E/O Challenge

Word: Soft

Count: 100

Happy Birthday KKBelvis!!

Sounds like Oprah

Like a small child the twenty seven year old kicked off the blankets.

"Dude you'll freeze." Dean snorts and picks up the blankets and throws them back on Sam.

"I don't care." Sam replies feverishly, sniffling "There scratchy."

"Let's remember our age." Dean says, "C'mon Sammy this motel has got actual comfortable blankets. Their soft and 100% cotton."

Sam takes a sip of water, "It's irritating my nose." He sniffs and sneezes.

"The meds should kick in sooner or later. Just close your eyes and take deep breaths."

"You sound like Oprah."

"Shut up."

Sam coughes.

"Go to sleep Sammy."