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Again, he was pushing me far beyond what I could handle. He was pushing me for more.

He wanted, needed, more but I couldn't give him that. Why couldn't he just understand it? Why did he have to keep wishing for more?

Why did he have to make me wish I could be different just so I'd be able to give him more?

His persistence only made me more confused. It complicated everything.

"Edward, I told you. I've given you all I can. If you can't live with that, I'll have to end things between us because I can't deal with the pressure!"

"Can you do that? Can you end it? Just like that?" I wasn't so sure I could…

"If I don't have another choice then yes, I can." He nodded, reaching to tuck a fallen strand of my hair back behind my ear.

"You know, I'm afraid too, Bella. I just don't say anything and hope that everything turns out for the best. Despite everything, I hope for better times, better things. I hope even when life gets in the way of my goals, changing everything. I even have it in me to hope when I feel you slipping away from me. You have to learn to trust, to believe and just let go." I couldn't do that. I wasn't like him.

I knew who I was and what my limitations were and this was one of them.

"I can't." He nodded.

"It's okay. I'll wait for you, Bella."

"Why?" What was there to wait for?

He simply shrugged and then smiled as if it was obvious.

"I'll wait because I know how to and because I believe you are the one. I believe you are worth it and I can't lose you. We can be so much more than what we are now."