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Sam's lips locked passionately with Kayla's as he slowly backed her into their cabin. The moon lit up the room as it shone brightly through the window, highlighting their destination beautifully.

His hands found hers and he brought them up, entwining their fingers together. A few more steps and her legs knocked gently against the bed, bringing them both to a stop.

For a moment, he just continued to kiss her, not ready to leave this moment. His mouth opened, his tongue lightly brushing against her own before his lips closed around her full bottom one and he sucked it slowly into his mouth, making her moan quietly.

He let it go with a quick nibble before he kissed her again, once, twice, three times and he finally let her go long enough to guide them both onto the bed. His well built body laid upon her own and she could feel his muscles move as he used his body to caress her own.

Together, almost like a well practised dance, they removed each others clothing, both of them letting out a groan and a whimper when their naked and sweaty with passion bodies touched each other.

Kayla could feel her nerves tingling all over her body, her thighs shaking in anticipation for what was about to come. His fingers gently tickled their way up her leg, to her thigh before disappearing in the dark patch between her legs.

She panted lightly as he played with her body like he was the one who designed it. He paid attention to every moan, whimper and plea she gave him, wanting to hit every sensitive spot for her.

A pleasurable ball built in her lower stomach before it grew and turned into something magical. Sparks ran through her veins, down her limbs and to her toes which curled into the sheets beneath her as he brought her to orgasm.

Still shaking, she let out a laugh and told him how amazing it was. He grinned down at her, feeling proud he had made her feel that way. Except it didn't end there. He wanted to make her feel it again and again and again.

So he did. He did it until she was begging him to stop because she didn't think she could handle any more. She begged him to make love to her because that was what she craved the most; to get as close to him as she could.

He obliged and pushed into her. They both took a moment, wanting to dwell in the pleasure for as long as they could, but eventually it became too much and they needed to move before they went insane.

Seeing her in so much pleasure, before and after he penetrated her, was too much for him and he didn't last as long as he would have liked to. It didn't matter though; Zoey was looking after Millie for the night so he had plenty of time to make it up to her.

"Ju-he-sus!" Kayla exclaimed, panting heavily as she laid back and stared up at the ceiling with a large smile. "That was just..." She took and deep breath before exhaling dreamily. "Awesome."

Sam laughed, laying in the same position next to her. Carefully, he maneuvered his arm and tucked it under her head. "Yeah," He agreed. "It was."

She didn't give them enough to time get their breaths back before she turned to him and said, "Lets do it again."

It was one of the safest places on earth, and it was a place Castiel often came to gather his thoughts. The breeze he felt at the top of the mountain was peaceful and pleasant, and it almost made him forget about the destruction of the planet below him.

Suddenly he sighed, his eyes falling shut and his head falling his to his chest. "Haniel." He said, not having to look behind him to know that she was there; he could sense her presents like a lion could smell it's prey.

"Castiel." She responded softly. "I wish to speak with you."

Lifting his head, he turned around to face her. "I think that is a fair assumption. Why else would you be here?"

Her expression was sad, her eyes full of emotions that Angels shouldn't feel. "Castiel..."

Swallowing, he shook his head. "Don't," He warned her in a strained voice. "We can't, Haniel."

"I know," She nodded, giving him a heartbroken smile. "But I do wish..."

"Thing's can't get that far again, Haniel." Castiel told her firmly. "It is against the rules."

"I know," She repeated, taking a deep breath. "But my feelings for you were real, Cas." She told him honestly. "They still are."

Cas shook his head, feeling overwhelmed. "It was wrong of us to let those feelings take hold of us." He told her painfully. "We were almost caught. We would have been exiled."

She gave him a half smile. "Because what we have now is so much better?"

"This is different." He said with a sigh, his eyes sad as he gazed into her own. "We can never let things get that far again, Haniel. Never." He could of swore he saw tears form in her eyes, and all he did was blink before she was gone, leaving him alone with nothing but the sound of the wind.

