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Chapter 4

*Seville's House*

''Alvin, wake up and get ready for school.'' said Dave as he slightly nudged Alvin's shoulder.

''Five more minutes!'' Alvin begged not wanting to get out of his cumfy bed.

''No Alvin! Get up now or I'll put frozen marbles in your bed!'' Dave didnt want to go through this again. Every morning was the same way. Alvin didn't get up intil the last minute and then had to rush to change.

Not sure if Dave was lying, Alvin eyed Dave. But when Dave started to leave and go to the kitchen, Alvin yelled, ''Ok, ok.I'm up. Happy now?''

*Miller's House*

''Brittany dear, get up. You gotta get ready for school.''

''Ok Mrs. Miller.'' Brittany said as she got out of her bed.

She changed into her normal clothes and went downstairs.

''Mornin' Britt!'' said Jeanette and Eleanore.

''Morning.'' she replied back groggily. She was not a morning person.

*At School*

''Hey Britt.'' Alvin said as he shut his locker door.

''Hi Alvin.'' Brittany said as she shut her locker door.

''I had a good time last night.'' Alvin said after a moment of silence.

''Yeah... I did, too.'' said Brittany blushing lightly.


''Yes, Alvin?''

''Uh, um.''

Alvin couldn't find the right words to say so he pulled Brittany into a tight embrace and kissed her gently on the lips. They pulled away after some one cleared their throat.

''No PDA (Public Displays of Affection) in school Mr. Seville and Ms. Miller.'' said Mr. Talbot.

''Yes sir!'' They both said blushing furiously.

After Mr. Talbot walked away, Brittany kissed Alvin on the lips.

''Walk me to class?'' asked Brittany.

''Uh, oh.. sure.. yeah, ok.'' said Alvin.

Then Alvin and Brittany walked hand-in-hand to their classes.

''So, I'm guessing they are finally a couple.'' said Jeanette after seeing the entire scene.

''I guess so.'' replied Simon.

''Yeah, I guess. said Theodore.

''So..... what now?'' asked Eleanore.

Then the bell rang.

''Does that answer your question?'' asked Simon.

''Ha ha ha, very funny Seville. Gosh, your turnunig into Alvin!''

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