Breaking out was never so Hard.

Hell was beyond the methods of words and thoughts. It was too terrible and too awful for one who never ventured there to fathom the darkest and most horrifying place in the existence of the universe. Screams of agony fill every ear, smoke and brimstone stain the walls with a putrid scent, the floors are hot coals and the heat is so intense it melts the shoes right off one's feet.

Vergil kept the snarl inside him as another demon slashed at his back with a spiked metal nine-tailed whip. He had lost count of the days he had been trapped here. He shouldn't have even been caught. No demon that came up to him lived another moment once Vergil locked eyes with them. He had grown in strength and became resilient to the come of his fate. He had chosen to stay in hell and allowed his little twin brother enough time to get out. Both were simple facts. One did not perceive the other. One was not the cause to the other. Both were simple facts. Independent and now, irreverent.

Another slash and still Vergil did not let any emotion show. Demons did not feel pain the way mortals did. He did not feel pain the way mortals did. Hard, simple facts.

"Half-Devil? Why do you not cry out?" The demon at his back sounded more like tires screeching on pavement than anything remotely terrifying. So Vergil refused to acknowledge it. He also was not a fool. Get a demon talking and you could be stuck there listening to it for hours. And with a voice like that, the whips were a lesser of the two tortures. Ah. There, another slash. Only five more to go. Vergil exhaled the tainted air and steeled himself for the rest of the torture. It would get periodically worse throughout the day… or throughout the time he stayed awake. Starting with thirteen lashings, then it varied between other means of similar painful discomforts. He bled so much, but he would never die.

"It seems he is beginning to no longer feel his punishment." The whipping demon screeched. It was talking to someone-thing. Vergil almost turned his head to see who was observing him now. It had become no great secrete that one of Sparda's sons was in hell and receiving a seriously wicked fate. Satan himself had come to meet Vergil when he had been tied to four horses and stretched to his body's physical limit. That hadn't stopped the horses. And when he came to, his limbs were reattached to his body.

But Vergil couldn't catch a glimpse of the other party. But voice was all he needed to know who was behind him now. "Is that so?" A deeply feminine voice stated. She hadn't meant it a question and the demon said nothing. "How remarkable. That it should only be months and he has become bored of his housing." It was nothing but dark silk and glittering knives, her voice. And if his memory served him better than the nightmares, than she was just as frighteningly beautiful too. But Vergil was sure most Fallen were that way.

"Aella." Vergil rasped at her. It was her fault he was in this position in the first place. He had not expected a Fallen, demons and devils yes. And he killed those with efficiency. But the Fallen had been an unexpected twist in his scheme. So it was more accurate to say that all of this was his fault, but Vergil needed to blame her. If he didn't, he might fall pray to her nasty games. And from the stories could remember of fallen Angels, they were harder to play nice with than demons.

The name he was sure had been an accident. No Fallen, Devil, or Demon gave away their name willingly. But she had. The first night he was allowed to sleep. She came to him and told him her name. That was all she did. She had not ask for his nor asked for a favor. Nor did she trick him into owing her a favor. That piece of information he was unsure of what to do with. For now he used it merely to grasp her attention.

She was within his sight in a matter of nanoseconds. Her dark, ash gray gown brushed his bare feet and it was the most wonderful feeling in the history of the world. Then she smile, without showing her teeth, and Vergil felt the cold stab of a metaphorical knife in his gut. Whatever she was thinking was not going to be good for him. "Unchain him." She commanded over Vergil's shoulder to the demon. She never took her eyes away from his. Her very light green eyes that helped him remember what summer was.

"But Mistress, his punishment-" Aella disappeared for a half second and Vergil could feel that lose all the way to his bones. He let out a soft groan and realized too late that he had done so.

A warm and soft hand caressed the ripped flesh of his back; it was more soothing than ice and Vergil shivered without meaning to. "Dammit." He muttered loud enough for her to hear it. She probably already knew how she affected him. That was why she visited him the least often. Even the badest of the bad and the darkest of the dark came to watch the oddity that he was tortured beyond madness.

