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Jace sat outside on the school lawn with his brother Alec, his sister Isabelle, Magnus, Aline,Maia, and Sebastian. Alec and Magnus were cozying up beside each other. Aline as usual was hanging all over Jace. When is this girl going to realize it's over, he thought to himself. Isabelle sat to Jace's right and was chatting with Maia of what she considered 'girl things.'
"So what did the principal do to you?" Sebastian asked and the group turned their attention. Jace grinned and scanned their faces. Anyone would know Jace was the school prankster. He had recently poured orange mixture in the sprinkler water tube at school and orange went flying in all different directions.
"He is making me volunteer at a local animal shelter, every day after school."
"Ew gross." Jace shrugged at Sebastian.
"Check out Fray." Alec said pointing towards the red head across the lawn.
"Those clothes are so two seasons ago." Izzy said whipping out her phone. Jace watched the girl carry a box down the walkway towards them. She was beautiful but she wasn't very popular. She always hung around the nerds, especially the anime nerd Simon. Clary was a regular church goer, of course only because her father was the minister. Jace goes to her church every Sunday, but not by choice. His adoptive parents Maryse and Robert make him, Alec, and Izzy go. She walked in front of them now.
"Nice shoes." Aline said to Clary in a snotty tone.
"Thanks." Clary said looking down at her old worn converse then walked away. The group started laughing. "Nice one Aline." Sebastian said to her and they did a quick high five.
"Quit being so mean." Maia stood up for Clary whenever there group made fun of her.
"She just needs a little less clothes, that are up to date and she would be dead sexy." Jace chuckled at the thought of the preachers daughter in hardly any clothing. The bell rang and they all scattered and went to class.

School was always a complete drag for Jace. He never found any amusement in learning. The teachers all hated him for not living up to 'his potential.' He would simply laugh and make cocky remarks at them when they said this and he would end up going to the office for disrespect.

After school Jace hopped in his car with his brother and sister. He drove them home first and went to his new found punishment. He drove a little ways until he found the Idris Animal Shelter. He parked and made his way into the freshly painted building. It wasn't a very big place, but it was the right size. He saw cats behind plastic doors with air holes, and cages lined the place filled with dogs. It was really loud in there as well. He knew he would have a headache when he left this place. It smelled awful as well, and the weird part was no one was here. No one that he saw anyway, he was the only one in the main part of the building.
"Hello?" Jace called out in a loud tone. Maybe I'll actually get out of this after all, he thought when no one answered for a minute.
"In here." A female voice answered from behind a cracked door. Jace went in to find an office. The desk in the center was cluttered with papers and coffee mugs, and the black chair had its back to him. He sat down in a chair placed promptly in front of the big desk. He looked at the walls and saw many drawings and pictures. He examined the drawings of cats and dogs, along with pictures of a little boy and a couple. There were very excellent drawings, and ones that looked like a 5 year old had done them. He liked the humble office, he wanted to spend as much time as he could in here.

The big black chair turned around and what he expected to see was an old fat lady, he saw a young girl. Not just any young girl, but the ginger that went to his school. Clary. He gaped at her with utter amazement. This was her office. She was wearing a green t-shirt with the shelters logo on it that hung off the shoulders, with a black tank top underneath. Her hair hung about her in wild curls. She had on skinnies and the same old converse. She definitely had a fashion change from the old sweater and boot cut jeans she had on earlier. She looked gorgeous in Jaces' opinion.
"Jace right?" she asked.
"That's me." Jace replied flashing her a smile.
"Okay so what size shirt do you wear?"
"Medium." She went through a draw and pulled out a shirt and tossed it to him.
"You will be on campus duty. Can you handle that?"
"Campus duty?"
"It means you will take care of the animals while I do paperwork."
"Why do you even work here? What's the big deal about smelly animals?"
"My parents own the place. And unlike you I like smelly animals." She gave him a smirk and grabbed a clipboard and handed it to him.
"I get the feeling you're angry with me." Jace said arching an eyebrow.
"I'm not angry per say, I'm more aggravated that you probably won't take this seriously."
"Now what gave you that impression?" Jace mumbled sarcastically and Clary rolled her eyes.
"Please just don't kill anything." Clary said sitting back down and Jace laughed.
"You really think I'm that irresponsible? What kind of guy do you take me for?"
"The cocky popular rich kid who doesn't care about anyone but himself." She said looking him dead in the eye.
"Ouch. I'm hurt." Jace faked a shocked expression.
"You would think since your dad is part of the doctors at with curing cancer and all, some of that whole helping people thing would rub off on you." She muttered to level she thought only she could hear but Jace picked it up.
"How'd you know Robert worked at St. Idris?" Only he and his group of friends knew about his adoptive father. Not that he was keeping it a secret or anything, but no one ever asked. And since was a cancer hospital hardly anyone knew he was even a doctor.
"Just get to work." She said changing the subject. He gave her an odd look and went to work. Clary Fray was definitely a mystery.

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