Teen Titans 10

A teen titans and Ben 10 crossover.

Ben Gwen and Kevin where sent to check out a town where they hearted that had some major alien avidity. Along the way they rain into Cooper who was sleeping insistent that he tag along.

"Are we there yet?" Ben asked

"No, for the millionth time." Kevin replayed annoyed. "It will not be much longer.

"Relax Kevin at least it's better than hearing Cooper snoring all day." Gwen said.

Soon they arrived at the city.

Meanwhile in the nearby mall a fat dorky looking guy was coursing trouble for the resident heroes the Teen Titans.

"I Contralfreek will now destroy my enamels!" the fat guy said flying around on his jet boots.

Rabin said to his teammates "That new farcified of his is really giving me a head ace."

"It would help if I could get a clear shot." Jinx there newest member said.

Meanwhile back at the car Kevin was saying "I'm picking up some strange readings we better go check them out. And one of you wake up Cooper for crying out loud. I'm going insane here."

Before Ben or Gwen could do so an exploited went off nearby this woke him up. "What's going on?" Cooper said startled.

"It's time for a fight." Kevin replied throwing off his mask reviling his true layered golem like forum as he got out of the car.

Gwen resisted a spill and her clothing changed into her Luckygirl outfit. She and Ben then got out of the car together leaving Cooper behind.

Cooper soon flowed them Ben said "Stay behind let us handle this."

"Don't worry about me." he said as he pressed a button on his belt which made some kind of power armor form around him.

"Ok" Ben said as he slammed down the dial on the Omnitrex and turned into a bipedal tiger like alien and yield out "WRATH!"

Contraltalfreak flew over head and declared "I am totality owning the Teen Titans. Yay"

"Hate to adamant it but he's right" Raven said in her normal deadpan.

"Let me tell you something" a gruff voice called out "There are new heroes in town!" the titans looked to see a group of four being lead by a tiger man coming to there aid.

"Who are these guys?" Cyborg asked.

"Dude dos it matter? We are getting pounded." Beastboy said.

Wrath then used his sonic rawer on Contralfreek which maid his boots malfunction. It made the dork drop to the ground.

"You still can't get throe my shield loser." Crontralfreek said.

"No but I can" Luckygirl said as she sent a manabolt throe the shield breaking the control.

"No fair" Contralfreek said "you guys aren't the Titans so you are stupid. What a minute that girl looks just like Mana Gwen from my online game." He said pointing at Luckygirl.

Cooper hearted this and pointed at Starfire "She looks like Star Princess."

Then they both said "what a moment..... YOU ARE HER?!"

After some snickering by most of the Heroes present, Cyborg asked "Should we leave you two lovebirds alone?"

Contralfreek gave up and turn himself in soon after that. Wrath then changed back into Ben. Starfire was intrigued by the strange device.

"Tell me friend, what allows you to become an alien?" She asked.

Ben replayed "It's the Omnitrix I can turn into all kinds of aliens. Fourarms Wiledmut, Heatblast, Canonbolt, Jetray, Goop. The guy you saw was Wrath."

Beastboy interrupted "Dude I can change too." he then became a lamer "Umm not right"

Later the group were having pizza and smovies. Ben was enjoying himself so much he did not see Starfire was messing with the Omnitrix. As she touched the dial it started to glow yellow. Then allele hologram of her self toured on. "Galerius" she said as she pressed it back down.

Ben was overtaken by a green light when it died down. Ben was turned into a Tamaranean like Starfire but with brown hair, dressed in a black and white version of her outfit with a belt that had the Omnitrix as a belt buckle. The Tamaranean yelled out "Jadefire!"