"Vergil." There it was again: cold dark beauty in its rawest form. "Would you like for me to make it stop? Make the pain stop?" Vergil stiffened and Aella was back in front of him, her bloodied hands stroking his chest. "I could. If you asked it of me, I could heal your flesh and stop the pain." Her green, green eyes called out to his. There was more going on here than a generous offer. She wasn't asking anything of him, as far as he could tell. She seemed like the last thing on her mind at the moment was making Vergil feel better. A fallen doesn't feel things the same way mortals felt things.

"What do you want of me?" His harsh voice beckoned and she leaned in close to his lips, not touching him just by a breath. This was a whole different torture. They were far from alone in the chamber Vergil received lashings, there were other poor souls being ripped apart right then and there. Other demons crowded around certain spectacles and watched as the soul tried to fight back. But as Aella moved against him and spoke so intimately with him, it was like they were the only two in the whole damned world.

"You're help." They were words in his mind. Nothing more. Nothing but self-induced fantasies. Evidence that Vergil, son of Sparda finally snapped and went off the deep end. But as the fallen moved away from him she was no longer smiling and her eyes kept darting towards the other occupants of the chamber. "I want to have you for one night and one day. I will eliminate your tortures for that time and you will only know of the feeling of a woman against you and surrounding you." She was purring again now. But she seemed much more intent than before the voices started talking. Rather, the one voice that sounded exactly like hers spoke one phrase to him in his mind.

He did not want to trust this fallen. It was a trap. She would lure him into a false safety and soon, when his punishment became dull or too overwhelming, she would be there to either make it better for a set amount of time then throw him back to the sharks. Or she would never show up again with her offer and he would spend his fate speculating if it was a pitiful dream that it ever happened or wondering when she would show when she wasn't going to. Nothing here looked like a good option to him.

You're help.

What could she need his help with? What did he have that she wanted?

"Yes." Vergil finally whispered to her. He was still chained up but he leaned over to finally grab hold of her lips. A seal on his fate if he ever saw one.


They were alone in what appeared to be a small bedroom. The only furnishings was the one bed. Black, stone walls, floor and ceiling gave the cave affect that most of the world did: dark, cold, bleak. Vergil was standing in the middle of the room, alone. Aella was no where. She brought him here, told him to not do anything stupid, and left again. And Vergil had not moved an inch. He told tall and unyielding all alone in a cave that was going to be his tomb one day. He was sure of it. Aella was a Fallen. She was an enemy. She had trapped him and brought him to her master, the Prince of Darkness himself…

Vergil growled at the sulfur stained air. He had been so bloody cocky when they had first met. So damned cocky. Like Vergil would never be able to best him at anything, ever! "That's where you're wrong." He muttered to the empty cave.

"Oh? About what?" That dark and tempting voice slid over his skin. He wanted to turn around so badly it hurt him. Could it be so bad to have one look? One indulgence before you go back to that hellhole? Vergil gritted his teeth. That was all she'd need. One moment of weakness to step her trap.

Her warm hands were on his back but she did not move them. She merely stood only touching him with her hands against the marred flesh of his back. It drove him crazy! He wanted her to move, to touch and caress him like she did back in the chamber. Why was she just standing there?

"My master has permitted me to keep you for one night only. Far shorter than I wanted." She seemed to be speaking out loud to herself. "It will have to be enough. I do not know when I'll be able to have you by yourself again." That sounded odd. By himself? Why did she need him by himself? But before Vergil could expand on that thought Aella was before him, her eyes locking with his. Her mouth was soft, he knew that now, and it look so inviting to him. He could lean forward like last time and take them, couldn't he? Would she allow him to have some form of control in a situation like this? And what was he just standing there waiting for her to initiate this?

"First…" She placed her hands on either side of his face, keeping him from looking away, if the thought ever occurred to him. Then, we felt the sensation of his ripped back healing. It was much like when he healed himself, but he hadn't been able to do that in a long time. Vergil couldn't remember if it always felt this freaky and he simply forgot, or that it was a Fallen's method of healing he was not used to.

For a very long time, they stood like that. Facing one another with her hands on his face and his form rigid and ready for the moment when she'd let go and for the pain that would replace the warmth she created inside him. She never wavered from his gaze. The Fallen stared at him openly and without a blush to her name. It was like she could look at him all day and never get bored. Then the moment was over and Aella stepped away from him and moved the sit on the bed.

