Author: Sparkling Moon Phoenix.

Genre: Anime, Adventure, Fantasy.

Rating: T just to be safe.

Status: Work In Progress.

Chapter: Act 0.

Standard disclaimers apply. Clamps, Sunrise Television own the rights to MKR. I am just using the characters for a fiction of my own devising and the enjoyment of Rayearth fans everywhere. Any original characters, spells etc are © Sparkling Moon Phoenix 2009.

Author's Note: the Magic Knights are sixteen in this fiction.

Summary: This new MKR fiction begins just after Hikaru Shidou is kidnapped by Eagle Vision. The once mystical realm of Cephiro is falling apart far faster than anyone could ever have imagined. But the meeting of two people could save Cephiro, and possibly more than one world.

Act 0: Legends

One shall come blessed by fire, guided by the light of the former Pillars of Cephiro. She will be the last; restoring Cephiro to its former glory. Possessed of strong will and a gentle heart, she will find a dying world's lost radiance, restoring the balance. The legacy from a lost time shall be restored, saving a world on the brink of extinction. The curse of the Nameless shall be dispelled, uniting the Pillar and her Companion.

An ancient legend of Cephiro.


Tiercel Vision has fled the confines of Cephiro, taking the Great Source with him. Already the light of Cephiro is extinguishing. Without the Great Source, our land will fall into darkness. The Traitor's Curse will be cast, barring him from Cephiro. He is now Nameless, his name erased from all records. The Coronet of the Companion will be sealed; placing the burden of upholding Cephiro fully upon the shoulders of the Pillar. Perhaps one day a descendant of Tiercel Vision will return to Cephiro, bringing a chance to break the curse over all the worlds.

All knowledge pertaining to the Coronet of the Companion and the Great Source will be expunged from Cephiro. The only person who will know of the lesser coronet will be each Master Mage, serving the ruling Pillar. With the Great Source missing, its location unknown, a great void has been created.

From the personal journal of Master Mage Dynan, personal mage to Pillar Alyra.

Author's Note: I wasn't intending to post this until next year, but here it is! I will be uploading Chapter 1 soon. Then after that, no more uploads until next year!