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She strode confidently into the room. The power that hung around her waist made her feel able to do anything. In the other door her partner slid, he turned around saw her and quirked an eyebrow. She rolled her eyes and reached to her belt. The unimaginable things that hung there! A lipstick that turned into a laser, a hairbrush that shot sharp quills at the flick of her wrist. As she mulled over her new found weapons a smell caught her attention. a burning smell, then she saw it. The fiery smoke swirling straight towards her! She jumped for the door. Too late! The smoke and the wind filled the room. But not until she'd seen her former friend, Mason Carlson stalk in after the smoke. That loony bin! Didn't he realize that there were innocent teenagers here? No time to think! She flipped out her tracking device and stumbled in the direction it showed her "friend" to be in. Mason was easy to track ever since she'd planted that device in his water that now coursed through his blood. Her pen gun on the ready she moved farther into the depths of the room. Lungs screaming in pain she staggered just as the tracking device beeped just as her hand fell upon something. "Elizabeth," The voice came muffled as though through a mask. "Come," She didn't move. Not only could she not move, there was no way she was following the enemy. "Don't you trust me?"

"No!" Those were the last words out of Elizabeth's mouth before darkness took control of her mind. The next thing she knew she was laying on a cold pallet in a dark cell. "Mason..." the words hurt her dry throat. Her brain emerged from darkness. "Idiot!" was her word. Elizabeth normally known as Eliza stared at her waist. Her weapons were gone. "He's gonna pay!" immediately she rose feeling her boot's heel was heavy she clawed it off. In the high heel was a hidden phone. The text illuminated the room. Send help with tracking device. Mr. Alestar's son has down his job, I am locked up! Please hurry Evan, no jokes here. She flipped the phone back into her heel. Nice one Eliza, why do you never think? She thought.

Up on the surface of the earth Evan's phone beeped. He'd made it out of the smoke but he hadn't found Eliza. Elizabeth's message flashed on the screen. Evan tightened his gloves. His dark glasses hid the worry in his eyes as he sprinted to his motorcycle. Mason! he was the one who'd set the smoke bomb! But what was he trying to accomplish? The options were endless. Mason's dad Alestar wanted complete control of the United States no strings. Evan and the Company he and Elizabeth worked for were fighting Alestar and his allies. So most likely Mason wanted info. Unfortunately he wouldn't be getting any. Evan typed in a code and clicked send. That code would break through any lock. Eliza would escape and they'd meet at the rendezvous. It all seemed so simple. Yet around the next bend on the highway, Everything Evan knew would change.

Mason stared at the flashing screens on the wall in front of him. He tried to tune out his father's triade but it wasn't working. "Come on son! I need action and I need action now! I want the United States cowering at my feet! Do you hear me?! I want complete control, I want to be the complete ruler!" Mason rolled his eyes. How many times had he heard that? Complete control! The noise grated on his ears. Just as he was about to fall asleep a blinking light appeared on the closest screen to him. Access granted. Flashed on every screen. Then a warning notice New administrator in charge Then all the screens went black. Mr. Alestar Mason's dad stopped yelling mid sentence. "What have you done?" He screamed.

"Me! Me! It's ALWAYS me! Right after I go and capture that agent that has all the knowledge we need you're blaming me!"

"Wait! Who'd you capture?"

"Agent Elizabeth!"

"No! Son, can't you see the connection?"

"What connection? You're making zero sense..."

"If you have an agent in our HQ then all the screens go blank... and they that some one else has taken over control just who exacty am I thinking of?"

"Elizabeth is locked up!"

"You can never be too careful around our enemy agents!" Mr. Alestar growled as he stomped out the door. Mason stared after his dad in surprise. I'm never good enough! I can never it right! Well, I'll show him! Were his last thoughts before he clicked open his lap top.

Using the code Evan had sent her, Elizabeth opened her cell door then tapped into the master computer. Access Granted Her cell phone blinked once then she was in. Opening all doors for an easy escape was simple. A click of a button. Down the unmanned corridors she ran. This was too easy. But here she was out of the building and standing in the wide open. Flicking open her cell she dialed Evan. "Hang up!" Evan's voice blasted her ear. Then a strange unearthly sound filled her ear that was pressed to the phone. Screaming then an explosion.

"Evan? Evan!" Elizabeth yelled.

"Eliza?" A boy's voice asked.

"Cody?" Eliza was startled. She hadn't heard from him since the beginning of this frenzied fight.

"Eliza, meet me at HQ!" Cody yelled.

"Wait! What's?" the line went dead. Elizabeth paused. Something didn't seem right. It might be a trap or it might not. A click of a gun came from behinde her.

"Move, and you're dead!"