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Chapter 1

''Dave can I have a dollar?''

''No Alvin!''




''No! Alvin for the last time NO... now go do your your homework... Now!''

''Fine I'll go away... I'll leave!'' he said with anger in his voice!


''Music to my ears.'' Alvin said to himself with sarcasm. Alvin's phone rang.


''Hay.. Alvin.. um, I was wondering if.... you would, maybe, like to go out sometime.. just as friends! Nothin' more.(clears throat)So wat do ya say?''

''Sure,no problem Britt... how about sevenish. I'll come pick you up.''

''Really! I mean...cool, that'll be great, well, see ya.''


*Back at the Miller's house*

Brittany just stared into space thinking about what she just did. Why did she do that? She just asked out Alvin Seville! And he said YES!

''Well, what did he say?!'' Jeanette asked excited.

''He said.....yeah.'' she replied flatly. But in her mind she was screaming Yes, yes, yes!

''Are you glad I dared you to ask him out or not?''

''What if he finds out it was a dare!?'' she didnt want their friendship to be ruined. He would probably never talk to her!

''He won't as long as you keep your mouth shut about this... got it!'' Jeanette said pointing her finger at her sister.

''Got it!'' Brittany said. I hope.

*At the Seville's house*

'I got a date with Bittany.'' Alvin thought.

''Wait a second!'' said Alvin accidentally out loud.

''I have a DATE with BRITTANY!!!!!''

OoO a few moments later OoO

''Alvin are you OK?" asked his youngest brother,Theodore.

''Wha... what happened?'' he asked looking aroung curiously.

''Well.. you sort of.. you know... fainted.''

''Oh. Oops.'' He rubbed the back of his head.

''Yeah... but for a minute or two I thought you were dead!''

Alvin giggled at that response. That sounds just like Theo. Alvin thought.

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