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Chapter 3


I had told Edward I would prefer to stay in a hotel, but he didn't let me, saying he had more than a spare room where I could stay. There was no need for me to spend my money on a hotel and he wouldn't be in my way. To say the truth, I really didn't have that much money to spend and I would never let Edward pay for a hotel for me, so this seemed like the best option despite everything.

This arrangement should be interesting since there was an undeniable sexual tension between us, though. More than once when he visited me in Forks to check out my work, I got the impression that he was ready to jump me and just ravish me without giving any thought to where we were.

Much to my disappointment, he never did though. He was apparently a gentleman. I would have to slowly break him if I wanted him to do anything.


Trying to keep my nerves on check, I knocked on Edward's door and waited for him to open it. From the outside, I could already tell his house, located conveniently close to his gallery, was something to behold.

I didn't have to wait long and few seconds later, Edward himself was opening the door for me and leading me inside. I guess he really did mean it when he said he didn't have employees in his house.

He reached for my luggage and smiled sweetly as I looked around. Yes, the house was as great on the inside as it was on the outside.

Everything was neatly decorated and organized, with pieces of art adorning the rooms here and there. It was very… Edward.

"How was your trip?"

"It was good. You have a beautiful house." He smiled again, leading up some stairs.

"Thank you. I'll show you everything later. I'm sure you want to get settled first." I really did.

At the top of the stairs, we stopped at the first room to my right and he opened the door for me, gesturing for me to get in and switching the light on.

My eyes immediately went to the king side bed occupying most of the bedroom. It was a big bed.

"I'm thinking the huge bed was your idea, no?" He chuckled while placing my things on the floor next to me, brushing his hand along my waist in the process.

"Not exactly. My mother decorated the whole house, but I do like the big bed. I tend to occupy a lot of space when I'm sleeping."

"I'm sure the space can come in handy for other fun activities besides sleeping as well." He simply smiled, but I was sure he knew what I was referring to.

"My bedroom is at the end of the corridor if you ever need anything, at all." I raised an eyebrow at him.

Had his voice just taken a suggestive tone or was I hearing things? Was he planning to show me his bed?

"I'll make sure to remember that." He smiled widely and then gestured for the door.

"I'll leave you alone for a while. I'll be downstairs waiting for you if you want to talk. Have you eaten dinner yet?"

"Yes, thank you. I'll just change clothes and come down soon." He smiled again as his eyes trailed up and down my body and I could swear he whispered something along the lines of 'no clothes needed'.

He didn't say it out loud, though, opting to simply leave me alone for a few minutes.

I quickly changed clothes and explored the adjoining bathroom to my room. It was almost bigger than my room back home and I could just live in it.

His mother obviously knew what she was doing when she decorated the house. I wondered briefly where she was.

When I came down, I found him on the living room standing near a table, holding a bottle of wine and looking too perfect for his own good. It almost seemed like a scene taken from a fifties movie.

He smiled up at me when he saw me and gestured for me to get closer.

"Can I interest you in some wine?" I nodded, walking closer to him while taking in everything around me.

"Yes, please." I would probably need it if I wanted to keep myself calm.

"Have you really eaten already?" I nodded, wondering if he would cook for me again like he did that time in my house when I said I didn't.

"I was thinking maybe we could go out for dinner." I shook my head while taking a seat at the kitchen table.

"No. I don't really like going out for dinner."

"Are you cooking for me, then?" I almost snorted, very un-ladylike.

"I barely cook for me, let alone you." He placed his hands on the back of the chair in front of me and smiled.

"Then let's go out."

"I don't really feel like going out, Edward. We'll just make some sandwiches or something like that."

"Alright. I'll cook then." I raised an eyebrow as he took his jacket off and then started to open cabinet after cabinet. "I'm going through your stuff."

"Can you cook?"

"Of course. I told you I lived alone." I just nodded and smiled as he moved around the kitchen.

It turned out, he was a great cook.

"Yes, I really have eaten already." I watched him pour the wine, smiling when he looked up at me. "You know, your house truly is beautiful." He smiled while handing me my glass and placing the bottle down. "Does your mother have any experience in decorating?"

"Yes. She was a home interior designer."

"Was? Is she retired?" He shook his head, suddenly finding his wine to be very interesting.

"No. She died two years ago." Way to go, Bella!

"I'm sorry, Edward. I didn't mean to…" He touched my arm lightly making me stop talking and smiled kindly.

"That's okay, you didn't know." I smiled back at him and nodded, while tasting the wine. It was very good, as expected.

Edward obviously had good taste.

Wanting to change the topic to something a little less depressing, I allowed my eyes to fall upon a grand piano standing on the corner of the living room.

"Do you know how to play the piano or is it simply decorative?" He sipped his wine, getting impossibly closer to me and making my breathe hitch.

"I do know how to play." Impressive.

"Would you play if I asked you to?" He looked over at the piano and nodded.

"Yes. Why not?" I smiled, but raised an eyebrow when he didn't move.


"I'm waiting for you to ask." I rolled my eyes and he reached to tuck a stand of my hair behind my ear, letting his hand linger on my neck in a sensuous gesture.

"Will you please play for me, Edward?" He smiled and leaned in, whispering in my ear.

"Of course." I watched as he placed his glass down and walked towards the piano, sitting down on the bench with more grace than any person should be allowed to detain.

Within seconds, the room was immersed in music and I was quite surprised to recognize it.

"Clair de Lune." He looked over his shoulder at me as I walked closed to him.

"Exactly! You know your classical music." I shrugged. I only knew my favorites and that was about it.

I wasn't a big music connoisseur, but I was extremely impressed with the way Edward's long fingers move along the piano keys without any visible effort, making the music come alive.

He looked magnificent while playing and I forced myself to drink my wine in order to moisten my dry throat.

I placed my hand on his shoulder as I watched him play and frowned at how tense his muscles where.

"You're tense." He nodded and continued playing.

"I've had a lot to do and worry about lately. Plus, the fact that you are so obstinate doesn't help me relax." I hummed and placed my glass next to his on the table before moving so I was standing behind him.

My hands went to his shoulders and I very slowly started to massage them, he tensed even more momentarily, but then quickly relaxed a little.

I kept on kneading his shoulder muscles, satisfied with the way he groaned every now and then.

Who knew I could make him moan so easily? And who knew that simple sound could be so erotic?

I allowed my hands to move down to his chest, caressing the hard muscles there and then moved them back up to his shoulders and back.

When he stopped playing and threw his head back, I leaned forward and whispered in is ear as seductively as I could.

"Keep playing. It's unbelievably sexy." There was nothing wrong with a little seduction, right?

He turned his head to the side, purposely brushing his lips along my jaw and then turned his attention back to the piano as I continued his massage.

My skin had broken out in goosebumps and I could swear the place where his lips had been was tingling.

What was happening to me? I didn't normally respond to anyone this strongly, even though I knew perfectly well I was attracted to Edward. How could I not be, after all?

I briefly wondered what it would be like to have his smell surrounding me completely. What would it be to feel it on my tongue, my hair, all of my body? What would it be like to have him cover all of my body? What would it be like to feel his weight on top of me, pressing me to the mattress?

I shook my head trying to avoid those thoughts before I did something stupid and complicated things.

I could flirt with him, but I would have to control myself and keep my needs and wants in check, or I would be in serious trouble.

Yes, living with him, even if only for a few days, would definitely be interesting.

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