Guests: Feliciano, Ludwig, Roderich, Gilbert, Lovino, Antonio, Arthur, Alfred, Matthew, Francis, Yao, Kiku, Heracles, and Ivan.

"Okay then, now that I've watched enough yaoi for tonight, I'll just surf the web for something to do at the party I'm hosting next Saturday," Elizaveta yawned, clicking rapidly on the first website that popped up on her Google search.

Awesome Party Ideas: (Elizaveta resisted the urge to think about Gilbert's common over-usage of the word "awesome".)

- 7 Minutes of Heaven

Elizaveta smiled deviously, wondering if that would work. After all, most of the people she invited had love interests also attending....maybe it would work? No, then again, nobody would make it out alive if they were paired with Ivan. On to the next one.

- Spin the Bottle

Again, there was the Ivan problem. Elizaveta had the feeling that he would bite the lips off of anyone that dared to place their lips against him.

- Makeovers

Elizaveta stared at the screen. Fuck no. A million times fuck no. She was never the type of girl to fuss over make up; besides that, the rest of the guests were male. Well...maybe some of them wouldn't mind the makeup, but it was still a bad idea.

- Truth or Dare

Now THERE was an idea. Elizaveta smirked in satisfaction, imagining her guests undergoing hectic, hilarious, and steamy questions and dares. Why, with this game, she could make them do ANYTHING! And by anything...she meant anything. The Hungarian leapt out of her seat and grabbed her notebook, quickly writing down her plans to make the game start. After all, she was inviting some stubborn nations, and she had to be prepared.

"Alright, then...I should install a video-camera somewhere in the room," she muttered to herself, tapping her chin thoughtfully with her pen.

"Eto...Pardon me, Elizaveta-san, but what are you doing?" Kiku asked curiously.

Elizaveta was sitting on the ground in her living room, placing an empty wine bottle on its side so it would act as a spinner. The Hungarian looked up at the Japanese man, an eager look in her eyes, which scared the living daylights out of said Japanese man.

"Play with me. All of you."


The only female in the building saying that to the all male guests was....well, a little fucked up. In so many ways. Elizaveta blinked in surprise, then laughed, "No, no! Not like that, you guys! We're going to play Truth or Dare! You all know how to play, right? Come on, sit around the bottle and play!" The Hungarian patted the ground, smiling at her guests. Come on, you guys. Take the bait. Take the fucking bait...

A pleasant smile formed on her face as, one by one, the others sat around the bottle. "Well, since we are the guests, and you are the hostess," Arthur coughed uneasily, his cheeks a little flushed from the 'Play with me' statement.

Elizaveta grinned evilly, scaring the other nations (except Ivan) to death. "Well now, I'll start. I'll spin the bottle, and whoever it lands on is my victi-- I MEAN MY PERSON!" She quickly spun the bottle, hoping it would land on Roderich (now she could make her lover do deliciously dirty things without persuading him! He would have no choice but to do it!).

The bottle pointed to Feliciano.

The Italian turned white as a ghost as Elizaveta suddenly grinned like some kind of evil being. "Well, Feliciano....Truth or Dare?" Feliciano was tempted to run screaming out of the building.

" I pick Dare! I'm going to prove to Ludwig that I'm strong too!" The Italian declared, pumping his fist in the air. This was his chance! After all, he screwed up his chance to prove himself in the WWs, so this game was his only chance of redemption. Feliciano felt courage suddenly pumping through his veins....

....until Elizaveta pulled out a sexy French maid outfit, complete with black kitty-ears and a pair of red stiletto-heels .

"W-Wait, where did you pull that our from...?" Alfred stuttered. Of course, he was ignored. Everyone was busy sending Feliciano pitiful looks, except Ivan. Ivan was smiling, a dark aura sprouting out from behind him (Elsewhere, Toris suddenly screamed. He could somehow feel the Russian's evil anger from where he was).



"Don't say such things, you moron."

Gilbert stood up and pumped a fist into the air, grinning proudly. "No, for the awesome ME will get to wear Feliciano's sexy outfit later on! French bastard, you can't compare to my epicness!" Francis stood up too. "No! Fuck off! I get the outfit! French doesn't suit you Germans!!"

