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Elizabeth rolled her eyes, seriously! How many times would some one say that? She thought for a minute longing for all the cool gadgets the lab guy made. All of hers were gone. So instead she slowly she turned around. "Hey! I said not to move!" The Skinny guard's hands were shaking on the trigger. He just might accidentally pull it… Eliza reached out suddenly and wrenched the gun from his hands. He stood there stunned. Eliza cocked her head and grinned,

"Good bye," She knocked his feet out from under him then whacked the side of his head. He was out cold. No more time to waste Eliza's heels clicked on the pavement as she sprinted out the exit.

Just as Evan had rounded the turn in the highway a dark green mist had started to swirl around the mountain nearest to him. He remembered it clearly there had been no smell, no feeling just silence as the mist crept down upon the cars around him. No engine noises, nothing. Then the loudest bang he had ever heard or felt ripped through the valley. The ground turned into waves and made Evan fight for control over his bike. Trees were falling. Building after building was being flattened. Screaming people. Evan desperately radioed HQ, "Cody! I need back up!" Agent Cody Banks was Evan's second favorite person to work with when Eliza wasn't around. After Cody yelled that he was on his way, Even saw the monster truck hurtling for him! He wrenched the bike desperately and then at the last moment jumped, rolling to the side of the road. It was then that the mist began again…

Cody ran for his helicopter. On the phone it had sounded like, like, Cody didn't know what. But something exciting! Ever since he'd been assigned to work with Evan and Eliza his career had gotten a lot more exciting. Or maybe it was because Mr. Alestar trying to take over the USA… yah, that was probably it. Evan and Eliza had been trained like he had been. Now they were all in for what he like to call the ultimate challenge. While thinking all this Cody had arrived over the valley Evan' s tracker had indicated. Below Cody a green mist hid the city. As he circled down the buildings began to take shape. Well they weren't exactly buildings they were more like mounds of rubble. Then just as Cody was about to try to find a place to land he noticed about 15 helicopters flying towards him. Worst of all, these helicopters had Alestar's mark on them!

Evan stared at the sky there! He saw Cody! The boy was swinging down a rope ladder held by the co-pilot. Evan ran to meet Cody. "Dude! What the heck is going on here?" He yelled.

"I think it's Alestar again," Cody groaned. Evan rolled his eyes, something he and Eliza did a lot.

"Did he ever learn that Seattle is the biggest city around here, not Issaquah?"

"I don't think so," Cody laughed but was cut short by another louder explosion, and both boys landed on the ground. Then in the midst of the cracking of the pavement and collapsing of buildings came the Batman theme song. Evan grabbed his phone. "Hang up!" He yelled then another explosion sounded and Evan threw the phone to Cody. Cody yelled to the person on the other end to meet at HQ then hung up. "Why's you yell hang up?" Cody yelled in Evan's ear.

"Because I think they're tracking my phone!"




"I sent Eliza a message, they have my number now!"

"Oh this is great! Just great!"

"We need to get away from my phone!"

"Come on!" Cody yelled as he dove for an abandoned Mini Cooper. The two boys got in turned on the engine and drove like mad men around the giant split pieces of the road.

Mason was so mad! He pounded the keys on his lap top. This will show dad! He clicked send command. Then turned and ordered a tall guard to send out 15 helicopters to Issaquah. The guard didn't argue even though he thought the kid was crazy. Mason clicked release and then watched on web cam as the green mist enveloped the city. Now to blast the stupid people's ears! He clicked another button and set off the earthquake. He loved doing this! Buildings collapsing! This was totally wicked awesome! Little did he know what his dad had planned. It was way worse then this!

Eliza raced into HQ yelling for Tad the lab guy. He was no where to be seen. "Calm down, This is totally normal," Eliza's cool voice lasted for only one sentence then suddenly she jumped up and down. "What's going on?!?!?!?"

Cody ran into the room closely followed by Evan. "You made it!" Eliza cried.

"Duh! Do you really think an earthquake and a mist could stop us?" Evan crowed.

"I guess not..." Eliza giggled. Cody looked around the room.

"Where's Tad?" He asked.

"I don't know..." Eliza said while chewing on her lip. Cody reached the back of the room. The main computer's hard disc was gone.

"Evan, you said that they were tracking us with the number you sent on Eliza's phone. I don't think that's what happened. I think that Tad was tracking us," Cody stated calmly.

"He always tracks us!"

"What if he was tracking us from some where else?"

"Why would he do that?"

"You are so dense! He's switched sides!" Cody yelled. All patience lost he stormeed around the room. Evan and Eliza looked shocked. Cody was quickly learning that to trust someone was a very risky thing to do, and trusting Tad was a very stupid thing to do.

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