Vergil was breathing hard. Why? Should she be panting? She was the one who did all the work. He glared at her suspiciously. But she was no longer looking at him. She had her eyes closed and she was frowning.

"What?" He demanded.

She cracked an eye open at him and smiled slowly. "Tapping into your power would have never been this hard for me if I weren't stuck here." She waited to let her words sink in.

"You tapped into my power?" Outraged that anyone would try something like that he moved to… To hit her? To scream at her? To… No, he was angry at the wrong person, he should be cursing himself. She had tapped into his soul, yes. But he let her do it. Vergil felt sick with himself.

But Aella seemed disappointed by his reaction. As if he caught the wrong end of the conversation. "What?" He demanded again, this time keeping his distance from her.

She shook her head at him and stood. "I'll tell you later." Her smile was suddenly back and Vergil felt the full effect of it now. "For now," she began to move closer to him, taking care in her movements, as if anything could abruptly set him off, "I'm going to help ease the tension out of you."

And she did. She had situated him to sit on the bed and she began to message his neck and shoulders. He never had that done before. He had never let a woman, man, or demon so close to such vulnerable spots. Especially a woman who was a Fallen and who tapped into his power to heal him. That was something he was thinking hard about now. The Prince had said that he took all his power away. So if Aella could tap into it, then it couldn't be gone now… Could it? That was good news. Very good news.

Aella hit a particular tight muscle in Vergils and neck, and he moaned when she worked the kink out. It unnerved him that he was making these noises because of her. She held some kind of influence about him… She must have… But Aella pretended not to notice the sound. She dutifully continued her work undisturbed. Vergil wondered why she was doing this. He still didn't have an answer for the kindness, but it was what she was doing right now that he was thinking on. Why was she massaging him?

The whole plot, Vergil had thought, was to get him into bed. By her suggestive manner, it was an obvious conclusion. Not that Vergil minded the massage. It was far more than he should have liked. She had said that she did not have much time with him, so why was she wasting it with a massage that was doing nothing for her. She was getting nothing from this deal.

"You unnerve me." Vergil said. He was tired of his own thoughts. He was tired of circling back to the same unanswered conclusions; tired of ending at the same loose ends. But he had not meant to actually voice his thoughts, only to get a conversation going to fill the expanse of emptiness between them. If she had no plan to take him to her bed, then he might as well try to get her to talk to him. Of course, telling any woman- human,demon, and Fallen alike- that they were unnerving was probably a poor conversation starter.

She laughed. Not at him, but merely giving him a taste of such an exquisite sound. "Do I?" She laughed some more then spoke, a smile tinting all her words. "Tell me, what about me is unnerving?" She was beginning to sound like she was speaking to a little brother. Vergil frowned. Well, how a human sibling would sound anyway.

"I don't know your motives. That is unnerving." He felt her stiffen behind him, but her hands were constantly steady.

"That would be unnerving." She agreed. "But do you always know the motives of everyone?"

"I only need to know those that might harm me in the near future."

Her hands flowed over his shoulders and down his chest. Her body moved against his and it was now a very pleasant feeling since the pain of his back was no longer a distraction. "And you believe that I may do you harm? In the near future?" Her dark, liquid voice hovered over his ear, he felt her hot breath stroke his sensitive flesh.

"I do." But Vergil was beginning to feel the effects of her now. He could feel the warmth she created all the way to his bare feet. She was everywhere and the only thing he could see and smell. She was not tainted by the damned world's sulfur. The Fallen smelled like rain in a forest. Clean, pure.

"And what have I done to obtain such suspicion?" Ah, bloody hell. Vergil couldn't even follow the conversation anymore. He didn't want to. But a small itch at the back of his skull told him to focus.

"You give me your name, then capture me and give me to your master. You knew they were going to torture me, yet you allowed for it to happen. You come to me when I am at my lowest. You offer me kindness and heal my wounds but you do not ask for anything in return." He stared intently at the black wall across from him. His hand had taken hold of hers. Finally, his was in some form of control.

