was the human beings that were eating the rotting corpses that made bile rise up in her throat, and that sent shivers through her spine.

She gasped, and tried to close her nose against the smell of the bodies, but one of the Infected saw her, its cold, dead eyes locking onto hers. For a tiny second, Zoey saw the young man who it had once been, his once attractive features and his smart business clothes. The Infected man turned his head slowly to the side, his white eyes never leaving Zoey's and his crimson stained face blank.

It was then that he charged.

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