While they were arguing, Feliciano slipped his clothes off (mentally scarring Lovino for life, by the way), and then put the outfit on (scarring Lovino even more). "Ve! Ludwig, am I really cool and strong now? Am I?" The Italian asked innocently, smiling proudly while balling up his fists in anticipation. Ludwig stared blankly at the Italian, his face bright red. "Er...yes. You're very brave and strong, Feliciano," Ludwig stuttered, not sure if those were the right words to use. Elizaveta quickly pulled out her camera and took pictures, then tucked it away again. "Alright, Feliciano. You can spin the bottle now."

Feliciano bent over (Giving Ludwig a very nice view, by the way) and spun the bottle, clapping with satisfaction after he did so.

"Ah, Feliciano looks so sexy, non? I want to take him home with me..." Francis' hands started inching towards Feliciano, as if they were possessed. Feliciano let out a small squeak of surprise and horror, then hid behind Ludwig like a frightened puppy. Ludwig was like his shield and protector, after all.

The bottle stopped spinning, and pointed to Heracles.

"Feliciano, don't ask him anything about sex if he chooses Truth. He's had sex more times than I can count!" Antonio chirped merrily, patting the Italian on the head. In the background, Kiku's face darkened slightly with horror. How many times!? So he was already having plenty of sex with people other than him? Wait, did that mean Heracles was basically cheating on him? The Japanese man shook his head, confused by the Western culture. Hopefully, such acts would not become too popular.

"Ve! Truth or Dare?"

"Truth, I suppose," Heracles answered, absent-mindedly poking at his cat's cheek. Feliciano nodded, then asked, "Out of all the people you've had sex with, which one do you love the most?" Everyone looked at the Italian in shock, wondering what the hell happened to the innocent Feliciano. When did he ask that kind of stuff? Arthur shook his head, wondering why the hell he even came. Glancing at Roderich, he could tell the man was wondering the exact same thing.

"Easy. That would be Kiku."


"So THAT was why you were being so noisy that night, aru!" Yaoi gasped, pointing an accusing finger at Kiku. Everyone turned to face Kiku (except Heracles and Ivan), blank expressions on their faces. Kiku backed away to the far corner of the room, shaking like a leaf. "!!" Kiku stuttered.

"Kiku.....You had sex with a man, and you didn't tell me? I'm, I mean, I'm horrified that you had sex with a man!" Elizaveta quickly corrected herself.

"W-Wow, I thought he was innocent..."


"Canada! Matthew!" The Canadian shouted, waving his arms around in the air angrily.

Kiku glared at Heracles, then sighed. "Yes, we did have sex. won't tell anyone outside of this party, will you?" He looked hopefully at the group of people, then froze as his eyes met Ivan's. Judging by the look in Ivan's eyes, he could kiss his innocent reputation goodbye. Ivan was definitely going to tell people, all to make Kiku suffer.


Everyone turned to look at the bottle, which Heracles had spun when they were investigating Kiku. It was pointing to Alfred.

"Truth or Dare?" Heracles asked calmly.

"Dare! An awesome hero like me always picks dare!" Alfred declared, pumping a fist into the air. He couldn't really help it, it was some kind of reflex. Heracles nodded, closing his eyes while thinking up a good dare. "Ah, I know. I dare you to give Arthur a kiss on the lips." The Greek nodded calmly, satisfied with the dare he gave. Everyone looked at Alfred and Arthur, wondering if they would actually do it. Judging by the video camera Elizaveta was holding, there would be no escape.

"You fucking git!! Why did you pick dare!!?" Arthur shouted, red faced.

"I didn't know he'd tell me to kiss you!" Alfred shouted, equally red. Arthur frowned and turned away, refusing to kiss the American. There was no fucking way he would kiss Alfred in public. In private, maybe, but definitely not in front of these meddlesome nations. Alfred frowned in irritation, the grabbed the Briton. He spun him around and pressed his lips again his, giving Arthur the shock of his life.

Lovino fainted, Elizaveta lost half the blood in her body through her nose, and Ivan's face darkened again. Everyone else just let loose one word, "Awww..."

Alfred pulled away, staring into Arthur's emerald-green eyes. "See, wasn't so bad, right Iggy?" He asked, blushing. Arthur frowned and pushed the American off him, then inched away as far as he could.


Well, that was the first chapter.

Usually, my stories are detailed, but since this is a Truth or Dare fic with a bunch of humor, I don't see the reason why I should be so descriptive. I hope it was alright....

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