The Fallen pressed her face against his and the warmth that only a woman could give off robbed his brain of reason. Why was he fighting so hard against her? "I guess that could warrant suspicion." Her voice become husky and that much more dangerous. "If I tell you what I want in return, then you'll find me less suspicious?"

"Not less, I will be simply be able to determine whether or not I can take your word or not." The half-demon was losing the battle of wills. He wanted her. He wanted her. The dark fantasies of his days on Earth were suddenly so pathetic compared to this woman- this Fallen Angel.

Instead of an answer, Vergil felt a weight in his lap, and the pale skin of Aella in his sight. He meant to ask her what she was doing there, and how she had moved so fast, but he ended up crashing his lips onto hers. And she accepted him. Pressing him closer to her and opening her mouth to him without provocation. His hands were on her bare back the garment allowed and he reveled in the sensation of her skin on his. Where she touched him, fire erupted. Where he touched her, electricity short-circuited.

Then the voice in his head was back.

I wish to be rid of this hellhole. I must use you to get to that means. You will not be without reward. I assure you. You and I will be able to leave this place and return to Earth's surface to live among mortals.

Vergil pulled back and stared at her. If she hadn't looked so scared he would have past the whole thing off as the beginnings to his mental breakdown. But she was scared. The Fallen Angel was almost terrified as she held his searching gaze. Then he went back to kissing her. That seemed to be the conduit of the whole voice in his head thing. Did it work both ways?

And I am supposed to believe that?


Apparently so. So you want to get out of hell and be a good little angel again? Is that it? And what do you intend to do with me?

I want to redeem myself. I know I may never be allowed back into… She trailed off, like she couldn't bare herself to even say the word. And as far as you go, I will use you to get out of here. You will be free as well, as your payment for your assistance.

Right. And he could actually hear his own scoff in his mind. How do you even intend to bust out of here in the first place? Aella did not answer right away; instead she pulled away from him and seriously stared at him while she panted. Vergil forgot all about the fact that he needed air, even the tainted sulfur-air, to live. He gasped and fought hard to control his erratic breathing. This mind-thing was not something he was going to get use to, and that was perfectly fine with him. Having a Fallen inside your head could cause serious damage.

Vergil took the moment to get his bearings. His hands obviously did not need the aid of conscious thought to move the garment up Aella's thighs to grip her backside. For some unfathomable reason the half-demon felt ashamed for using a woman while she was unawares, the guilt past once he reminded himself that she was a Fallen and was completely capable of defending herself. One hand was now in the woman's hair and Vergil used the leverage to bring her lips back to his.

We aren't done yet.

We are being watched. I have to make it look like we are not communicating through some supernatural means.

Vergil bit her lip and suddenly pulled her down so that he hovered over her body against the dark sheets of the bed. Her legs wrapped around his waist an instant later.

Convincing enough? Vergil growled. Now, tell me how you plan to accomplish this feat?

He felt her hand rake through his hair, there were no claws, no pain. You should not be here in this place. You are alive. I caught you because of that lone fact. My master should have let you go the moment he knew of your presence. I knew he wouldn't. You would be close under my authority. I was to take charge of your punishments. The first week was merely to please my master. But I was also testing your strength and will. You will be able to leave this place solely because you were not dead when you entered here.

Another moan filled the visible empty room. Vergil was no longer sure made the noise now. Okay. So, because I'm alive and have not yet died, I can get out. How do I do that? And how are you going to achieve the same?

All this began with a choice. Aella pulled away from him again, and began to kiss her way down his neck, finding his collar bone and paying specific attention to it. Vergil tried to think past her cryptic words to the meaning behind them. But she was making any thought at all vanish with her touch. She had a fistful of his silver hair and her other hand was grasping his shoulder tightly. He tried to figure out where his own hands were on her body but she flipped him over and he huffed out the last of his breath when she locked her lips on his again. I have given you my Name, have I not? I gave it in exchange for trust. You must trust me Vergil.

And even in his head the sound of his name in her voice was beautiful.

Rare things in Vergil's life were beautiful.

Alright. So let's say, to save time, that I trust you. How am I supposed to get out of here.

You are mortal and demon. This place is, on some level, familiar to you. It knows you do not belong while at the same time it knows you should. There is a mirror in my master's chambers. It will get us out.