"I have a plan." The devil told his ranks as he paced in front of them, one hand absently brushing against his chin. "But there's a...technical hiccup."

One of the demons before him scoffed. "You don't have a plan."

Lucifer's jaw clenched and he turned to the demon. "Do not doubt me!" He roared at him.

The demon sat up straighter, and stuttered, "I-I'm sorry."

Lucifer stared at him for a moment longer before he continued pacing. "Haniel has rebelled and that is going to be a big problem for us..."

"Why, sir?" Another demon spoke up questioningly.

"Because my plan involved the kidnap and death of Dean's little lover, Zoey," He told them with a sigh. "Zoey...Is a burden. She knows something that could be the end of me." He confessed.

The demons exchanged confused glances. "Not Michael?"

Lucifer shook his head. "No, not my brother." He confirmed. "There is one more thing that can kill me and Zoey may not realize it, but she has that information." He roughly dragged his tongue across his teeth. "Also, while she's still around, and that little bitch Kayla, the Winchester brothers will carry on fighting." His fist clenched. "We need them dead, and we need the Winchester's to loose the will to fight."

"So what's the problem?"

"Haniel, the angel who has rebelled..." He told them. "She is attempting to join ranks with Castiel, her former lover." He dragged his teeth against his bottom lip. "She knows that Zoey and Kayla must be protected for the Winchester's sanity, and she also knows there is something special about Zoey..." He sighed, walking towards the wall and leaning his forearm against it. "If she figures out why Zoey's so special..."

"It's over for us?" Another demon questioned.

The devil shrugged. "For me, and then for you." Standing up straighter, he turned back to them all. "We need a way to kill Zoey before Haniel can get to her."

"How, sir?" One of his ranks questioned. "None of us can get anywhere near her while she's in that camp..."

"I don't know," Lucifer admitted quietly. "I don't know."

"I don't think Haniel is a bad guy." Zoey admitted in a whisper. Millie and Danny were asleep on the floor since there wasn't enough room for them all in the bed. Luckily, they had enough spare blankets to make it comfortable enough for them. Plus, Zoey wasn't complaining. It meant her and Dean could have the bed to themselves.

Dean considered her words before he sighed. "Yeah, but in my experience, just 'cause it looks like chicken and tastes like chicken don't mean it's chicken." He told her before frowning. "Man, I miss eating chicken."

Zoey laughed quietly, not wanting to wake up the kids. "I dunno..." She trailed off, no longer laughing. "I just...trust her."

Dean nodded. "I get that, babe." He assured her. "I do, but don't go n' trust her to the point where you think she wouldn't take your life, alright?" He continued. "It's not worth the risk. S'far as we know she's workin' with Michael and tryin' to get me to say 'yes'."

"Yeah, know..." She replied absently. She remembered Dean telling her about him being Michaels 'condom' – his words, not hers – and how using Dean would help Michael defeat the devil. "Anyway," She shook her head, wanting to get away from the depressing subject. "How'd your watch go tonight?"

He shrugged. "Same old." He replied before giving her a soft smile. "D'you know how beautiful you are?"

She couldn't help the blush that appeared on her cheeks. "Uh..."

"Well, you are." He whispered to her, reaching his hand up and brushing his thumb softly against her cheek. Slowly, he brought his face closer to her own and her eyes fell shut when she felt his breath fan across her lips. "Most prettiest girl I've ever seen..." He muttered, closing the distance between them and covering her lips with his.

Butterflies erupted in stomach as she kissed him back. She noted that there wasn't any fear; not even a little bit and she couldn't help but wonder how far this would have gone if the kids weren't in the same room as them.

Dean pulled away first, knowing that he had to get control over himself. Not only because he didn't know if she was ready or not but also because of the kids asleep next to them. "Get some sleep," He whispered to her softly, laying one more kiss on her lips. "And don't go worrin' about anythin' like angels or demons, alright?" He told her. "I'm here, and while I'm around, nothin' bad is gonna happen." He finished with a smile.

She smiled back at him and nodded. "I know."