Hermione sat with Ron and Seamus, who were discussing the upcoming quidditch game, wondering where Harry was, when Katie Bell walked into the Great Hall. Girls started to run up, hugging her and Hermione got up to greet her.


"Hi, Katie. I'm so glad your okay."

"Thanks. Yeah, I feel fine." There was a small silence, the two girls had never been close.

"I was actually wondering-"

"Everyone's been asking, I didn't see who cursed me. Sorry."

"Oh," Hermione caught sight of Draco Malfoy across the hall, who, if possible, looked even whiter than usual. He was staring at them like a deer in headlights. Hermione stared back, curiously, and he quickly turned away and walked out of the Great Hall. Harry had been right, she realized, Draco was the one who cursed the necklace. Not really knowing what she planned to do, she hurried to follow him.

He rushed down the corridor and into the boy's lavatory. Great. She hesistated outside the door for a moment before pushing it open. The room was dark and cold. He was leaning over the sink and looked up at her through the mirror. "I know what you did, Malfoy." Her voice echoed erily in the large bathroom. He whipped around and she was shocked to see he'd been crying. He drew his wand, his hand shaking, and she stood rooted to the spot with fear, Malfoy suddenly seemed much scarier. They stared at each other for a long time. Hermione's brain was working frantically; if Malfoy was the one who cursed the necklace, if he was a deatheater, what else was he capable of?

"Leave me alone, Mudblood. You don't know what your talking about." Malfoy spat.

"You're a Death Eater," she said, it wasn't a question. "You cursed Katie. But it wasn't meant for Katie… it was for Dumbledore." She realized aloud. Malfoy said nothing, but was breathing heavily.

"Why? Why are you doing this?"

"I-"he started, "I don't have a choice," he said hardly.

"Of course you do, Dumbledore could-"

"They'll kill my parents…" Malfoy's voice cracked and he sunk against the wall, "They're going to kill my parents." He sobbed into his hands, angry that she was seeing him like this.

Hermione hesitated again before walking over to him. She knelt down beside him and put a hand on his shoulder. She didn't know what to say, he was right. She patted him awkwardly and to her surprise, he leaned into her so his head rested against her chest. She was taken back. She had never touched him before, she always imagined him cold, but he was pleasantly warm. It was very strange, but it felt natural, to comfort someone. "I'll help you," she murmured, her cheek against his forehead. He moved to look at her. He looked at her, completely puzzled. She cleared her throat uncomfortably and stood up, remembering herself. "Let's-it's probably best if we forget this." She turned to walk away, but he caught her hand and she whipped around before being pushed rather painfully into the wall. She gasped before his lips crashed into hers. It took her several seconds to come to her senses and push him away. "What are you-"she caught her breath, "What are you doing?"

"I don't know." He said and before she could stop him, his lips were on hers again. She tried to squirm away but he held her close. He seemed impossibly strong. She wondered briefly if lips could bruise. She was scared, her palms were sweating and she didn't know what to do. Did she want this? Did it matter? Malfoy's tongue forced its way into her mouth and she stopped caring. One hand was holding her head to his and the other was pulling her hips into him. He started to kiss her neck and she ran a hand through his long blond hair, biting her lip to suppress a moan. She felt him against her and she shifted into him. "Hermione," he groaned into her neck. It surprised her, she'd never heard him say her name before.

She felt his tongue run along her collar bone and she whimpered before she could stop herself. He started to unbutton her shirt and pushed it off her shoulders. She was left shivering in her bra and skirt. He stepped back to look at her for a second and met her eyes. He looked scared, almost. She flushed and crossed her arms across her stomach. He pulled his own shirt over his head before kissing her again. His skin was hot against her own. He pushed her hair out of her face and bit her lip softly, he was being much gentler, but his kisses soon grew urgent and hungry. "Draco" she murmured, trying to string the words together in her head, "Mmm?"

"Lock the door." He pulled away and looked at her. His cheeks were full of color, his hair tousled and his eyes seemed lighter. "Right." As he fumbled to lock the door, Hermione realized what she was doing. Was she really about to have sex, and with Draco Malfoy? Draco had definitely had his fair share of experience and she'd never so much as kissed anyone, except for Victor Krum, and that had been two years ago. Suddenly, she felt awkward and stupid; she didn't know what to do. After a moment of uncertainty, she grabbed her shirt from the floor and pulled it back on.

"What are you doing?"

"I…" she gathered herself, "I should go, this isn't right."


"Dra-Malfoy, this can't happen."

"I thought-"

"Listen, you're Draco Malfoy and I'm Hermione Granger." Draco looked at her blankly, "You hate me! And I'm sure you'd love to announce to everyone that we, you know," she cleared her throat.

"No, I don't." Draco smirked.

Hermione blushed and he walked towards her, kissing her deeply, making her forget everything. Why did this have to feel so wonderful? She pulled back and took a deep breath, "please, let me go and let's forget this ever happened." She muttered with all the courage she could muster, not looking at him. Her voice shook, she felt awful.

He stood where he was. "I didn't intend to tell anyone anything," he said hollowly. She looked up at him, his eyes were dark and angry, but he stepped back. She stood where she was, frozen. "Hermione-"

"I have to go." She stormed passed him and out the door.

Hermione ran all the way up to the girl's dormitory in the Gryffindor tower before bursting into tears. What had she done, what was she doing? She felt like she was going to be sick. She had never felt anything like the way she felt with him. She was scared, she had always been in total control of herself, but somehow her feelings had gotten the best of her.

She woke up the next morning exhausted, she had slept fitfully. By the time she got to potions, her head was pounding and Ron was asking her where she had disappeared to after dinner.

"Oh, I didn't feel well."

"You don't look so good." Ron observed bluntly.

"Thanks," Hermione said edgily.

"Maybe you should go see Madame Pomfrey." Harry suggested.

"I'm perfectly able to sit through potions class," she snapped at the two of them. They stood in silence. "I'm sorry I'm being such a bitch." She blurted.

"It's alright." Ron said in such a way that made all three of them smile. "So where were you, Harry?"

"Oh, erm, I had tons of homework so I skipped dinner." Hermione looked at him curiously, but he avoided her eyes.

"You skipped dinner? To do homework?"

Harry shrugged, but Hermione had already figured it out. Ginny happened to be mysteriously absent from dinner as well. She gave Harry a knowing look and his neck went red. Ron, however, was preoccupied. He nodded at Malfoy.

"Malfoy keeps looking over here." They turned to see, but Malfoy had busied himself talking to Blaise Zabini. "Odd about Katie." Ron said darkly. Hermione felt a pang of guilt run through her.

Just then, the dungeon opened and Slughorn called them all inside.

The whole class she could feel Malfoy's eyes on her, but she didn't look at him once. When they were dismissed, Hermione rushed out without waiting for Harry or Ron, running straight into Malfoy.

Malfoy steadied her, but withdrew his hands quickly, remembering himself. "Watch where you're going, Granger," he spat.

Well, at least he hadn't called her a mudblood.