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Chapter 8


She left. Just like that.

The day after her exhibition she packed her things and left early in the morning before I had gotten up after a sleepless night. She left no note. She offered no explanations. She simply left and went back to her house in Forks.

I knew I had promised myself I would give her time to get used to her success. I intended to give her time to think things over but after only a week – a horrible week - I needed to see her. I needed to make sure she was okay.

I needed to touch her if she would let me get close to her and even if she didn't, just seeing her would be able to soothe all the feelings fighting for dominance inside of me.

Plus, most of her paintings and sculptures had already been sold and I had something in my possession that belonged to her. A check she more than deserved.

I had made my decision and wouldn't back out now. Isabella Swan would see me soon again whether she wanted it or not.


I had seen him arrive while I painted in the backyard but I didn't acknowledge his presence. Not even when he walked into the backyard. I didn't know why he was here or what he wanted and I certainly didn't know what to say to him. Not after that kiss in his living room. Not after I had left without telling him anything.

He made too many emotions come alive inside of me. Emotions I didn't want nor knew how to deal with so I remained concentrate on my painting, waiting for him to say something. Anything.

He didn't, though. He stood there watching me, a briefcase in his hand, for several minutes before sighing and heading inside to the kitchen where he was more than likely making himself some coffee. He had become too accustomed to my house in too little time.

I kept on painting and only when I was satisfied with my work did I stop and, with a deep breath, headed to the kitchen as well. If he was here to tell me I had obligations and that I was irresponsible and childish, I would need some coffee as well.

I found him exactly where I thought he would be. He was sitting on a chair, his briefcase was open and several papers were spread on the kitchen table.

He didn't notice me entering the kitchen and I didn't immediately let him know I was there. I stood in the door watching him and watching him like that, in the middle of my kitchen, concentrated on his work I realized with some mild sadness – sadness I didn't fully understand – that even though he seemed to fit there he also didn't. He wasn't the kind of man who could ever live in a place like Forks. He wasn't the kind of man who would just lie down in a meadow under the moon for hours simply watching the starts like I so often did.

It saddened me because I suddenly realized that I wanted him to be that man. I often fought with him and I did my best to run away from him but the truth was that I wanted to do that with him. I wanted to lay on the grass floor with him and make love.

I couldn't be sad, though. I had come to discover he was much more than just the goal driven business man I first thought he was. He was much more than that and I wanted to discover all of him.

I wanted to grab him, untie his tie, open his shirt and discover every inch of him. I wanted to crawl inside of him and find out the man he was deep down, the man he was behind that careful constructed façade of cool.

I opted to clean my throat making him look up at me as I walked further inside the kitchen.

He followed my every move with his eyes making me shiver.

"Hello, Bella." He smiled a little and I found myself smiling back at him.

"Hi. What are you doing here, Edward?"

"I have something for you." He reached inside his briefcase and grabbed a paper, motioning for me to get closer to him.

I did so and quickly realized what the paper he was holding was. A check. I looked between Edward and that check in his hand several times until he spoke again.

"The exposition was a success. All your paintings and sculptures were sold."

"All of them?" I somehow couldn't wrap my mind around the idea that all those paintings and sculptures had been sold. It was… incredible.

"Yes. I told you that would happen. You're a great artist." Yes, he had told me that before I just hadn't fully believed him.

He smiled at my flabbergasted expression and beckoned me closer until I was mere inches away from him. He didn't get up. He simply smiled again.

"You can take the check, Bella. It's yours and it won't bite." Yes, it was mine…

I took the check away from him, slowly shaking my head when I saw how much it was for. No matter what Edward said I still couldn't believe people were willing to pay that much for the things I did. Paintings and sculptures I did because I enjoyed it… It was mindboggling.

I set the check down on the table and turned my attention back to Edward whose eyes were locked on me.

"This is nice of you but you didn't have to come here only to give me that check, you know?"

"Yes, I do. I wanted to see you as well. Ask you something." His eyes never left mine as he spoke and the intensity of his gaze worked like a magnet urging me to lean in closet to him.


"Why did you leave like that? Why do you keep saying there's no one in your life?" That question again.

I should have known he would insist on that. Why couldn't he understand that there was no one I could and wanted to share my success with? No one but him, that is…

"Because there really is no one, Edward. I told you that already. Why won't you just let it go?"

"Because that's not true. There is someone. There's me. I'm here!"

"Oh, Edward..." He didn't understand. Of course he didn't. How could he?

"You don't believe me but it's true. I care about you. I like you. I..."

"Show me then."

"What?" He seemed surprised. I was too but I wanted him to show me. I wanted to know what it felt like to have someone who cared, even if just for a little while.

"Show me!" I moved even closer to him, invading his personal space, and rested my hands of his chest while looking down at him. "Show me, Edward."

It took a moment for the true meaning of my words to sink in but it was obvious in his eyes the moment it did.

His hands flew to my waist, kneading my skin as his eyes dropped to my mouth and I leaned in.

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