If you know this why haven't you used it yet?

Because I need a mortal who is alive to open the portal. Do you know how hard those are to come by? You aren't even completely mortal!

Ok. Ok. So, in The Prince's room? That's going to be the hard part, isn't it?

This time Vergil pulled away. He kissed his way down her throat now. He needed to think. He needed to be in control to do so. There was no way Vergil would be able to come up with a decent enough plan if the Fallen was in such control. The half-demon moved past her collar bone to the edge of her gray gown; it reminded him of the woman in Greece. But he was getting the feeling that he was about to create and even greater distraction than Aella's touches.

But Aella beat him to it. She grinned as she grabbed his chin. "No my pet. No. My master would not allow you to touch me so intimately." Vergil's eyes widened at her words.

"Are you his woman, then?" Why was he so bitter about that? Because that would cause a whole other galaxy of new problems.

"No. I belong to no man." Her teeth were very white and her eye-teeth were very pointed. Fallen had fangs? "It is a known fact that no lowly demon may touch a Fallen, a member of my master's army."

Vergil narrowed his eyes accusingly, "I see." It occurred to him that to those looking in on them now would be listening to the first words they spoke since Aella kissed him.

"Now, now my pet." She smoothed out his silver hair stroking it back from his face. Like a cat. Just great. Then she placed a soft kissed on his lips. There was no urgency in the kiss, only in the voice in his mind. He will be upset with you. I warn you now. Those that are watching have seen the way you touched me. I'm sorry for the pain you will receive.

Before Vergil could question her, she flipped them over again just as the door to the bedroom burst off its hinges. Vergil frowned at Aella right before he was lifted roughly away from her. Some unreasonable part of him fought whatever was holding him to get back to the Fallen. Then a swift kick in the gut had him sensibly subdued. Vergil crouched on the cold floor as both his arms encircled his ribcage.

"I need to take that thing with me." Vergil knew the harsh, hissing voice wasn't talking to him. So he stayed quiet.

"I am allowed a few more hours, I believe." Aella didn't sound the least bit worried. In fact, if anything she sounded bored.

"No you don't." The hissing snapped. "This scum is to be taken to the Master's chamber." It sounded like a gas pipe was leaking unevenly, like in short bursts. Vergil looked up to see a humanoid looking gray-green skinned man… laugh? Was it laughing?

"Oh? Why didn't he tell me? It is my prisoner." Aella, although somewhat bored did look mildly insulted by the demon's laughter.

"That is debatable." The creature muttered. Then more loudly it pronounced, "The Master wishes to speak to you about the methods of this one's punishments."

"Then I will escort it to our master's chamber without a chaperone." Aella moved fluidly off the bed and moved toward Vergil, her gown flowed back down her exposed legs. The demon blocked her path. "You dare challenge me?" The Fallen scoffed without a single real threat in her voice.

"I do not, mistress of my Master." Vergil caught the flash of anger in Aella's eyes at that name. "But I have orders from our Master himself. And he outranks you, eh?" The hissing laughter grew as the demon grabbed Vergil's arm and began to drag him out of the bedroom. But before he could make a footstep, Aella had a small dagger out and held at the demon's throat.

"You will not touch my property. Takinsh." At the sound of his name, Takinsh froze and his slit-like red eyes widened. He dropped Vergil and took three steps away from the pair of them. The knife was gone. Just gone. No flash, no trick. Just gone. Aella grabbed Vergil in the same manner the demon had, but she gave him time to get his feet under him and began to steer him in the direction towards The Prince of Darkness's main chambers. And towards the only known means of escaping the hellhole of his fate.


His hands were bound and a black sash hid his sight. Apparently, the Prince did not like to be looked upon. And the restrictions were bothering the half-devil immensely. He couldn't sense a single damned demon in the room he had been left it. Aella had dumped him here after binding him and then took off. Did she really mean to save him? For the way things were playing out Vergil believed his escape was beyond doubtful. It could have been a ploy to giving him false hope, then crushing it like they would his entire body.

At least he could still talk. Maybe the Prince wanted to do just that. It was plausible, but not likely. For whatever reason Vergil was here, there was no good to come of it. The Fallen had said he was going to be punished for touching her. She tricked him then. But she had apologized for that. A lie? She could have lied to him. Real Angels, the ones that had not sided with the devil, could not lie any more than pureblood Devils. But demons knew loopholes. One did not live as long as Angels and Demons if one simply told the truth all the time.

Yes, she could have lied. So why did she give him her name? Why did she fill his head with her voice and speak in such secrecy? Why, why, why? Too many questions left Vergil in vulnerable territory. Someplace he rarely even wound up in.

There were footsteps coming closer. And the distinctive voice of the Fallen who threw him into this mess. She spoke respectively quiet to whoever she was speaking with. The other speaker did not say anything, but Vergil heard three sets of footsteps. Aella's, her companion, and another pair that walked slightly slower, the third set seemed off somehow. A door opened and the group filed into the room he occupied.

For an agonizing moment no one said anything. Then a sharp voice, filled with cold authority commanded that his bounding be removed. Vergil didn't have to adjust to the lighting when the sash disappeared; there was no light to adjust to. But Vergil could see in the dark and he hoped he had nothing to worry about. With a quick glance no noted that Aella was standing the farthest from him, but the closest to a mirror as tall as she was.

Not giving her subtle hint away, Vergil stared at the other two Hellians. A big black dog with red eyes and shaggy coarse fur stared back with the intelligence normal dogs did not possess. The other was a devil. Not the Devil, just a high ranking, high risk devil. One that could match Vergil's strength. He had dark skin and sliver hair. Silver eyebrows arched over stone-dead gray eyes. He had a sharp nose and high cheek bones. And he looked thoroughly pissed at having to deal with Vergil.

"Fallen, explain yourself." The devil spoke. Although he was unhappy with his job at the moment, his voice did not give it away.

"I should ask what I am supposed to be explaining." Aella's voice was crisp and short, a woman unhappy about being interrupted from something she had been enjoying.

"You gave the half-breed mercy-"

"I did not such thing."

"You brought him to your bed."


"You allowed him to touch you."


"This is what you must explain."

"His punishment was not having anymore affect on him. I needed to increase his misfortune."

"And so you gave him mer-"

"I was going to allow him the taste of mercy. I would not give him the real thing. I was going to let him sample the feel of a woman against him: a weakness most males ail from." She flashed a wicked smile that held no warmth to it. Vergil knew better than to let their conversation provoke him. They spoke as if he were not in the room. But the dog- the Hell Hound was keeping an eye on his every move. For now, Vergil's best defense was to allow them to speak like they were and not draw attention to himself.

"Once I gave him his weakness, I would send him back to the pits and leave him to suffer from the dream I gave him." Aella did not sound cocky or even proud of her explanation. She was rather annoyed if anything. "Does that suffice you Engar?"

The devil's muscles stiffened as she spoke his name out loud. "You are an evil woman."

"I know." She turned to the dog, "I thought I explained all of this to you."

To Vergil utter horror the Hell Hound spoke, "Yes you did Pet. But you failed to tell me you were going to fuck the half-breed." It was not normal to hear human words out of a canine's mouth. The words broke abruptly and some were never finished because the hound's jaw could not make the proper sound.

"I didn't think I had to." Aella was speaking quietly, like to an animal that might go rabid in seconds. She was afraid of the hound.

No, Vergil understood it all now; the hound was being controlled from a third party outside of the room. There weren't many beings that could scare a Fallen. One of which would never set foot in the place, the other own it.

"You are to always tell me when you are about to do something stupid." The Devil snapped, clearly displeased while the hound growled on its own.

Aella locked eyes with Vergil and for two whole seconds he felt like they were the only ones in the room. The devil and the hound faded away until there was nothing but the Fallen and the half-devil. Vergil knew when to move before the Fallen even finished her next sentence, "Like I should tell you that I'm breaking out of here and the son of Sparda is coming with me?"

They were at the mirror before the limp and very dead dark-skined devil could react. Vergil grabbed Aella and pressed her as close to his body as he could before the possessed hound could charge at them. The Fallen smashed the mirror from their side of the portal before the devil himself could scream in outrage of being tricked.

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